4 Easy Steps to Get Out of a Funk.

Three months ago I was struggling.  I’d come off my most “successful” year ever, had manifested an entire vision board and a whole new tax bracket, yet felt so stuck and uninspired. Crazy I know, but true. I began to think negatively and even started questioning my dreams, vision and purpose. It seemed like the spark had left and I wasn’t sure how to bring it back, or even if I could. Half of me knew exactly what to do, and wanted to punch the other half of me in the face for being such a lame-ass. But when you get in a negative place you start feeding off of it, and that self-pity starts to feel comforting, and even if you know how to extinguish it, you think… I will; tomorrow.

When January 1st rolled around I knew it was time to kick that dark cloud to the curb, even if it was going to take renewed energy and way more effort then if I’d never strayed in the first place. So here’s exactly what I did to try and get myself out of my funk and back to my happy place.

1. I made a concrete decision that I was going to change my attitude, turn things around, get back to my dream.

2. To accomplish that I recognized I needed help. Motivation and inspiration aren’t something we are born with and naturally have every day, sometimes we gotta create and cultivate it. I also knew I needed support.

  • For inspiration: I began listening to Joel Osteen’s sermons on YouTube (and I’m not even religious). But his “I Am” speech shook me when I heard it on Oprah’s LifeClass, and I instantly recognized how far I’d fallen off my path. I made a commitment to listen to a different one every day for ten days, and focus that day on whatever his topic was. I felt like a new woman after day two!
  • For support: I challenged my life long bestie to take this next step in our journey with me, and do the 10 day Joel meditation marathon. By day three and four we were on fire! So inspired and excited and shocked at how we’d ever gotten so off track in the first place. We compared notes and aha moments and encouraged each others progress. All of this is so much more fun when you have a support system! (That’s why I started my coaching calls, for those of you who don’t have a bestie like mine!)
  • For motivation: I decided it was time to redo my Future Boards. I have two main boards that I’ve used over the past few years and they needed a make-over! I spent days focusing on the new version of my dream, one I could get fired up for again, one that scared me again, and then I looked for the perfect pictures to represent that life for my new boards. It’s crazy how much joy that exercise brings and how much I love looking at those pretty boards. I was feeling strong, empowered and focused again, in a way I hadn’t in a long time.   

3.  I got my hustle back: For the first time in forever, I chose every day to focus on my mantras and do something that would get me closer to my dream. I started blogging again, started interacting with readers again and quickly found the inspiration that I know is my true calling. When you don’t see anything happening, instead of quitting, start working harder and make them happen.  That’s exactly what I did. I made the video “Future Board Magic” one afternoon after being snowed in for days, and as soon as I was done, I played it for the kids, and all four of us got teary-eyed. And I knew right then this was something I needed people to see. So, yeah if you follow me on social media I’m sure you wanted to block me, but hey… that’s the hustle my friend. It’s getting out there putting in the work, every day; grinin’.

4. I faced the tough issues that blocked my happiness: Lastly I decided it was really time to address my love life, or lack there of. I knew that over the past five years since the end of my marriage I’d not ever had the type of committed relationship that I desire. But I was also afraid to dig deep and address the reasons why I was blocking that one last major manifestation. I opened my mind, to try and open my heart to at least the possibility, and I read an amazing book “Soulmate Secret“. I did every exersize it recommended and had breakthrough after breakthrough.  And then I made my first ever soul mate vision board… and released that true desire into the universe. I asked for help in fixing my issues with dating and men, and for help getting me ready when he does find me.

And then the flood gates began to open! It’s amazing to me how quickly the Hustle.Believe.Receive. works now… I’ve gotten closer to my dream in the last three weeks then the last three years combined. But looking back, I wasn’t ready for my dream to manifest until now. I’ve put in the work for years, fought past giving up more times then I can count, and now it’s happening. It’s amazing and crazy and I’m trying to take it all in…but it’s happening! I’m having that moment when you’re standing in the middle of your dream, only this time it’s reality.

If there’s one thing these last few months has taught me. it is this: NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER GIVE UP!! If you just keep pushing through the crapy parts, and the times you want to sink back into negative habits, and keep moving forward… YOU WILL LIVE YOUR DREAM. It will happen. Results will come, period. Period.

This is Joel’s “I am” sermon. It’s a MUST listen. This is the perfect step one to learning and applying the law of attraction. Change your “I am” all day long for a week straight and see what a massive difference it makes.




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    I’m glad to see you got your groove back! I have been a long time follower of your blog and you are a inspiration to me. I have a picture of you on my vision board , because I know some day I will meet you. Whether it be on your book tour or in a coffee shop I know it will happen. I wish you all the luck in the world girl!!!

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