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A Letter to My Daughters on Turning Forty

My Darling Daughters,

Right now, you are nine-years old (well, almost ten) and your skin is porcelain, smooth and glowing. In summer, it turns this fantastic shade of deep golden brown, when it’s been kissed by the sun (even when I’ve coated it in layers of SPF 50). Your hair is ten gorgeous shades of blond, from crisp white, to soft brown, resulting in a natural highlight job most of us would kill for. Your eyebrows are thick and overgrown, your eyes clear and bright.

You are truly perfect.

A letter to my daughters on turning forty
My beautiful girls

So, I thought I’d let you know what’s looming in your future, say in about thirty years. Now this isn’t to depress you, or scare you, it’s just all the things I wish someone had told me when I hit forty. Sure, I’d heard “it’s all downhill once you hit forty.” But no one ever expanded on what exactly would be sliding down that hill. And besides, I was like you are, I always believed that it would NEVER happen to me. I’d be the one exception in history that would never be damaged by age. Yes, I know you think that too, and you’ll keep thinking it through your thirties, as you should. But than one day you might wake up and say; “hold the fuck on… wasn’t my eyebrow ABOVE my eyelid?” read more »

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6 Steps to Getting Out of a Funk

This is a follow-up to my last post: Postpartum of a Dream.  Writing that post helped me to process so much of what I’d been avoiding for the past year, and helped start my journey back to where I need to be. I received a ton of messages, and comments on Facebook from people showing support, and I’m so grateful for all the love. I hope it also opened the discussion about what you might feel once you’ve reached a major goal in life, many people reached out to me saying they’ve experienced something similar. This all has reinforced my belief that I must always be REAL with you (and myself), even when it’s painfully difficult.

So the following is how I got out of my funk. It took conscious effort (as it always does to get anything we want), but I was finally ready to put in that work. And I have to say that within 48 hours I felt like a new women! It doesn’t take long for us to turn it around, we just have to WANT to and be COMMITTED to getting results.

1. I made the decision.

I’d known for about a year that I was suppressing and avoiding a lot of emotions that I figured would some day come back to bite me in the ass, but I consciously chose to put them off. Until the day I wrote that post. That was when I decided that no matter what, I was going to turn this shit around. I would face the emotional things I needed to address, work on processing everything I’d been shoving down, and turn on my hustle to make a change.

You too, will have to get to a place where you make a concrete decision to change. Nothing can happen until you’ve truly reached this point. Rock bottom is great for forcing this issue, as it was for me. So if you haven’t hit it yet, consider yourself lucky! Take action now, because I can assure you from experience, that rock bottom is coming to FORCE the issue if you keep putting it off.

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How I lost 20 lbs in 8 Weeks!

sarah centrella weight loss

How I used the #HBRMethod to loose 20 lbs in 8 weeks!

I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I remember being eleven years old working out in my room to videos of Jane Fonda.  She’d be wearing this hideous G-string swimming-suit-looking apparatus over neon spandex, with leg warmers covering her calves. She was so skinny. Long thin legs and graceful arms. I was “chubby” as my mother would say. “It’s baby fat.” She’d tell me, patting my protruding belly or grabbing my round chubby face. “One day you’ll wake up and it will all be gone.” She promised. I waited, and waited some more. But my baby fat loved me, it had no intention of abandoning me that easily.

What’s “baby fat” called when you’re forty? Sloppy? Saggy? Ugly? Plain-old fat?

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Choose Beautiful.

I don’t remember ever hearing the words “you’re beautiful” when I was growing up. I remember criticism about my weight, or my chubby cheeks, or my mother telling me to never cut my hair because it was my “saving grace.” But I don’t remember anyone ever saying “Sarah you’re beautiful.” As a result I struggled, as most young girls do, with a very negative self-image growing up.

I searched for that validation from any source, including doing pageants as a teenager in hopes that it would make me feel beautiful. But instead when I didn’t win, I felt less validated and cut myself down even more. I learned early on that if I made fun of myself, or was self-deprecating that I’d be the one to control how people saw me. I thought that if I brought it up first, and often, then they would realize that I already knew I was “fat and ugly” and therefore I’d save them the trouble of pointing it out. But I didn’t realize that all this did was make the people around me uncomfortable, and pressured them to compliment me.

