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Postpartum of a Dream

Is it possible to have “postpartum” after the birth of your dream? It sounds crazy I know, but I wonder….

Sarah Centrella writer

I say this because for the past three months I have not felt like myself, and this got me thinking… Could I have postpartum depression?

But how could that be?

I’ve just realized one of the biggest dreams of my life, I’ve achieved something most people never get to accomplish, so why am I not euphoric every day? Dancing on a cloud? Why have I spent every weekend (that my kids are away) binge watching Downton Abby, or anything else I could find on Demand? Why have I refused to leave the house, unless I absolutely had to? Why won’t I work out when I know its what makes me feel better? Why can’t I find the energy to get out of my yoga pants? Why do I just want to sleep?

What the fuck is wrong with me? How can this be?


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