My Life Plan

Sarah Centrella

Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker and single mama. I'm a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for ANYONE. My story featured in the New York Times, Steve Harvey Show and NBC.

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  1. JOHN F SAPP says:

    Good Lord woman I’ve had almost the same vision except the one I see begins in Rome (but without theguy of course ;D). I began writing about it several months ago and I was even thinking about it a couple days ago. Thank you Sarah for reminding me of it. Blessings

  2. Mike O'Hagan says:

    You got me! And I’m working on making it happen, I know you’ve said it before (not these exact words but same meaning) but a dream without a plan is just a wish that will never come true. So after reading one of your essays earlier this summer I took the time to really figure things out. It was much more difficult than I thought but I now have a plan. The hardest bit was figuring out how to fund the lifestyle I wanted and I think I’ve found a way. It means learning all new stuff (again), taking risks and staying on the plan (i.e. not drifting to spend any new money on frivolous things). I’m at the beginning of my journey and you in part helped get me here. Thanks!! xxx PS did I tell you how attractive you are? Aww shucks . . .

  3. @ John so happy that recharged your dream. Looking at those pictures alone brings me so much gitty joy!

    @Mike I’m so happy that you took the time to find out what you really want, that is such an important step and your right most people when they really sit down and try to map it out DONT know what they really want. It’s much harder then it seams.

    But HERE is where the magic of the LOA comes in, you DONT need to figure out how you are gonna make this dream happen. I do believe in plans and i do believe in working towards your goals, but it’s the goal and the end result I focus on. The LOA will be the added magic that brings that into your life through opportunities. Thats what gives us the hope to believe that anything is possible, if we dreamed a dream and then it was 100% on us to make it come true it would be very discouraging. So focusing on the end result, knowing it will come when the time is right, continuing to work hard in your life, taking advantage of every importunity presented to you, and the rest is the LOA magic. Because if we rely soly on our “plan” then when our plan falls through (and lets be real it often does) we are devastated and more prone to lose faith and give up. But if we put our focus and intention on the end result, when pieces of our plan fall out we still believe in the end result, we still believe this is happening for a reason and that something else better is trying to shift into place to get us to our dream. Does that make any sense? It SHOULD be a relief. Because your doing all the right things, but you don’t need to stress about the “how” work your plan but don’t put all your intention there, keep it on the big picture.
    For example, i have no earthly idea how i’m going to make my dream come true. It’s the equivalent of dreaming i would wake up and BE Angelina Jole, it seems that far fetched in relation to my reality. BUT I believe with UNWAVERING FAITH that I will one day live that dream. So in the mean time I’m gonna work my plan day and night, keeping that end goal in mind, it will keep me focused when things look like they are falling apart. I will take advantage of the opportunities presented to me and I will make it happen. Hope that helps 🙂

  4. Mike O'Hagan says:

    I love your enthusiasm and I totally agree with you!! Just because I believe in the “end result” things are falling into place; not in any way that I imagined but its working and it’s almost like someone or something has decided to give me the big push. People and things are coming into my life almost like a great novel don’t want to jinx it but I’m loving it! Relaxing into my destiny one day at a time is the way I put it, And don’t get me wrong it’s hard and I’m scared in so many ways but at the same time I’m determined to be strong and be who I am. And yes you make so much sense I’m so glad I found you!!

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