When I met my ex-husband at sixteen, I constantly looked to him to tell me I was beautiful, which was something that he was not naturally good at. It made him uncomfortable to verbalize it, so when he did I argued and cut myself down even more, in a passive aggressive attempt to get him to tell me more. But all that accomplished was him telling me less and less.

When I got divorced, I made a conscious decision. I’d learned that my beliefs and thoughts created my reality and I decided I no longer wanted to feel this way about myself. I was thirty-four years old and I wanted to find true happiness, and that meant loving and accepting myself as I was. I started by looking in the mirror every morning and telling myself, out loud, that I was beautiful. It was the biggest lie I’d ever told myself, and it felt uncomfortable and awkward, but I was relentless. I looked myself in the eye and said it over and over, day after day. I made a commitment to say it to myself every time I looked in a mirror.

Then slowly an amazing thing began to happen. I started to believe it.

That lead to me taking better care of myself, caring how I presented myself to the world, which lead to me believing it a little more. As time passed I became a new woman. One who truly believed that I was beautiful.

I am not a thin girl. I’ve always been curvy and have ranged from a fit size 10 (in my skinny twenties), to a fit and curvy size 14. I’ll never be a skinny girl, and I’m fine with that. I have come to love and appreciate the woman I’ve become, on good days and bad, whether I feel “fat” or great that day, I’ve learned to see myself as beautiful no matter what.

I have two seven-year-old twin daughters, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t tell them multiple times, how beautiful they are. Yes I tell them they are smart, and talented, and all of that knowing beauty is perceived to only be outward. But I believe that if you don’t truly feel beautiful, and if it doesn’t come from within, than your hiding your true potential and doing yourself and the world a disservice. When you feel beautiful, you also feel like you can take on the world. You believe that anything is possible. You feel respected and seen. Call it shallow but all of that builds your self-confidence, which empowers you to be your best self and to live the fullest life possible. And that is what I want for my daughters. I want them to believe that they are beautiful, and not be ashamed of that. I don’t want them to search for validation in men, or anything else to “feel” beautiful. I want them to love and respect themselves, which starts with knowing that no matter what they look like, they ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Last year I was the target of a body-bullying video created by Yahoo for their top daily news stories. They chose to freeze-frame images of me as a guest on the Steve Harvey Show that made me look morbidly obese, and deformed, even though they knew full-well what I actually looked like. That video got a half-million views in 24 hours, and thousands of comments that would have made the old me self-destruct. Those comments included death-threats, all based on just my looks. I called Yahoo out on this and they eventually pulled the piece off the Internet, which I am grateful for. However that does not excuse the acceptance in social media, and media in general to bully because of a persons looks or weight. That experience made me so grateful for all the work I’d done the previous years to change my internal view of myself, which enabled me to see if for the shallow, low-blow attack that it was.

This brings me to a new trend I’m seeing recently in the media, which I want to put my complete support behind. It’s the movement to change societies definition of “beauty.” Dove has released a campaign called #ChooseBeautiful, which is incredibly powerful.

I cried watching this video, and can’t wait to show it to my daughters. This video broke my heart because I know that until a few years ago I would have walked through the “average” door. And it made me emotional knowing that now I’d chose the “beautiful” door, but not without shame and embarrassment.

And that is a problem.

There is a fucked-up idea out there that if you “think your beautiful,” or god-forbid, say that you are, that you are a stuck-up bitch. There’s this underlying societal notion that you shouldn’t say that, and you shouldn’t act that way, because if you do then you’re a conceded narcissist. That you can’t believe you’re beautiful and be humble at the same time. I bet there were women who wanted to walk through the “beautiful” door, but chose not to for that very reason. They were afraid that others would look at them like; who do you think you are? Your not all that!

And that bullshit needs to change.

