CBS The Talk… A Dream Come True!

Last week I lived one of the most full circle, #ManifestThat! #HBR moments of my life.  One year ago I was selected by producer Marc Anthony Nicolas  (@Marc_Nicolas) to have one of my fifteen-second videos air on CBS The Talk.

At the time I was excited obviously, but didn’t think too much of it.  Fast forward to two months ago when I “randomly” (#HBRMethod teaches us that nothing is ever random) get a call from Marc Anthony asking if I again wanted to submit a video.  I told him that I’d actually be flying during the time he needed me and wouldn’t be able to do it this time.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I got the balls to quickly tell him about my book, and to my surprise he not only let me give my quick “pitch,” he actually wanted to know the website!  And right there ,on the phone pulled it up!

I think right away he could see that Hustle Believe Receive was special, and so I asked the big question; Would he be willing to share his story as well? 

I’m so blessed to say that not only was he excited to do so, but when I did his interview his story BLEW ME AWAY!  I am in awe of what he’s accomplished and his #RelentlessPursuit it truly is inspiring.

So last week when I was in LA I had a few hours between meetings, I asked Marc Anthony if he’d like to grab lunch since I was in the area and we’d never met in person.  When I got to Studio City (I was about two hours early for our lunch), I told him I’d be working at Starbucks nearby and to just let me know when he was ready.  To my total surprise Marc Anthony instead invited me to come watch the live taping of The Talk, which was just about to air live!

Security Station at the CBS gate

When I arrived at the CBS lot, the security guards had my VIP pass waiting.  I will never forget driving into the CBS backlot (where all the networks shows are filmed), parking and walking to Stage 16, where The Talk was already broadcasting live.  Marc Anthony met me at the door, and ushered me back stage where producers and the camera crew filmed the show in front of a live studio audience.

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It’s hard to do justice with words what it felt like to be standing there; shoulder to shoulder with a four time Emmy nominated producer, watching Sara Gilbert and Aisha Tyler chit-chat with guest Kellan Luntz.  It was one of those amazing pinch-me moments that you can’t quiet fully process.

Killeen Luntz showing off his wig on The Talk while I watched behind the camera -Photo Cred: The Talk

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that submitting that fifteen-second video a year ago, would lead to Marc Anthony being featured in my book, and giving me a personal tour of the show.  It’s the ultimate proof to me that #HustleBelieveReceive is real and constantly working in our lives.

Even though I never imagined this chain of events, I have for years imagined having my own talk show, and being a guest on talk shows.  When I was a guest on the Steve Harvey Show it was a huge manifestation of that dream, but this was even more so.  This felt so right, it lit a fire under my dream in a way that imagining it alone never could.  #ManifestThat! brings pieces of our dream to us so that we can get excited about them, feel them, and live them.   That’s exactly what I did, I felt the joy of the moment and was beyond grateful for it.

I don’t care what your dream is, or how “unrealistic” it seems, if you believe in it and are willing to hustle toward it, then it will show up.  Probably when you least expect it, and in the most miraculous way.  When an idea comes to you, act on it.  When an opportunity presents itself, jump at it.  And ALWAYS do it from a place of childlike excitement and gratitude.

I wanna thank Marc Anthony for giving me an experience of a lifetime, and facilitating a moment I will never forget, truly a dream come true.  And I wanna thank the team and crew of The Talk for being so gracious, kind and welcoming while I was visiting. I’ll cherish that day forever.


My book #HustleBelieveReceive featuring Marc Anthony’s story is available now for pre-order, release date Jan 5, 2016.



So after I posted this yesterday I got a very happy surprise! Marc Anthony is a guest co-host of the Lillian McDermott Radio Show, and I got the sweetest email from Lillian. She said that her and Marc Anthony talked about me on Fridays show and asked if I’d like to be a guest on an upcoming show!!

I’m telling you…. you never know what doors will open when you push through your fear, follow your instincts and believe in your passion.


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    This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing.

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