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seattle rain
Pitch dark at 3:00 PM smh …

Oh holy hell, I’m about to make the most random post of all time. But let’s face it living in Seattle away from all my friends in a place that is dark all day long and NEVER FUCKING STOPS RAINING, has made me go slightly crazy! It’s seriously messing with me. I’m so damn bored. So I thought I’d share my ridiculousness with you, mainly to entertain myself because my kids are gone for a week and I have no friends… so here goes.

Checked the mail today, which I probably do bi-monthly, unless Izzy remembers, cuz for some reason she’s obsessed with it and thinks cool stuff actually comes in the mail (my children are so deprived) …anyway… Checked the mail and to my surprise two very cool things actually did come in the mail today. Poor Izzy missed them (which made me instantly depressed for her).

Cool thing #1. 

An envelope stuffed with hand written letters from all the kids at Kanen’s old elementary school Barnes in Beaverton Oregon. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and the poor kid wasn’t here when it came.  (Maybe I’ll resend it in the mail and have them check it next week…hmmm). I opened it, and immediately start tearing up. It’s so sweet and so sad and makes me miss our friends back home.

soooo sweet….


Cool thing #2.  

The most hilarious birthday card from my uncle which made me laugh/cry at the same time. Which is great to know I still have both emotions so readily available to me whenever I might need them (why the fuck am I NOT an actress? It’s a legitimate question…) But it is kinda randomly awesome that at my birthday dinner on Saturday night my friends were all trying to convince me to pass-out drunk and get a tattoo (I’m not making this up, I actually have friends whom I adore, who believe this is a sound plan for MY birthday night out!). Needless to say it didn’t work. I’m much too stubborn!

If you’re my Facebook friend….then you already know, nuf said!

Oh then something kinda sad and great also happened when I was driving home from work today (prior to checking the mail… sorry I’m all out of my ADD med’s and it’s making me a little …. ADD). My ex-husband called to personally tell me he’s getting married (to the women he had our-marriage-ending affair with) in like a week. Holy fuck. Yeah it was weird. Caught me off guard as I’ve basically never had a conversation with him in the last three years. Was crazy.  There was even a moment where he started telling me about his day just like old times, then caught himself when he realized he hadn’t actually talked to me in three years. Awkward. But when I asked him if he was happy and said “congratulations”, I was even more shocked that it gave me a lump in my throat, when he said “yes”.  Then I thought Where the fuck is the justice in this world????

 So that was unique about today….

And to top it off I decided I needed a cocktail after such an oddly liberating/depressing convo with my ex, so I went to sushi alone and had three beers when I meant to have one.

Beer and sushi, what more is there? After you get news like THAT.

And then I tried to go super-couponing which is challenging after three beers. So I wound up with enough smores fixens to feed a football team, or an entire campsite.

A few potential problems I can see as my buzz starts to wear off:
A. There are no decent football teams in Washington.
B. I would rather die then go camping, even if it did mean I could make a legitimate smore.
C. I only have a candle to roast the marshmallows on… and oh yeah
OMG I’m exhausted. 
I do think the shampoo was a wise investment though.

10 bags of marshmallows and 10 packs of candy-bars… WTF Sarah?

And then I came home and Googled face yoga because I’m too poor for Botox and am sick of looking like this…

Everyone’s all “why did your face look so bitchy?” I’m all “WHAT are you talking about!? That’s my normal face!” UGH.

So I sat on my couch and texted my girlfriend that we should do drunk face yoga together while watching trash reality shows on TV.  Which she was happy to do because she understands that I’m mostly pathetic but also hilarious when I’m doing drunk text cometary on reality shows….

*doing this every day on my three hour commute in mad traffic and poring rain… my face is gonna be fit as fuck! So that about sums up my day… it was mostly average. Welcome to my little hot-mess train wreck. (please don’t judge me). 

If you liked this post you should read: “Who said you should never drunk dial???” That will totally raise your selfesteem!


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  • June 27, 2012 - 7:32 pm | Permalink


    You completely made me split my pants with laughter okay not really split my pants only because I have a skirt but otherwise laugh my ass off. Not at your “having a bad day” but how you just put yourself out there….it is brave as HELL! So from one “little hot-mess train wreck”(I hope you don’t mind I am going to borrow that one) to another. Thank you for making me smile!!

    • June 27, 2012 - 8:57 pm | Permalink

      awe I’m so happy to know I’m not the only train wreck! and I figure I’m doing the world a service by throwing myself under the bus, cuz let’s face it we are all a little wacko sometimes 🙂

  • Carla
    August 1, 2012 - 4:48 pm | Permalink

    I freaking love your hot-mess self! =)

  • November 18, 2012 - 5:31 am | Permalink

    Drunk face yoga.

    On the agenda for next Saturday night, I assure you.

    I’ll let you know the outcome.

    PS. Seattle living sucks, except for that one really nice ass day in the summer when it’s just nice and sunny. That day makes it all worth it. xx

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