It’s okay to feel beautiful. It’s okay to tell yourself that you are. It’s okay to say it out-loud, and to carry yourself as a beautiful woman would. It’s okay to be beautiful, and know it, REGARDLESS of what others think of your physical appearance. Who cares what they think? You have the power to be self-defined. Don’t be ashamed. It doesn’t make you a bitch, or arrogant to believe that you are beautiful. It doesn’t make you “full of yourself” or “better than anyone else.” It just makes you a woman who loves and appreciates what God has given her, and wears it with pride.

I want to thank Lane Bryant for their recent campaign #ImNoAngel which is a swipe at Victoria Secrets “perfect” angel. Thank you for making curvy girls sexy. Thank you for showing the world that you don’t need to weigh 90 pounds and have fake tits to be “beautiful.”


Im no angle

And thank you to Kelly Clarkson for not giving a fuck what all the haters have to say about her appearance. She’s been taking a beating lately by media and Internet trolls calling her “fat.” Good for you for not taking their shit and for embracing the beautiful talented woman you are. And for showing the world that it can really suck after you have a baby, most of us don’t automatically “bounce back” nine months after giving birth. I know I never have. So thank you!!!

Kelly Clarkson

And thanks to the newswoman in Canada who has taken cyber bullying for her pregnancy body, and who finally spoke out about it. Good for you!

This trend makes me so happy because I pray that it changes these insane views on beauty, so that my daughters will feel more acceptance than my generation has. I think it’s important to speak-up and let your voice be heard, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


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Kicking Cancer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about cancer. I’m not exactly sure why, other than it seems to be popping up everywhere, it being Breast Cancer Awareness month and all. Or maybe because I know I’m overdue for my annual exam and biopsy. Five years ago doctors found a lump in my thyroid the size of a small egg. As you might imagine it struck fear in me on a level I’ve never faced before. I was one of the lucky ones, each year when I get my annual biopsy and ultra sound, I send up a prayer thanking God that it’s NOT the C word.

Maybe that’s why I was so moved by the stories I heard last Thursday night at the charity event for Kicked It In Heels. I listened to the stories of survivors, and heard the doctors share astounding statistics. I remembered five years ago, when my girlfriend lost her short battle with breast cancer, leaving two babies behind. And I’ve been thinking… I should probably go get a mammogram. As I listened to the guest of honor Bershan Shaw (star of Love In The City, a reality show on OWN, and bestselling author) share her story of how she’d defied the odds and beat a death diagnosis, I was moved to near tears. This woman’s story proved yet again that everything I believe in and teach in #HustleBelieveReceive changes lives. She proved that you can be faced with something as devastating as hearing from a doctor that you have Stage 4 terminal cancer, and yet be standing in that room five years later telling us her empowering story. After her speech I introduced myself, and told her about my book project. She immediately said “I’d love to be in it!” and handed me her card. I was blown away!

Bershan Shaw, two time cancer survivor.
Bershan Shaw, two time cancer survivor.

As I made my way around a room with some of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen on one place at one time, I heard story after story of survival. Of beating the odds. And then I walked up to Daniel Jacobs. He’d raised his hand during introductions indicating that he was the “boxer who fought cancer” and I immediately thought he’d be a great story for my book. I had no idea who he was, and only caught his first name, but when I told him what I was working on for the book, he immediately said he’d love to be a part of it. In the few minutes we talked he told me how the doctors had found a massive tumor in his spine, how he’d been given just a few months to live, but yet here he was looking healthy as could be, radiant actually. I couldn’t help but give him a giant hug.

And then I went home and Googled him….. so yeah he’s kinda the shit. And his story had me in tears as I read through articles from USA Today and ESPN on what he’s accomplished and overcome. I remember being so emotional when learning about those mesothelioma treatment cases only. I’m so honored to be able to share his story in my book #HustleBelieveReceive.

Daniel Jacobs, boxing's miracle man.
Daniel Jacobs, boxing’s miracle man.

It’s impossible not to be humbled and overwhelmed by these amazing individuals and the others I’ve interviewed over the past few months. I get those happy chills all over when I mention this project and EVERYONE who I’ve spoken to about being featured says they would love to be part of it.

