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How to Get a Literary Agent.

One of the most amazing manifestations of my life.. I’d waited for an envisioned this moment for four years, I had no choice but to whip out my trusty phone and do an on the spot video in Grand Central Station last week in New York.


This is how I used the steps I teach here on this blog and in my new book #HustleBelieveReceive to manifest signing a contract with my dream literary agent. Below is a simple example of how I applied each step that led to manifesting my dream.


I’ve gently stalked my literary agent for the last four years, she’s amazing and she is the one I’ve wanted to work with since day one. I even refereed to her as my agent long before I had actually acquired her (#OwnItBeIt).  For the past four years I’ve sent her all three books I’ve written (#TheHustle) and each time she provided useful constructive feedback that enabled me to go back to the drawing board and start over, producing a better product, and I’m so grateful that I didn’t give up (#RelentlessPursuit) and I trusted the process to know that somehow each of those rejections where all part of my #BigPictureDream, using the steps #ChillOut (step 8) and #SurvivingEarthquakeMoments in dealing with the rejection. I knew deep down she saw something in me or my story, or my voice that she believed in to keep her engaged and responding and so I fostered that and promised myself that if anyone was going to represent me and make money from my work I wanted it to be her. I wanted to pay her back for that belief in me, this was all part of building a relationship with her using #ChangeYourCrew.   I just knew it would happen (#MottoForLife), and when she read Hustle.Believe.Receive. it was the magic project that got her excited and ready to sign me. A dream come true (#ManifestThat!) Never give up, no matter what anyone tells you. If it’s your passion and you believe in it with all your heart and work your ass off, you will live a moment just like this.

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Beach Life… Enjoy the Moment.

I’m exhausted, crawling into bed before my big Marathon Life 15 mile training run tomorrow morning.  And although I’m tired from spending the past two days at the beach with the kids on our little mini vacation, I am also so grateful.  It brought back all the memories of when I used to pack the kids up those first two years after my husband left, back when the kids and I were still trying to adjust to our new like with just me at the helm.  I’d pack bottles, lunches, clothes, toys and in like thirty minutes I’d just throw it in the car before the girls nap time.  I’d hop in the car and drive the two hours to the Oregon Coast while they everyone passed out and I got some much needed quiet time (read my post from then about our fist solo beach trip Saturday).  It was so much work back then, oh man! I’d only have enough money for gas to get out there and back, so we never had the luxury of getting a hotel to relax and spend the night.  Or the luxury of eating out when we were there, it was good enough for us that we got to go.

Our first night at the beach

This was our first little trip in a while, about a year I guess and it was one of those moments where I really took in how fast the kids are growing up.  Kanen was big enough to help pack and unpack the car, take his sisters downstairs in the morning for the continental breakfast, and even walk back the block to our hotel from the beach.  And the girls could last all day without getting cranky like they used to when they were smaller.  They all pitched in, pulled their weight and for the first time I got to kinda kick back… but yes I’m still exhausted! But it felt good, to be able to take them to the beach and get a hotel and be able to do the fun tourist things we never could do before, and eat out and all of that. It was a great reminder of how far we’ve come, and a reminder to never lose sight of were we started. That’s always been my Hustle; my kids, and to be able to provide this kinda life for them. But sometimes when you’re in the middle of living life, and hustelin’ you forget to stop and appreciate how far you’ve come.



I never want to lose sight of where we started and what brought about my Hustle, but I also want to learn to find a new Hustle and be ok with letting that survival one go. It sounds crazy but that’s been a struggle for me. I’ve always known struggle my entire life. It’s what I’m comfortable with, it’s made me scrappy and a survivor, but now I want to keep thriving and let that survival instant begin to fade because I think as long as I cling to it I’ll always create an environment where I will need to survive, and I don’t want that. This is the reason I refer to our Life Plan as a life long journey. It’s not a destination, it’s about always being present enough in our lives that we recognize when it’s time to move to the next level, and expand our Plan.

