Sometimes the people we love let us down.
Like in a big way.
Sometimes no matter how hard we want to please them, we wind up failing them.
No matter what our intentions are, they are misread… misunderstood.
Sometimes there is nothing we can do to bridge the communication gap. The gap between our heart, our words and our actions.
Our efforts fail us.
When you feel as though you have tried you hardest to get through, but what your left with is bruise’s for the effort.
At what point do you walk away?
Say though I love you, though you are connected to me, you bring me pain and not joy.
Therefore I chose joy over pain.
I chose my happiness and well-being over more of the same with you.
The guilt is dangerous.
It can suck you in.
It can consume your soul.
So you must cut the cord.
You must walk away to save yourself.




~Written by: Sarah Centrella for Thoughts.Stories.Life
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