Family. This word means so many different things to different people. It has no single definition, no right or wrong description. The word family is defined by each of us in different ways. Some may consider only those in their intimate, immediate circle of blood relations family. Others may extend that to friends, or other networks.

But to me, family is my brothers and sisters, parents and children. This group of individuals regardless of what may occur in life, will always be bound by not only blood, but that word as well. The word that transcends blood, that forgives faults, that holds us when we cry that toasts to our accomplishments, that is family.

Family supports you when you’re at your lowest point, they rally behind you, they raise you up.

Family beams with pride at graduations, tells everyone they know about your accomplishments.

Family understands as life changes so does our relationships with one another, but it’s not threatened in this knowledge. It remains confident, in the roots that run deeper and stronger then change.

Family keeps the faith when the rest of the world looses it.

Family defends you, fights for you, protects you. Loves you.

I’m blessed to know some of the most intelligent, amazingly strong, resilient and beautiful people on the planet, but more so because they are my brothers and sisters. They empower and amaze me. They give me strength and courage.

They inspire me to succeed, to become a better person. Their feedback enables me to do just that.

If I don’t say it often enough, I love you, family.


Written by: Sarah Centrella

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