A Little About Me…


-I’m a mama first, everything else second.

-If there’s music playing I find it impossible not to move my hips….

-I’m a corporate business women by day, a workout queen at lunch, a mama till the kids are happily asleep, and then I’m cozied up with a book and a glass of wine!

-I’m confident, strong, funny as hell, I love to play around, sarcastic a lot, I’m passionate, determined, loyal, kind and loving…..

-I can make a killer (from scratch) low-fat chocolate cake….

-I’m the best kind of girl, I look high maintenance but I can be ready and out the door lookin’ hot in 10 min flat!…

-I can’t live without: stilettos, hip-hop, Starbucks, red wine, a kitchen, my laptop for writing, my phone, moisturizer, carbs and the SUN!

-I think yoga pants are only for acutely doing yoga, I think heals are sexy even on a Monday….


that’s my team!

-I think NYC is the greatest city in the world.

-I think I can make a better martini than most.

-I like driving in the country on a sunny Sunday…

-I think cooking a meal for or with someone is a gesture of love, and I think you’d love my cooking!

-Country music makes me want to leap from tall buildings, w/o a shoot, and leave a note in my wake.

-I think a bunch of tulips would kick the ass of a dozen roses any day (just an fyi)….

-I think the Ducks the best team in college football (stop hatin!)

-I dream of one day driving through the Italian countryside with a bad map, my trusty camera, drinking wine from the bottle…..


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  • Anonymous
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    hi1 just stumbled on ur blog………wow!! what a woman…I am so happy for you, and want to thank you for sharing….women are so strong and so capable…..i hate it when some forget that and succumb to the abuse (mental/emotional/physical) of men……..u have touched my heart today.

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    Oh thank you so much, that means a great deal to me 🙂

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