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Pre-Order Hustle Believe Receive!

Today is a HUGE milestone in this amazing journey I’ve been on the past few years. My book Hustle Believe Receive.  An 8 Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream is now available on Amazon for pre-order!
Pre-order Hustle Believe Receive NOW!
It’s official book store release will be Jan 1, 2016 but you can reserve your copy now and it will be shipped before it’s available in stores (around Christmas). PS we are still working on the cover, so that’s why no picture is shown on Amazon yet.
But I love this cover mock-up by Wylie West Creative

If you’ve been following my journey and believe in the #HBRMovement than I’d REALLY love and appreciate your help in ordering your copy and sharing the news! You really do make a difference in how this story unfolds; the bigger our pre-sale numbers the bigger the chance that this book could debut on the best seller lists! So your help is soooo appreciated!

I kinda can’t believe it! It was 2012 when I wrote my first book and started this process of getting a book published. Though that book is much different than this one, the core concept and idea is still the same, and #TheHustle is the same. It’s crazy to see my name on Amazon as an author, and not as a self-published (no shade, just not the route I was seeking) is just almost unbelievable.
It’s been a long, exhausting, sometimes unbearably frustrating three years in many respects, but once this book became THE BOOK, the pieces really did just fall into place. I’m so proud of this book and feel with all my heart that it will change the world. It will inspire a generation that hasn’t known they could change their future and become their dream. I know it.  And not because anything I am or could do, but because I listen when this mission called me and I’ve believed in it will every fiber in my being and because of that it is far bigger than me, and far grater. I’m so grateful to be the carrier of this message, one of many.  If you look around your own life at the people you know who are successful I can promise you they have been carrying this message too, just like everyone in my book.
If you want to learn how to apply and master the #HBRMethod 8 steps to changing your life and living your dream than sign up for my #HBRBootcamp!! I’m registering now for May 2nd class, and space is limited! If you message me to sign up I will give you $200 off registration.

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That Moment When…

Tonight I had one of those moments when you stop and pinch yourself.  It happened right in the middle of my two hour conversation/interview with one of the most legendary fashion stylists/designers of the past two decades.

I was busy typing away, as fashion designer and celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster told me stories of famous designers, and celebrities (Julianne Moore, Heidi Klum, Drew Barrymore, Beyonce’) he has worked with over his 20 year distinguished career.   People who sought him out because he was the biggest and best in the game. 

beyonce and kithe brewster
Kite Brewster with Beyonce


I had to pause, if only for a moment.

I was not a fashion magazine editor writing an article for Elle or Vogue.  I was not the press who’d been granted back-stage access to these amazing stories, and his amazing journey from obscurity to fame.  No I was a single mom from Oregon, who six years ago did not have a penny to my name, and thought my life was over.

Yet here he was, not only telling me everything about his journey and career, he was also sharing the raw emotional parts of his life that he does not openly share.  The kind that rip your heart out. Telling ME. Entrusting ME, to share his personal story with the world.

Who am I to do this task justice?  I am a girl who grew up in the rural countryside, and didn’t even get a formal education until I was fourteen years old.  I don’t hold a degree in journalism, or anything for that matter.  I’m the girl that mispronounced his name when we first spoke for godlike!

And still it was, that I listened in awe as he opened his heart and told me his story.  It’s impossible to express what a moment like this feels like, other than humbling.  The kind of moment that makes me want to cry; from joy, from gratitude, from unworthiness, and from humility. It’s the moment when you realize, your not striving for your dream, as much as you are LIVING IT.

It’s how I’ve felt every time I’ve interviewed anyone for this book; this project that is so much grater then me.  I am in awe of the human spirit and the souls that have allowed me to share their story.  Interviewing them for #HustleBelieveReceive has been a constant reminder that I am on the right path, and that following my passion and my dream is well worth all the sacrifice.

If I can do it …. ANYONE CAN.


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Motivation & Inspiration

Today I will…

Today I will #HBRMethod
Today I will… believe.


“Today is the perfect day because it’s mine to do as I please.

Today I will do my favorite things.

Today I wake feeling rested and energized. I am excited about my life.

Today I will flow and breathe and sweat my way to my soul, in yoga. This is my religion – This is me connecting to myself – going home.

Today I will dress in beautiful clothes.

Today I will use my creativity to build something beautiful.

Today I will make a difference in the world, even if I touch only one life.

Today I will laugh out loud and smile.

Today I will talk to my mom.

Today I feel love for my soul-mates and soul-sisters.

Today I will learn something I didn’t know.

Today I will grow.

Today I will feed my body only the purest food.

Today my love for Coco (my dog) will grow even more.

Today I will express thanks for every little blessing.

Today I accept myself.

Today I feel proud of the strong, wise woman I am.

Today I will choose to see myself in others and by doing so, feel a sense of compassion and understanding.

Today I accept that I don’t have all the answers, but it’s ok.

Today I dare to be courageous and pursue every dream.

Today I acknowledge how precious life is. With each breath I am reminded how grateful I am to be here – in this moment in time and in this place.

Today I know everything is happening just as it should.

Tomorrow a big new door will open and when it does I will dance through it.”

-Written by Lisa Marchant

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