I’m Playin’

I played with my kids tonight.

I know, congratulations to me right? But I ask you this, when’s the last time you played Freeze Tag or Hide-n-Seek with your kids for an hour in your house? Exactly. See I thought props where due.

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I just got silly and played and laughed for that long with them. With no distractions. No laptop. No phone. No texting. No Twitter. No Facebook. It’s fun you should try it. I chased them around the house and listened to their giggles, and
laughed so hard at myself when I tried to jump over the couch but missed
it entirely (don’t ask).

Sarah Centrella's daughter Izzy
Izzy making herself a crack sandwich

Afterwords when we were all exhausted and recovering with Nutella (crack) sandwiches, Kanen says to me; “Mama that was the best night of my life.”  Wow OK. Crazy. I’ve been working my butt off to give him all these crazy cool experiences for the last two-years, and this, this is what wins the prize? Boy don’t I feel like an asshole. But hey, I can happily live with that.

When I tucked him in bed tonight he said “Mama can every night be like tonight?” To which I replied, “absolutely!”  And to which I thought; what does that say about all the other nights?


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