How I Landed a Book Deal!

Sarah Centrella

Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker and single mama. I'm a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for ANYONE. My story featured in the New York Times, Steve Harvey Show and NBC.

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    This is amazing Sarah. Couldn’t be more proud of you, it’s been so fun to watch your journey. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  2. Duffie Bart says:

    Like Martin Luther King: You had a dream… and you made it come true. My warmest congratulations, dear Sarah. Duffie

  3. Moonsparkle says:

    Congratulations! It’s inspiring to read people’s manifesting stories and especially to know that although they struggled and doubted, they got there in the end. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  4. have tried to leave a message before, internet problems I think, so not sure this will post.. but anyway, just very much wanted to say, a BIG congratulations, you're such an inspiration and I can't wait for the book to come out! I shall be adding you to my amazon book wish list. In the meantime I will keep hustling & believing!

  5. Rolf Becker says:

    WHAT A STORY. I was reading…no ….deeply taking in what you had to share. Can't wait to get YOUR PUBLISHED BOOK at WATER STONE (UK). Keep going Sarah YOU are such an inspiration. X Rolf

  6. Thank you so much Rolf much appreciated:)

  7. Thank you Tamisin!! And yes keep hustelin and believing and you will receive!! It takes time but it's so worth it!

  8. Sammy says:

    Incredible!! So happy for you and can’t wait for the book!

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