Hurricane Sandy.. Go Support the Red Cross

American Red Cross
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I don’t normally post this type of thing, but I’m sitting here watching the coverage of Hurricane Sandy in the north east of the US, and praying for my friends and family. I have so many close friends all the way up and down the east coast, in Virginia, Washington DC, NYC, NJ, Philly, and North Carolina.  I’m grateful that everyone I know has been in contact with me tonight, and is safe, thank God.

I just wanted to remind you all to take action and go donate blood, and/or financial help to the American Red Cross.  I know they came to my rescue when our house flooded, and I would never of been able to make it through that experience without their help. I’ll be donating blood tomorrow, and I encourage you to do the same…. go help out anyway you can.

Donate directly to the Red Cross on their website click here

Pass it on. Sending love and blessings to all of you guys affected by this storm.



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