Surviving Betrayal.

Reader Letter: Husband has left her, and do to the circumstances she rightly feels incredibly deceived and betrayed. 

My Thoughts:
Betrayal is so deadly to our soul and our physic. It has so much power over us to the point where we question everything about ourselves. We blame our-self’s in a large degree for allowing someone to
betray us. Though that is as ridiculous as it sounds, there is no other way sometimes to internalize it.

I know what betrayal feels like. Though our situations were different I know how it feels to wake up and realize you have been sleeping next to a lair. You have been living a lie. It’s the most devastating feeling I’ve ever known.

After betrayal comes all the anger and fighting, the stages you have described. God, it’s like they make a bad situation so much worse. It’s like putting salt in the wound for years to come.. and watching it slowly bleed out. Believe me I can relate.

I guess my best advise would be what I just posted in my Facebook Group and on my Facebook Page as my status:

The great thing about starting over, is that you get to “reset”
the destination. Determine your own outcomes. Dream bigger or redefine
it. It’s a time for making choices that will affect your future, make it
a powerful transition and not a dreaded one.” -Me.

The only choice I felt I had was to start over, and redefine my destination. I had to rearrange the dream I’d dreamed for myself and my family. I had to cut him out of the picture and be ok looking at the picture without him in it. Then I had to decide what I, Sarah wanted with my life. When I realized that I OWNED the power to make that choice and those decisions, everything changed for me.

It can for you too.

You just need to try on some new life glasses. Put on a nice shiny imaginary pair and look at your life through those for a minute, your own personal new life. Imagine what you can do with your new blank slate. Start to make a dream for it, a vision for it… and step by step, slowly but surly you will walk yourself out of that dark tunnel into the light.

All it really takes is a dream, and believe that you can do this. That this is YOUR time now. You can make this next chapter of your life ANYTHING you want it to be. ANYTHING.

Think about that.

Then make a plan…make a Vision Board and spend just a few minutes a day at first focusing on it..then slowly it will start to change how you feel about your situation, and that will change everything.

I am here for you if you ever need support :) I know how hard it is…


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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