Kicked It In Heels was an amazing event, full of positive energy, hope and the reality that cancer does not have to be a death sentence, but something to fight with and prevent even, being aware of potential causes (read more at The event was to benefit the foundation started by Dr. Janna Andrews, a close friend of Kimberley Hatchett’s (also featured in the book, and a great friend of mine). The next morning when the three of us went to brunch with my lifelong bestie Lisa Marchant (also a featured story), I couldn’t help but ask Janna if she would be open to sharing her story as well. I’m delighted to report that her inspiring story will also be coming soon in the book.

My first ever red carpet event in NYC to support Breast Cancer survivors
My first red carpet event in NYC, to support cancer survivors.

You know how they say surround yourself with people who inspire you, push you to be better and lift you higher? I’ve realized that in the past several years I’ve done just that, and look at who’s in that circle? It’s truly astonishing to be in company that I feel will always be a source of inspiration and motivation for me. #ChangeYourCrew is one of the first steps in the book, because it’s one of the fundamentals to success. You cannot be successful unless you are surrounded by successful people. I am so grateful for this experience and for the amazing people I’ve met along the way, and I can’t wait to share all of this with you all as it daily unfolds.

Anything is possible. I am living proof.

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Marathon Life: Marathon Training Week 14 & 15.

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I bet you thought I quit right???? No such luck my friend! I’m still at it, though I did take week 12 & 13 off after running the Helvetia Half marathon. But in my defense that wasn’t really my fault! I got in a mild car accident and messed up my neck and back pretty good so my doctor suggested I take some time off running.  But I had no intention of listening to that advice and on Friday night of week 12 I was laying out all my stuff for Saturday’s morning run when I suddenly remembered I had a house full of 11-year-old boys having an “end of the school year” sleep over.  I was devastated by my lack of planning and stupid oversight and reluctantly missed that mornings run.  And then week 13 I was in NYC celebrating my 39th birthday with my two besties and all of us promised beforehand we’d go running in Central Park… but alas, we walked it.. shocker.

Out at the crack of dawn, getting back in the swing of things…

So that meant two full weeks of NOT running AT ALL. No practice runs, nothing. I even skipped out on my normal 3-5 days a week at Barre3 class. So needless to say when I went out for my run last week (which was 9 miles of hills), I was cursing myself.  It was rough, think my average was like a 15 min mile or something (basically walking, let’s be real).   All last week I promised myself I’d get my Portland Fit training runs in, but of course I didn’t.  So yesterday I had very low expectations for myself when I had to pull 12 miles out of my ass. Yet to my amazement it was one of my better runs, averaging a 12 min mile for the first 9-10 miles.

So that got me thinking…. The old me would have quit after missing one week of training. But after missing two? Get outa here! I’d have definitely given up and just pretend I never started this blog series claiming I planned to run the Portland Marathon. I’d of just deleted all the posts that proved my original intention and gone about my life. But the Hustle.Believe.Receive. me gets satisfaction out of knowing, I CAN do this. Even when it seems impossible, I have a simple formula to follow that works! I know that if I show up; tell myself positive affirmations instead of cutting myself down, that I will be able to do it. And every week it is proof to me in such a simple, tangible way that it works. And the sense of accomplishment is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Every week I’m doing something I never imagined I’d be able to do. Every week I’m shocking myself. And that feels great. It’s proof that a person can change, and can reinvent themselves at any age. Just because you’ve never done something, or never liked doing something, doesn’t mean you CAN’T do it. And it doesn’t mean that the old negative label needs to stick, you can redefine it and yourself at any point in your life. That is why I’m running. That’s the reason I’ve run 114 miles since March 22nd. To prove to myself that anything I set my mind to do, I can achieve.  Even something so far-fetched (for me) as training for, and running a marathon.

