Joshua Smith Leaves UCLA… So? Get Off His Ass.

Sarah Centrella

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think we (Ucla fans) are just disappointed. Josh, from his first early comittment to the university, has always been a really bright spot for our recruiting efforts and continues to have so much promise, regardless of where he chooses to go from here.

    I hope I speak for most Ucla supporters when I say we will hold a special place in our hearts for him despite his decision to move on.

    I also think most of us who weren’t granted the talent and gentic wherewithal to compete at Josh’s level find his weight issues confusing. I think most people sense the strong support system Josh has, and that just confounds the issue.

    Making healthy choices can be a challenge for anyone at times; Josh isn’t alone. Many were hoping he would turn his situation around. I still believe he will, but it will have to be on his own schedule.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to say thanks for posting. I agree that there’s something really special about him and it’s nice to find something posted in support of him in light of all the criticism over the last 3 days.

    • Yes that’s why I had to post something, it’s just been so shocking to watch how ruthless the fans and media have been… Like this is a PERSON! And a great one at that, he’s a good, kind sweet kid… There is just no need to tear him apart for his decision to do what is best for him. And I think if I was in his shoes I’d of left too…

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