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How to Make a Winning Vision Board

So those of you, who know me well, have watched the changes in my life materialize over the past 2 plus years. The life I had 3 years ago is unrecognizable to the one I have today, and I consider myself blessed to see that as a huge positive. The changes that took place in my life post the collapse of my marriage are positive changes that I designed and brought into being. It didn’t just happen one day that I woke up, had a job I love, with people I care about, doing things I never dreamed possible. It didn’t happen overnight that I began to know some amazing people and experience some life altering moments, or that my children and I have been able to thrive in the face of adversity.
No, none of it “just happened” none of it was an accident. It was all designed, built and envisioned long before the outcomes that are now visible.

My Pinterest Future Board

Several years ago I watched the show on Oprah about The Secret, and read the book. The fallout from the fame that was created distracted many people from the core unshakable truth behind the principle of cause and effect, and the power of our thoughts to control our outcomes. It took me about 2 years to let it sink into my damaged and depressed soul, but eventually, without me even recognizing it, hope and belief had quietly replaced fear and doubt.

I had created a Future Board, back then with images of things and a life that my mind could not fully grasp. I felt foolish. There was no foreseeable way to make any of this come true, I knew that. The images on my board might as well of been those of going to the moon because I knew the likelihood that any of it would become my reality was as good as winning the lottery.

But putting the board together made me happy like a little girl doing a magazine collage so I went with it. Occasionally I would glance at the board and smile thinking, “what if”?

I have written several entries on the topic in the past year laying out all the ways the things on the board have “magically” appeared in my life since then, so I won’t boar you with the details now. Just know that every year, I update my board because so many items were achieved or realized in the prior year that I have to continue to dream bigger! My board is directly in front of me at my desk at work and has been for the past 2 years. Every day I look at it and smile, KNOWING with all that is in me, that it’s mine already I just need to recognize when it shows up.

And before the haters start in about materialism, IT IS NOT ABOUT THAT. It’s about creating the life you want, however it is you see it. But the board is not about THINGS, it’s about the design of your life. What your life looks like, feels like, what you will see and experience, accomplish and do. The images are simply a tangible reminder of the way the life you are creating will FEEL. And consequently how you will FEEL living that life, experiencing those things.

I think of my Future Board as my blue print to the next 3-5 years. I dream big on it, it’s the plans to the house; it’s the architecture to the life I’ve created and am continuing to create. It’s what keeps me focused, driven, cheerful (because my board is full of pretty shinny pink things…Let’s face it!). It has without question changed my thought process which in turn changed my life. The most thrilling thing for me is that I know the rest is coming, I don’t know how or when, and I don’t care. I just know it is. And that makes me very happy indeed!


Your challenge is: Create a Future Board.
Here are my rules (IDK what the official ones are, these are mine!):

One of my Pinterest board: Moments..

1. Put up pictures of the EXPERIENCES you want to have manifested in your life. This is the KEY. You must focus your attention on THE BIG PICTURE DREAM. The “experience” you want to have, this is critical.

Example: I have a picture on my new board of a diamond engagement ring, but it’s not the ring I think about or want (aka the material object) it’s the marriage to the man of my dreams that the picture represents. So when I look at my board and I see that ring, I’m reminded that one of the important things in my life is that quality relationship and that end goal. Make sense? This is the most critical step in your success and where 90% of people go wrong and don’t get results. The beauty of the secret is the I wont be at all surprised, when it does happen that it would be with that very ring. But that’s not what I’m focusing my attention on. (if you need clarity or have questions on this point please ask, if you don’t get the light-bulb to go on here you will be swimming against the current, treading water, getting nowhere. Leave a comment below and I’ll reply)

2. Your board must reflect all the aspect of your life you would like to “upgrade”/improve/change. Things like health, financial security, fun things you’ve always wanted, places you’ve always wanted to go, things you’ve always wanted to do, and anything else that is important to you, such as religion ect.

3. There should be at least 4 categories represented on the board.
In each category find the BEST possible photo you can that communicates that goal, one that every time you see the photo it will remind you of the goal and make you happy.
Example: in my health section I have a photo of the “26.2” sticker to remind me that I want to run a marathon so I can put that damn sticker on the back of my car, and drive around all pompous because I finished a marathon!.