Whatever your goals are you can achieve them the exact same way as I’m achieving mine. The formula is simple and it works. Hustle.Believe.Receive. teaches you how to change the voices in your head, how to hustle and how to stay committed to your goal. It’s that simple.  The only way to live your dream is to be willing to hustle and bleed for it. And the only difference between desire and results, is hustle. You’ve gotta put your lazy mindset to the side if you want to change your life. There is no quick fix. There is no “magic” thought you can have that alone can change your life. It requires your commitment to doing the work, and your determination to never again live your old life. The rest will come to you… and believe me it will.  And over time it will come faster and easier and more frequently than you ever dreamed possible.  But for now… you must work.


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*Follow my #MarathonLife twitter feed on Saturday mornings as I tweet while I run, motivating myself. Running is simply a test of the minds endurance, and a great way to motivate and inspire yourself to believe.

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Sadie Lincoln: Barre3 Courage.

Sadie’s inspiring story and interview below is featured in my book Hustle Believe Receive

What does it mean to truly believe? For some it’s a process that happens over time, and is cultivated with effort, for others it seems to come naturally.  But for all who wholeheartedly believe in their dream, it’s the courage to step out on faith that is the ultimate test of belief. It’s one thing to talk about it, work hard every day to get closer to it, and believe it will happen, but it’s an entirely different thing to take action that involves great risk. Most people stop at this stage of the journey. They fear the unknown. They like their “real job” while they quietly pursue their passion on the side. I know because for four years I’ve been one of those people, I get it, but those are not the success stories that change the world. Because it’s impossible to reach that level of success with your passion if over 50% of your time and energy is focused on something completely unrelated. It simply doesn’t work.

Everyone I’ve interviewed for my upcoming book Hustle.Believe.Receive. has displayed that courage which resulted in action. They risked everything to pursue their passion. It’s an undeniable common thread. And it’s a requirement for you too, at some point, if you really want to realize your dream.


No one is a better example of this than Sadie Lincoln. Nine years ago, in 2005 Sadie and her husband Chris were living in Oakland California, in a beautiful home with a view of The Bay. Sadie had a thriving career as a member of the executive marketing team for 24 Hour Fitness working directly with the CEO. It was an ideal career; one anyone would love and aspire to have. Sadie’s husband Chris, also had a successful career, they had built the “perfect” life. They had a child, two thriving careers and by all accounts they were “living the dream”.

“But it wasn’t us. It wasn’t who we really were as people, that life didn’t fit us.” Sadie tells me when she calls for our interview. “I’d discovered yoga when I was pregnant with my first child and fell in love with it. I didn’t connect with the gym environment, it never resonated with me. I always knew I wanted a big sexy career, but something that would allow me to be present with my children. And something that would be a family business.”

Chris and Sadie had looked at options in the past to start their own business, but the right venture had not come along. For most of her life she taught, and had a passion for group exercise, dating back to old-school aerobics in the ‘90’s. But the gym atmosphere felt too big, masculine and lonely. She loved the warmth of Yoga and its balance of ease with effort, but her body was ready for something different. She tried all types of exercise, studios and classes, even other Barre programs but nothing seemed to have the combination and balance she was looking for.

And then one day, in 2006, after having their second child; Chris came home and pulled a folded spreadsheet from of his pocket. On it was a plan he’d quietly been working on; running the numbers, weighing the options. “My husband is the opposite of me, he’s the analytically one. I act on optimism. I believe it will work out, so I jump all in. I’ve always been that way; Chris is a perfect balance for me.” On the spreadsheet Chris had mapped out a plan for them to sell their beautiful home, sell the second car, live minimally, quit their jobs and move to Bend Oregon… taking one-year away from work so they both could stay home and raise their two young children.

Sadie Lincoln #HustleBelieveReceive
You can even try a FREE online workout.


Sarah: What was going through your mind when he told you this dramatic, life changing plan?
I was so moved. As a wife and mother, I thought it was so beautiful that he wanted more than anything to find a way that we could be home raising our children together. And then I thought, ‘well I don’t want to move to Bend!’ So we settled on Portland and decided we’d live minimally, renting a small home, and selling what we didn’t need. We packed up our car, our two kids and the cat, and drove to Portland.

