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Hustle.Believe.Receive. Your Life Coach


Two weeks ago I chose fifteen people to take part in my first ever #HBRBootcamp, a pilot 8 week course teaching the 8 steps to the #HBRMethod.  These fifteen individuals were chosen based on essays they wrote to me telling me how they were ready to change their life.  All of the participants assured me they would take this boot camp seriously, applying everything they learned, and give the #HBRMethod their full attention.

I warned them that it wouldn’t be easy, that calls were mandatory and required participation.  That homework was not optional, and that keeping a daily journal would be their daily #Hustle.  But in exchange they would get intense coaching from me and three mentors whom I’ve coached for the last year or so, AND best of all they would be the first to test out the #HBRMethod steps as outlined in my new book, which meant they are the first to read it chapter by chapter.

I am in the thick of writing this book, and sometimes I am afraid it won’t make sense or that the cluster-fuck that is me, translates to the page, so having their fresh eyes is so key for me in this process.  I wanted them to be hard on me, push me too.  Tell me if something didn’t make sense, and give their honest feedback.

Well today was our second weekly call, after they read the second chapter #ThinkIt, and their feedback and reaction to this chapter blew me away! I teared up more than once reading their homework, and listening to their stories, and the wins they are already having after just two weeks and two chapters is astonishing.

This is so incredibly humbling for me, it’s hard to put into words.  On so many levels I have struggled with my “unworthiness” to fulfill this calling.   It is something that is on one hand my #BigPictureDream, and on the other I struggle with the fear of being inadequate.  But my dream is bigger than my fear, and when you finally see your calling, or when it finds you, nothing feels as deeply rewarding as stepping up to it’s challenge.

I can NOT WAIT for the day when all of you can read this book and start your own #HBRStory and read all the stories of people who are successfully living their dream based on these exact same steps. My prayer for this book is that it will bring a message that has been stuck in “new-age” and “self-help” worlds and bring it to regular people and make it even become “cool”.  Because if that happens we can influence our youth and spread a positive message and that would be a dream come true.

The exciting news is that you can be part of the next #HBRBootcamp, so keep a look out for more info coming soon…

I wanted to share just a few quotes from the participants in the group as a reaction to this weeks homework.

“Reading the chapter (Step 2 #ThinkIt) reminded me that what you think about you get and that scares the hell out of me too!  I do not want that!  So back to the gratitude journal I will go and choose to be grateful. Again, I feel like anything is possible, I am possible!  My dreams are within my reach!  Beautiful chapter, this truly will change lives!  I think your stories are a great reminder of what is possible for all of us!”

“This chapter has been a real eye opener for me. I found it to be very powerful and inspiring. I am going to start being mindful of my thoughts and change them to positive ones. Thank you so much, Sarah!”

 “I just wanted to let you know how much I loved doing this (the homework)! There was SO much power in this exercise! I feel so empowered after writing those, and I’m so grateful for this exercise!  Sarah, you’re second chapter is a powerhouse! I loved it so much! You’re book is a great one! You’re going to & already are doing big things in your life, and I’m honored to be a part of it! This book will definitely be a MUST READ!”
“First of all I just want to say that you are really doing an excellent job. So far I really like the direction you are taking with the process.”
“I feel a shift in my perspective after doing this exercise in relation to many things I deemed as “bad” in my life. Now I can look at them and say “How is this a positive in my life?” “How does this relate to what I’ve always dreamed of even if it doesn’t ‘look’ like the dream or didn’t happen like the dream I had for myself?” It has really brought a sense of peace into my life.”
The #HBRMethod is an 8-step plan to change your life and live your dream based on the book Hustle Believe Receive by Sarah Centrella
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