Believe. But HOW???

Sarah Centrella

Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker and single mama. I'm a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for ANYONE. My story featured in the New York Times, Steve Harvey Show and NBC.

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21 Responses

  1. You have a beautiful Blog! I love the positive affirmation in your post :))
    Stop by my Blog @

  2. tracy says:

    As always, Sarah, you are my inspiration and motivation. I think you are awesome and love reading your blogs and FB encouragement!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow …I love what u said about making your vision board about the experiences you want and not the material thing itself…that makes sense to me although Im still putting a picture of my dream house on my board and I will imagine what it feels like to stick my key in the door and unlock it and enter it everyday knowingits ALL mine. Peace, from Christie

  4. vijay says:

    Thank you Sarah for sharing such fantastic article,
    Superb, each and every word came from your heart impressive and motivating,word that comes from heart touches everyone,
    I also have similar feelings and thoughts, at present they are stored in my laptop, hope they will come to the public notice soon, andit may be the first step,
    Once again thank you, such topics will motivate and encourage many, keep on going,

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sarah, the LOA bring me here, first by the secret website, then FB. I need some help, please. I learned too believe in positive afirmations and in general believing since early age but because the mind and believes of people that surround me it has not always been easy. Now that i’m an adult married with thw love of my life and the job that i atracted, i’m having some dificults to get pregnant. I want so much a ealthy baby and i always believe that would be easy but now i even am taking prescrition medicins (progesteron) to get pregnant. Please, help me, what should i focus in so it be easy and rapid? Thank you very much for single word on your blog, you inspire lots of people. Peace and light, Marta from Portugal

  6. Anonymous says:

    I admire you, Sarah! You are so smart and so clever with words. Who cares if the grammar and spelling isn’t always perfect? Nobody is perfect! You are doing a good thing! I’m glad you are living your dream!

  7. Anonymous says:

    To BELIEVE or not to believe? Your story is inspiring – thank you. Believing in your life & future is a wonderful thing, but sometimes it goes beyond that. I believe in God and that He will take care of me, but I don’t always have the FAITH that I should. In my heart I don’t believe life is out to disappoint me, but sometimes it feels that way. Thanks again for sharing – keep up the good writing!

  8. Sarah says:

    @Christine, yes I have pictures of my dream home too..I think the key is less about focusing on the thing on your board and more about the experience that comes with it. Just like you are doing! So for example I have a diamond engagement on my board, it’s not the big rock i’m focusing on (though it is pretty nice!) It’s the marriage I want…so the ring is just a reminder of the marriage. Make sense? you go girl you’ll bring it all 🙂

  9. Sarah says:

    @Marta: first it’s awesome that you have lived your life knowing about the LOA and what a positive mind-set can bring into your life and it sounds like it’s already been working for you, so that’s amazing! Sooo….you should already know that it IS going to solve this problem for you. BUT and this is where I loose a lot of people, you must be open minded about HOW. So if you dream has always been to have a great husband and beautiful children, you WILL get that dream. You just need to be open to all possibilities of how that may come into your life. You must BELIEVE that what is RIGHT for you is what will come to you. This is the hard part because it might not be the answer you want. But you must trust that, if you BIG PICTURE Dream is to have a family you will. Focus on that big dream and keep your mind open to what little miracles the universe is at work trying to bring you.
    Remember what you focus or stress about is what you get more of. so if your worried your not going to get pregnant you might not…put your energy on the bigger picture. Good luck! under the tag “Sarah’s Thoughts” there are several posts that you might be able to relate to.

  10. Birdie says:

    Not only are you so right, you are so WISE. And so insightful. Your perspective is unbelievably mature, and I thank you for reminding me to BELIEVE.
    I think the first time we see our parents beckoning us into the water, we DO jump. But maybe that first mouthful of water scares us away from jumping wholeheartedly in there again. Maybe it’s nature’s way of ensuring we learn how to swim. I wish we were encoded with the knowledge that all it requires is a little bit of kicking. Oxo

  11. Tiffany Grimes says:

    Sarah, what a powerful post. holding my dreams with intention and belief has brought such goodness and joy to my life. thanks for sharing your love!
    Much Love,

  12. Anonymous says:

    What is LOA?

  13. Sarah says:

    @Tiffany….you were always MY inspiration girl..this is the way you always thought even back in collage, with a positive up-beat attitude. You were my first role model 🙂 love ya girl!

    LOA is The Law of Attraction

  14. Anonymous says:

    THANKS SO MUCH Sarah. I will do it. Lots of positive energy to you. Peace, Marta

  15. Sarah says:

    @Birdie…awe my love 🙂 you are the one I learn from 🙂 oxxoxo

  16. I try to be positive day by day… I watch your video about “Fake it ’till you get it!”, it’s awesome. Sometime I get many critics from people around me that it’s crazy what I am doing. But, I don’t give a ####! I am doing my life, I know what is my happiness, I have my faith, and I believe what I am doing is worth!

    Thanks Sarah 🙂

  17. Sarah says:

    yeah, there are people in my life who have not been supportive as well. It’s hard, but sometimes you need to move on from negative people who dont respect and support your decisions to be a positive minded person..

  18. Iryne says:

    Thanx alot sarah you r amazing n am always reading your blog, i love the idea of jumping off the cliff n believing u will land in the manifestation of your dreams.bless u u have helped me alot.

  19. Kassy says:

    Hi Sarah, your story is very inspiring. I have had a similar experience when I was a teen. I had suffered from severe self-esteem issues, acne and excess weight. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the Secret, but something told me to keep dreaming and believing that I was immensely beautiful. Until now, I have no idea how it happened, but day by day I was becoming more and more beautiful. My acne practically dissolved away and I was getting slimmer. I had breathtaking experiences where people driving by used to stop and compliment me. Everyone around me didn’t stop telling me how beautiful I was. However, I started to fall back into my old belief system and now no one compliments me and I feel ugly all the time. My appearance changed and I gained weight. I am trying my best to believe and soon I will update you on my dream life coming true! Stay blessed and continue inspiring others 🙂

  1. July 9, 2014

    […] effort in the beginning but after a few weeks it wont be that hard anymore. Then you will start to believe it and feel better, and feeling better will motivate you to do what you already know you need to do […]

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