Chris and Sadie went to work writing the business plan for Sadie’s dream group exercise studio; what would become the national franchise brand, Barre3.  She incorporated moves from over twenty years of teaching group and gym exercises, and brought inspiration from many different disciplines. “Balance is my North Star.” Sadie says. “It’s what the ‘3’ in Barre3 stands for, like a triangle with three balanced points. Barre3 merged the wisdom of yoga, with the grace of the Ballet barre and strength of Pilates. She designed a studio to feel welcoming and warm, and put a child care center in the lobby, so moms like her could get a non-gym workout. “We put every penny we had into Barre3, all our savings.” Sadie adds.

Sarah: Were you ever afraid it wouldn’t work? That you would lose everything?
  Never.  Not for a moment. I never thought of quitting. I always knew it would be big. We started the first studio in downtown Portland six years ago, but we did it with the vision that it would be a franchise. We believed it would take off, but didn’t know how big obviously. From the beginning I had courage. I wanted to create something totally different, something done my way. Yet you always have those voices that say; ‘who are you to think you can create a new form of exercise?’ But you just have to put that to the side and move forward with courage.

Since that first studio was opened in 2008, Barre3 has grown to have studios in 23 states, with 70 studios in the United States and five international locations. Barre3’s Portland based headquarters employs 20 full-time women, who were all once clients, and have over time organically grown into their individual roles in the company. Sadie recently launched a book tour, on the release of her new book “Love Your Lower Body” with the editors of Prevention magazine. She’s appeared on QVC, Bloomberg TV, and has been featured in Prevention magazine along with countless others.  She’s even launched the new Barre3 online workouts for those of you unlucky enough to not have a studio close by.  And oh yeah… rumor has it she even personally trained Madonna!


With all this success I asked Sadie; what was the moment when she felt like she was living her dream?
Sadie:  I have that moment all the time, honestly, especially in the down time. Like when I’m in the office with my team, drinking tea. I’m surrounded by these amazing beautiful women who have helped take this vision and brand to an extraordinary place.

And last year on our fifth anniversary, my team organized a free public park class and asked me to teach it. We had no idea if anyone would show up; we’d never tried anything like it before. But over 300 people came, clients that have been coming since the studio first opened. It was the most magical moment, looking out at all those people doing Barre3, and my mom and daughter in the front row. My daughter even got on stage and helped lead the class with me. It was just so unbelievably amazing.

Sarah: What has been the best part of this experience for you?
Validating that my intuition was right. That something which worked for my body could also work for thousands of others. I’m not a workout guru; I’m just a mom, trying to get her workout on.

Sarah: What’s your dream now?
I want to keep going down this path of whole body health. I want to help families. The triangle of Barre3; our foundation is: exercise, nourish, and connect. I want to always grow and learn, and be a wise educator. And beyond the studio walls, I want to make sure the studios are servicing and engaging with the community. And of course I want it to be very successful and become an iconic brand that holds up over time.

Sarah: What advice do you have for someone who’s just starting out on their path to pursue their dream?

Sadie:  Have courage. Be fearless. It’s a practice, learning how to make decisions that are not fear based. When we operate from a level of fear it closes so many opportunities. But be buttoned up; make sure you know what you’re getting into and do your research. Explore your options and ask questions.

And make sure you have balanced people around you, people who support you but can give you a different perspective. And always enjoy the moment… celebrate the joy of the moment.


Barre3 founder Sadie Lincoln #HustleBelieveReceive


I love Sadie’s story because it shows us just how critical courage is to the fulfillment of our dream. It’s that Hustle, the action behind our thoughts and words. It’s the thing that forces us to face our fear and move forward anyway. I also love the dynamic between Sadie and Chris, showing that either “born this way” personality is capable of stepping out on faith. If you are naturally optimistic, a “just go for it” type (like I am) that’s awesome and courage probably comes naturally for you. But even if you’re not, even if you’re more fact-based and cautious, you can summon courage and jump too; even if it’s after you’ve done a ton of research!