4. DREAM BIG! When it seems ridiculous, go for the photo that is even MORE over the top, to the point you feel like you have no business dreaming that big! Only you stand in the way of you and your dream.

My Travel Vision Board

5. When you’re done the board should be a beautiful colleague of all the goals you want to accomplish in your life. It should make you happy to look at it. It should also make you feel like there is NO possible way any of it is going to come true for little old you, take in that feeling recognize that it’s there and valid…AND THEN LET IT GOOOOOOO!!! Never again think that thought when you look at your board.

6. Visualization is KEY! Take the time to imagine how each of those things will feel, lay out all the details in your mind. Think of super-stars when they win an award, they always say “I’ve dreamed of this moment all my life” and the reality is they have! They have pictured that day in their head a million times, so when it comes, they can recognize it as the culmination of the dream.

7. Put it in a place where you will see it every day, then just let it go. Go about your life, be happy when you look at it, think of each feeling those items represent..But let it go.

8. BELIEVE. It will all come to you. That’s it! Think happy thoughts! (read Belief 101 for tips)

Now you are ready to watch the magic happen in your own life!
Good luck and keep me posted on your fun stories, because you WILL have them.

*Many of mine are on this blog, the tags are “My Personal Stories”  “Living our Dream” in entries like 32,000 Feet 
Pinch Me

This is my personal “REALITY” or Manifestation Board… all things that have come true!

This post is Step 1 in the process.

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Author: Sarah Centrella


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A Gift for My Boy

Kanen Rossi and Oregon Duck Players
Kenjon Barner (OR RB); Ed Dickson (Ravens TE)

I have a great son. I know, I know all mothers say that (or at least should!) but it’s true I really do. He’s kind; he has a gentle spirit, a good heart and a fiercely protective nature. He’s an amazing human, not because of his parents or his environment, but because it’s who HE is.

Because of his parents and environment the past 2 ½ years he has been through more than an 8 year old should have to go through. Being the child of a broken home is something I can’t even relate to or understand what his vantage point has or will be, but I know it’s been a very difficult adjustment for him as it would for a child of any age. But through it all he has remained his beautiful self, my friend and helper who I would be lost without.

So that is why this year I really felt he deserved a little TLC and some special attention. He’s never really had a birthday other then when he turned 1 and 5, and this year he was acutely aware of that fact more so then ever before. So as he began his month long count down in December, I began planning and plotting of ways to make this year hopefully the first real birthday he will remember.

Being a single mom, finances are always difficult so this required some out of the box thinking. I’ve been fortunate the past 2 years to of met some pretty amazing people who have become the kind of friends that you just know have your back, and lucky for me they have some pretty cool jobs! I’m not one for calling in favors, but without hesitation everyone I told about my plan to make this the birthday Kanen would never forget, said “what can I do?” So I began dreaming bigger and bigger.

After his first “official” birthday party at the bowling alley with all his friends, (the first time he’s had a party with friends from school), the fun began!

Anthony Tolliver and Kanen Rossi
Anthony Tolliver

A friend of mine plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves,(Anthony Tolliver) and as a gift to Kanen got us the player 100 level seats to the game when the Timberwolves came to play the Blazers. It was doubly exciting for Kanen because he could watch Martel Webster play again, (Kanen went to his basket ball camp this summer) so he was very excited!

The night got better with passes to the club level for dinner before the game and more snacks during the game then an 8 year old should be allowed to eat (a hook –up from our amazing sitter)!

After the game, he got to go down and meet some of the players,including Kevin Love. Kanen actually sat on the NBA player’s bench right after the game! Truly something to remember.

Martell Webster and Kanen Rossi
Martel Webster

But the best moment of all was seeing his face light up when Martel Webster not only recognized him (from summer basketball camp) but remembered his name. He came over and gave Kanen a high five and said “Kanen what’s up my man!” That was priceless. A picture and big “thank you” for Anthony, and I had one happy kid with visions of what is possible when you believe swirling in his little head.

That night we walked hand in hand through downtown Portland about 20 blocks to the car (yeah I got a little lost taking the MAX, oops!), but it was the perfect opportunity to teach life lessons.

