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This is the perfect example of why I believe so strongly in the Law of Attraction and that how I’ve been applying it really does work! I needed to find a way to get my car without spending the money to get it towed. I called and explained what happened to the dealership, he said it was probably just a fuse that was out to my ABS break system that disabled the cruise control to come off, and that I would be ok to drive it in today. I did, and he replaced the fuze for free!  We are back in business baby, and I didn’t have to pay a tow truck or some expensive repair on my poor car. Thank God! Faith is rewarded. Don’t panic even when you really want to…..

All though this morning I was informed we are all taking a 10% pay cut at work to avoid lay off…I just said “bring it!” LOLing now…. I can make it through whatever you throw at me!

I share all of this with you, not because I like having my business out there (it’s not always flattering I know, no one likes to admit they are struggling) but because I need you all to know that this works for ANYONE. It’s working for me, and I will keep sharing my down times openly so that you can watch me go through them, and know that I’m dealing with the same things many of you are. But I’m not going to give up on my dream, I’m watching it come true more every day, and my attitude towards life has changed my life. It will change yours too. You don’t need to be rich, just believe.

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