Awesome Things My Kids Say.

In the category “Random Awesomeness” comes some random conversations that I just love with my kidos. Mira and Izzy are identical twin girls and are 4 years old. Kanen is my very mature 8 year old son.

~Kanen while shopping at Costco: Mama can you buy me this Lego set?
Mama: No way! It’s $45.00!
Kanen: How do you know that?
Mama: Because it says so on the sign.
Kanen: Oh. Curse you little sign!

Mira talking to her sister while listening to Katie Parry’s Last Friday Night in the car: OMG!!  She had MANGOS in her pool!!!! Izzy: I KNOW and she smells like a candy bar!!!”

·        ~Leaving WINCO Foods (grocery shopping)~
Izzy: Mamma I had a dream that we went shopping, and I said ‘mama can I buy something?’ and you said ‘sure darling!’ …. And then I woke up.
Mamma: (laughing) Yep! Sounds about right.
(I never buy my kids’ stuff at the store, unless we go to a store to buy them stuff).

~Mira to me: I love you mama, but you should REALLY shave your legs!

~Mira in the car going to pick up my son: Why is the light GREEN but none of the cars are driving?? Izzy: Cuz their all texting their phones!

~Izzy at the farmers market walking past the live band: 
If I hear this music, it’s gonna make me HAVE to dance!

·        ~Mira making coffee for me this morning:
Me: Oh goodness I’m so sore from working out with my trainer yesterday
Mira: That’s good mama!
Me: Why’s that my love?
Mira: Cuz if you’re not sore it means you’re not working hard enough and you’re NOT healthy.
Me: Good point.


·        ~While driving in the car (Izzy is scared out of her mind of the Easter bunny)~
Kanen to Izzy: You know there’s no Easter bunny right?
Me: Kanen! You don’t know that!
Kanen: YES I do!
Me: How do you know that for a fact?
Kanen: Because when we were at Target buying Easter candy and baskets you said “close your eyes and pretend there’s an Easter Bunny”.
Me: Damn.

~Sunday morning me still in bed waking up: 

if you come downstairs and put on my movie I will snuggle you” 
what! your bribing me with snuggles? Can I just have a morning hug n
Mira: Mamma I said: if you put my movie on I will give you a
snuggle, I wont give you anything if you don’t”. 
Where does she learn this
negation style? damit.

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