Can I Take My Own Advise???

So this last week I was tested, I’m not gonna lie. I was tested big time!
On Thursday I was called into my boss’s office and made aware that my position (Director for a software company) would be eliminated by the end of month, due to them no longer supporting my division.
Let’s just recap here for a second. I’m a single mom of 3, I’ve loved my job though I’ve made some heavy sacrifices for it hoping they would pay off in the long run. Now I’m faced with my company moving in a new direction, which quite honestly I understand but that leaves me sans a position. They offered me another position, but it is just not at all the right fit for me.
I can’t lie, I was scared. Scared out of my mind. But thanks to all of you for your support and the courage that each of you has given me the last few weeks in renewing my belief in The Law of Attraction and the power of our thoughts, I took it with a smile.
I came home and remembered my own advice, and refused to allow my mind to go to that dark place of fear and doubt. I called my girlfriend who came immediately; to help reinforce what I already KNOW….Everything ALWAYS happens for a reason.  And like I’ve told many people, it’s all about what you believe in your core being, and thanks to my experience the past few years, now that belief IS me. I do believe that if one door closes that a better one is waiting, we just have to stay strong and believe.
This is the place where the weak give in. This is where most fail. I REFUSE to allow that to be me. There are always people in our lives that love to see us fail. This is one of those times when, if I have preached something then I have to practice it!! If people want me to fail, I hate to disappoint but it’s not gonna happen, at least not today!
The funny thing is that about 3 hours before I got the news I posted on my Facebook “Today a new chapter begins” I don’t know what prompted that post or what I was even thinking about when I did it, but it gave me courage. It was exactly what I needed to hear after I was told the news…that everything is still going to be OK, the new chapter can be as good or better than the old one, just have faith.
Just believe.

To be cont. soon!……

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  • Gary
    March 21, 2011 - 6:24 pm | Permalink

    Hang in there hard, Sis. I know you’ll make it work. ‘Thinking good things for you. -Gary

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