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This post is in response to a reader Jim’s comment on Good News…Everything Happens For A Reason!
I have added him as a friend on Facebook and he asked how it’s possible that I can go through the difficulties I write about on my blog (no job, no home for a few weeks ect) but still post on FB that I’m doing great things like going to expensive places/fitness classes ect. He feels that the me of FB and the me of this blog are different. (Feel free to check out his comment on the link above).
     Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it. I love that you asked this question because it’s something that I want to make sure that all my readers understand, so your timing is great!
     One of the things you will notice if you read my blogs, especially everything I have written about the Vision Board, is that it doesn’t take MONEY to live the kind of life you want. What it takes is faith and belief in magic.

You will notice that my Facebook says the same thing that my blog does, that I have been without work since the beginning of May, and was out of our home from June 2nd until this past Sunday (I have lots of photos and posts daily on it).   Anyone is welcome to friend request me on FB, I always accept and welcome new friends. My life in an open book. I update my status constantly, and I have the link to friend request me here.
It’s a great way to see me deal with the lows (I get frustrated just like everyone does) and celibate the highs (I use FB check-in when I go out, and post pics and updates all day, mind you this is my PERSONAL FB so 90% of my friends ARE my PERSONAL friends. So my posts are personal in nature, it’s me living out loud!And my personality is outgoing and lively).

     You asked about how I can go to expensive fitness classed without a job…I go to Bikram Yoga which is very expensive and considering I’ve been going through a difficult financial time I worked it out with the owner so that I can clean the studio once a week in exchange for unlimited classes. This saves me over $100 a month (this option is available at most studios BTW you just need to ask). I also paid my gym membership upfront at the beginning of the year, so thank god I’ve been able to take out some stress in spinning class and hitting the gym. So as I said in that blog piece it’s a mix of hustle and faith. I took the initiative to see if there was a way I could go to Yoga at no cost, and there was. Money didn’t limit me from having the experience I wanted.
      When you believe in the Law of Attraction and The Secret and that anything is possible there really are no limits on what you can EXPERIENCE. The experience is what I am constantly talking about, in my videos and blogs. You will NEVER hear me say the Law of Attraction brought me great wealth (though it may someday), or that money is how I’ve lived the lifestyle I have. I say the OPPOSITE.
      People believe MONEY is the only way to experience the life they dream of, it’s not. Everything that I experienced on my vision board (staying at the Ritz Carlton, Going to NBA games in the owners sky box, having $100 plate lunches in NY, flying first class, going to Hawaii)…all those things were done without me spending ANY of my own money, NOTHING! That’s the magic! That’s what I want to convey to my readers.
      I’m a single mom, even when I had my dream job I made a very low salary for the job I held, I live modestly at best and have always struggled to fully get back on my feet. It’s tough! I’m the first to say that. But it doesn’t prohibit me from having priceless experiences, or living the life/lifestyle of my dreams.  That is what I am trying to demonstrate in my blogs. All things are possible to those who believe, regardless of your situation.
      That is the main reason I have been compelled to share my story in the first place, because most of the people talking about success with The Secret are already wealthy. If your wealthy OF COURSE you can live that fabulous life style! When I saw the movie, I thought “that’s great but you already ARE YOU! You are RICH”. I felt there was no one showing how to do this who was like ME. So what I want people to know is that NO, it’s not just for the uber successful. It’s for you too! You can do this too! Even if you’re at the bottom like I have been, it’s still for you too. You can make this happen the same way you are watching me make it happen.  
That’s my ONLY agenda.
I’m not selling anything.
I’m not trying to convince anything of ANYTHING.
This is just a single-mom sharing her journey in hopes that it inspires someone to know, that it’s never too late to believe.
      You asked about how I can afford to “check-in to expensive places”. This is the perfect example: a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time called on my birthday and asked if I had plans, I didn’t so he picked me up and surprised me with a day of golfing. I don’t even golf! But it was a wonderful time and something I didn’t pay for (as u probably saw on my FB check in and pics)…later in the day another friend called and said he was in town for the evening and wanted to take me to dinner for my birthday…we went to the most expensive place in town, his instance and treat. So though my day started with no plans and no real ability to have that type of day…the Law of Attraction delivered it to me anyway.
      Another example: My son LOVES to go bowling. Well with 3 kids that can be a $40+ activity so it’s something we rarely have done. At the end of the school year he won a pass for free bowling for the whole family for a year. So you would see a check-in of us at a great bowling spot and me having the EXPERIENCE I want to have with my kids, and it magically came to us. I have examples like that that happen to me every single day. But the difference is I NEVER stop Hustling! I NEVER stop working as hard as I possibly can. I don’t sit back and expect anything to be handed to me, I just know and believe that it will work out, and in the mean time I work towards it. Make sense? That to me is the magic I’m always talking about.
      My message has ALWAYS been and will continue to be across the board that if you open up your mind to the idea that anything is possible, even when you are at your lowest (that is the reason I share the low points too, so that it’s known I’m in the same boat as most of my readers, I’m not special) then Law of Attraction is going to give you what you desire even if it seems totally illogical and ridiculous, in relation to your current circumstance. That is the reason I am very open about both of those aspects that you pointed out. Yes I’m struggling like many of my readers, but because I have faith it hasn’t changed the fact that great experiences still happen to me and that I’m daily grateful for each of them. Money stops being an obstacle when you strip it of that power.
      I hope that makes sense. I fully expect to be back to a “normal” life quickly with many more amazing experiences shared on my FB…which make those all the sweeter based on what I have been through. Thanks for your feedback I appreciate it.
~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life
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  • Anonymous
    July 25, 2011 - 7:01 pm | Permalink

    Your blog. is very inspirational. I’m a single father. I have a son that is ten and I love him more than anything. I’m 38 and my life has been a wreck. I’m a recovered alcoholic & drug addict trying to make a better life for my son & me. It is tough. I just started reading you blog. & it gives me hope. I have a hard time believing in myself & keeping positive outlooks on whats to come. I’ve been a F.B. friend of yours & I worked with you about 20 years ago at the Blue Hen cafe. Keep up the good work!

  • July 29, 2011 - 6:07 am | Permalink

    Thank you Stefan, and my goodness I cant believe it’s been 20 years since the Blue Hen!!! how are we that old already?? I’m so happy my writing enspires you and so happy that you and your son are doing much better 🙂

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