Sometimes it’s good to take a moment like I did these past few days and let it all sink in. I was reading some of my older posts from when the kids were small like my first Life’s a Beach post and man all I can say is… time flies.  And no mater where you are in your journey or even your struggle, take the time to enjoy your life.  Take time to spend with your kids and create memories with them, even if it is exhausting.  It’s so worth it.  And that attitude brings more things to be grateful for and more moments to enjoy. It goes by so fast, let me tell you, and I’ll never regret the time I took to spend with my kids even if it’s a struggle to make it happen.  Cheers to all you moms and dads out there makin’ the effort to spend time with your kids and cherish the moments.


Read Life’s a Beach! from a few years ago.

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Marathon Life: Marathon Training Week 14 & 15.

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I bet you thought I quit right???? No such luck my friend! I’m still at it, though I did take week 12 & 13 off after running the Helvetia Half marathon. But in my defense that wasn’t really my fault! I got in a mild car accident and messed up my neck and back pretty good so my doctor suggested I take some time off running.  But I had no intention of listening to that advice and on Friday night of week 12 I was laying out all my stuff for Saturday’s morning run when I suddenly remembered I had a house full of 11-year-old boys having an “end of the school year” sleep over.  I was devastated by my lack of planning and stupid oversight and reluctantly missed that mornings run.  And then week 13 I was in NYC celebrating my 39th birthday with my two besties and all of us promised beforehand we’d go running in Central Park… but alas, we walked it.. shocker.

Out at the crack of dawn, getting back in the swing of things…

So that meant two full weeks of NOT running AT ALL. No practice runs, nothing. I even skipped out on my normal 3-5 days a week at Barre3 class. So needless to say when I went out for my run last week (which was 9 miles of hills), I was cursing myself.  It was rough, think my average was like a 15 min mile or something (basically walking, let’s be real).   All last week I promised myself I’d get my Portland Fit training runs in, but of course I didn’t.  So yesterday I had very low expectations for myself when I had to pull 12 miles out of my ass. Yet to my amazement it was one of my better runs, averaging a 12 min mile for the first 9-10 miles.

So that got me thinking…. The old me would have quit after missing one week of training. But after missing two? Get outa here! I’d have definitely given up and just pretend I never started this blog series claiming I planned to run the Portland Marathon. I’d of just deleted all the posts that proved my original intention and gone about my life. But the Hustle.Believe.Receive. me gets satisfaction out of knowing, I CAN do this. Even when it seems impossible, I have a simple formula to follow that works! I know that if I show up; tell myself positive affirmations instead of cutting myself down, that I will be able to do it. And every week it is proof to me in such a simple, tangible way that it works. And the sense of accomplishment is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Every week I’m doing something I never imagined I’d be able to do. Every week I’m shocking myself. And that feels great. It’s proof that a person can change, and can reinvent themselves at any age. Just because you’ve never done something, or never liked doing something, doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it. And it doesn’t mean that the old negative label needs to stick, you can redefine it and yourself at any point in your life. That is why I’m running. That’s the reason I’ve run 114 miles since March 22nd. To prove to myself that anything I set my mind to do, I can achieve.  Even something so far-fetched (for me) as training for, and running a marathon.

Whatever your goals are you can achieve them the exact same way as I’m achieving mine. The formula is simple and it works. Hustle.Believe.Receive. teaches you how to change the voices in your head, how to hustle and how to stay committed to your goal. It’s that simple.  The only way to live your dream is to be willing to hustle and bleed for it. And the only difference between desire and results, is hustle. You’ve gotta put your lazy mindset to the side if you want to change your life. There is no quick fix. There is no “magic” thought you can have that alone can change your life. It requires your commitment to doing the work, and your determination to never again live your old life. The rest will come to you… and believe me it will.  And over time it will come faster and easier and more frequently than you ever dreamed possible.  But for now… you must work.


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*Follow my #MarathonLife twitter feed on Saturday mornings as I tweet while I run, motivating myself. Running is simply a test of the minds endurance, and a great way to motivate and inspire yourself to believe.

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