It’s always scary to step out on faith, to put your belief to the test, believe me I’m doing it right now on a daily basis. It’s terrifying. But it’s also so liberating. And for the first time in my life I know what each of these amazing people I’m featuring have been talking about when they say… “I have joy.” Joy is so hard to find in this life. It can be so elusive and fading, but if you are daily living a life you’ve purposefully created, doing what you love, you wake up with that joy. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever known, and something I wish for each of you to experience. It’s not for the faint of heart, but then again neither is success. The time it takes you to become successful is a critical journey that is building your resilience, proving what you’re made of, weeding out the people in your life who don’t bring value and making you the kind of person who can handle success with grace. So take it all as a valuable part of getting you to the next level, so that you can shine bright when the spotlight stops on you, the way Sadie does.

Sadie still teaches classes at the original Pearl District location in downtown Portland (my home studio!)


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Note: I did NOT receive any compensation for this piece monetary or otherwise. However this is my favorite workout, and am proud to say I’m a paying monthly member taking 3-5 classes a week at the original location Sadie first opened in downtown Portland.. the Pearl Location, studio pictured above and in most Barre3 official photos.


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Half Marathon First Timer.

Welp… I did it! I ran my first half marathon and lived to tell the tale. It took me three hours and 11 minutes, but I did it! No stopping (aside from the occasional picture that wouldn’t focus with my bouncing) and no walking… just three straight hours of running. Of course when the horn sounded and the mob started moving, that nervous energy and pressure to keep up had me thinking I wasn’t gonna last a half mile let alone 13.1. I was strugglin’ early, but I reminded myself that’s always how I feel the first mile, and the second and most of the way through the third… but then I settle down and find my rhythm. And thankfully that still held true in the “race”. I say that in quotes because for me, there was never one second in time when I considered this a race. No, this was a goal.  A test of my mind over my body, and over my mind itself.  A test of my will and determination, and ultimately it was me proving to myself, and anyone who needed proof that anything is possible for anyone. 

Running for over three hours is not something I ever really honestly thought I could ever do.  Sure I had the goal, and sure I’m writing this series with the intent of running double that, but honestly I don’t think my brain had ever really tried to process what that actually meant. I can tell you this, by the time I was at mile 11 I was questioning my decision to run the Portland Marathon in October.  Questioning with many mental swear words, and maybe a Tweet of that nature (check my Twitter feed for all the live posts form Saturday’s race). But the last half mile was the killer. My thighs locked up, my brain locked up, the bottoms of my feet hurt and the six Advil I’d taken over the course of the three hours was wearing off. I was once again being passed by walkers, my run hardly qualified as a jog, but hey… I wasn’t walking. I had somehow managed to get through all 13.1 miles and not walk. That was a goal I’d not even dared to set for myself, yet I was somehow accomplishing it. I did feel a bit like Forest Gump though, I can’t lie.

I think the thing that surprised me the most about the whole experience was how much I enjoyed it. I went into it with some dread, let’s be real. I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, especially doing it alone, being there alone. I came prepared to put my ear-buds in and my head down, which I did for the first few miles.  And then I noticed that all my Portland Fit running group were cheering me and other members on throughout the race, and for some crazy reason that changed my entire perspective. Suddenly I wasn’t out there doing it alone, I was looking through the crowd for my fellow runners, ready to return the favor.

And of course, my favorite part of running…. taking pictures and Tweeting! It was a beautiful run through the country, with rolling hills and farms galore.  A photog’s paradise. I snapped pictures from the time I got in the car until my phone died across the Finish line, getting that selfie in as I did.  It kept me so occupied that I didn’t even notice the hills really, and totally missed the five-mile marker editing a pic! But the result was a full documentation of my first time experience. Of the achievement of a goal that seemed beyond reach for a girl like me.  But this proves that with a dream, the hustle, determination and relentless pursuit…. you really can manifest anything! … aka Hustle.Believe.Receive.


 Part #1 of my Video Diary…


Part #2 Of my Video Diary…


My day in pictures… Get inspired!


Here’s some of my favorite photos from my run… enjoy!




Thanks Better Series for putting on a fun, great race… It was my first but it won’t be my last!


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