I told him this is what happens when you believe in magic. This is what is possible when you expect the amazing. He recapped every moment of the night, eyes bright and then said, “and mama! You didn’t even spend any money! It didn’t even cost a penny!” And I realized he was right, I’d just given my son the kind of evening that millionaires couldn’t buy, the kind with no price tag, and it didn’t cost a cent. That is why I believe in magic! That is why I want to pass that on to my children.

kanen rossi Blazer game
Kanen on the NBA Bench

He then asked me, as we walked through the dark streets of downtown if I was scared and if he should be scared, walking outside late at night in downtown, and it was the perfect time to teach him, that when you are strong and hold your head height and look people in the eye, you create your own safety zone. You create and demand respect and you get it. I can only hope that he remembers to walk with pride regardless of what life throws his way, and respect himself first, so others will follow his example.

Then I got a crazy idea…..

He loves football! It’s our thing, him and me. We watch all the University of Oregon Duck and Baltimore Raven games together (his 2 favorite teams, because his favorite player Ed Dickson played/s Tight End for both). He’s about as nutty a Duck fan as me, knows all the players, and understands the game better than I do. We practice almost every single night for an hour or so in our living room, him running all kinds of formations learning to catch the ball (gotta say he’s pretty good!). So I knew what would be the ultimate experience. When I asked Ed, he immediately said, “Sure, what do you want me to do?” My idea started with, maybe Kanen could meet him and take a picture, maybe have Ed sign a ball.

Then it grew… and grew..! When I asked him if maybe he’d come out and throw the ball with Kanen for a few minutes, he said “No problem, just tell me where”. It was a difficult secret to keep from Kanen and he was catching on. Which meant I’d have to add an additional surprise, so I asked Kenjon Barner, Oregon’s star Running Back (and one of Kanen’s favorite current Duck players) to come join us in a little pickup game. And again without hesitation he said “of course, how can I help?” I was blown away!

Kenjon Barner and Ed Dickson with Kanen Rossi
Kanen playing ball with Kenjon and Ed

But of course we’d need a place to play and it would be dark by the time we could all meet up, so I called my dad who runs the softball facility at Oregon to see if we could have the lights turned on and have the field to ourselves, and just like that…a little idea became a big reality.

I can’t say enough about how great those 2 were with my son, I don’t remember a more amazingly happy hour with him, ever. They treated him like a rock star, put all their attention on him and played some great ball. He’s such a focused little guy he just went out there and went to work with them. He’d been really nervous before hand, but to see the effort they put in to making him feel comfortable and special, is a night that neither Kanen or I will ever forget. It was truly a moment that made me so proud to be his mama and to have such good people in my life that when asked will come through 110%.

Last night Kanen got the last of his birthday celebration surprises with 4 tickets to see the Harlem Globe Trotters, where he and 3 friends got the VIP treatment. Not only did they get great seats in the front but they were the only people allowed on the court behind the rope to get autographs from the players. They had their own security escort and the floor announcer as their personal tour guide. Thanks to a great friend who is the lead announcer for the team, and who wanted to be sure this would be something Kanen wouldn’t soon forget. I wont ever forget look on my son’s face as he walked around meeting the players standing on the Blazer court, and hearing him say to his buddies over and over “this is AWESOME! this is so AWESOME!”.

Kenjon Barner and Ed Dickson

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this little boy smile, and make his dream come true. He will carry it with him for the rest of his life. My hope is that each of you continue to realize what the gift you’ve been given enables you to do;which is make a difference in young children’s lives. An impression that lasts for a lifetime.

*Ed Dickson, TE for the Baltimore Ravens #83
*Kenjon Barner, RB for the Oregon Ducks #24
*Anthony Tolliver, Minnesota Timberwolves #44
*Martel Webster, Minnesota Timberwolves #5

Blazer Game Photos

All Star Football Game Photos
Harlem Globe Trotters Photos

Video of Kenjon Barner playing ball with my son

Video of Ed Dickson and Kenjon Barner playing ball with Kanen

Kanen and his buddies getting VIP autograph session on the court for HGT

Written by: Sarah Centrella


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