Things You Should Never Do In Hot Yoga

Things you should NEVER do in hot yoga.
  • Get a spray-tan two/three hours before. As evident by the orange outline on my white towel. Oh, and also the rivers of Ump-Lumpa sweat running off my body.
  • Use a “sweat” face-wiping-towel that sat in the washer for a week before being dried. Nothing like wiping your dripping face feeling like you need to puke, with something that smells like you just did.
  • Fart. 110 Degree heat, cramped sweaty quarters. Enough said.
  • Talk. You will be mentally stoned to death by everyone who’s pretending to be there for the meditation and not the tight ass.
  • Lay down, facing the wrong direction. You’ll fuck up everyone’s chi. Not a good look.
  • Leave the room! If you do, you might as well never come back. Just put a bag over your head and run for the parking lot. No one will look you in the eye again. Quitters are so weak.
  • Ask to have the heat lowered or the fans turned on. (reread #6, same rules apply).
  • Be late. Don’t bother walking in if the instructor is in the room, no one does that!
hot yoga

Now go to Hot Yoga and get a firm ass, a clean mind and feel AMAZING like I do after every class!



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  • May 12, 2012 - 6:45 am | Permalink

    Amen I remember going into my first class and I was laying down the wrong way. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy.

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