Keeping it 100

This photo: The moment you realize it’s the last day of promoting your biggest event of the year!! ? and you can FINALLY breathe! No more ticket sales pressure, expanding and compressing every waking moment of every day. 

Shits been stressful, I can’t lie. This event (annual Ladies Empowerment Dinner) is basically the equivalent of throwing a wedding each year, without a budget, in 3-4 months time. I’m not an event planner. I don’t have a brides budget. It’s a bitch, that’s the reality. Its not glamours. It’s the most stressful part of the entire year for me, which is why, I decided this will be my last one.

Don’t worry, I’ll do other awesome events in the future (and will reveal my next move at this event May 4, 2019), but not this. This is too much. 

But it’s bitter sweet to have it be my last, because I love this night so much. I love having women feel spoiled, put on those heels and dress that have been sitting in the closet, waiting for a night like this. A night to feel beautiful, accepted, embraced and special. I love the atmosphere in the room. The love and connection. I love the intimacy of it. I love learning from women who inspire me. And I can’t wait for all of that next Saturday. I need it. Girl, do I NEED it!


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Teen uses #HustleBelieveReceive to Achieve his Football Dreams

I’ve been teaching my children how to apply my #HBRMethod for years. I think it’s sooo important that we give our kids the skillset and tools to handle; stress, anxiety, goals, dreams, depression, disappointment and all the other emotions they face now and in the future. 
I wish I had these skills when I was a kid, to think of how much further I’d have gone in life if I did! But since I can’t change my own past, at least I can help shape my children’s futures. 
I share this story as an example of how we can teach our kids the skills and tools we’ve learned in #HustleBelieveReceive. I share it because it is such a great example of what types of outcomes we can help our children achieve and how we can fortify them for success in life. 
My son Kanen’s dream (#DreamIT) is to be a D-1 college football player, but his ultimate dream is to one day play in the NFL. He understands that in order for him to make those #BigPictureDreams a reality he’ll need to accomplish other “smaller” goals along the way.

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This is What I Miss… Your Reason to be Grateful

I’m about to give you something to be grateful for, that you have probably taken advantage of your entire life. I know I did.

Your sense of smell and ability to taste.

In February of this year I had one of those really bad colds, the kind that clog your head and sinus to the point that you can’t smell or taste anything. Not that unusual. We’ve probably all experienced it at one point or another. But what if, after you got better, you never regained either your ability to smell (anything), or your ability to taste (anything), what would you do?

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I have not been able to smell ANYTHING, or taste ANYTHING for eight months.

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Thoughts About Love

Lately I’ve been thinking of… love. 

This might not seem strange to you, but I assure you, it is very out of place in my mental repertoire. I have not missed, nor thought of romantic love in a very, very long time. Years actually. 

My focus has been on my love for my children and my love for my passion, there’s not been room for any other kind. I’m not sure that there is now either, but I am beginning to sense that one day there will be.

I imagine that when the day comes I’ll be traveling in some exotic land; probably Italy, but maybe France or Spain and I’ll look up and there he’ll be. The Universe will orchestrate our introduction, I have no doubt.

To me, this seems so worth waiting for. Worth remaining open to, because somehow I KNOW that when it does happen (and it will), that it will be unmistakably, magic. 

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How I Manifested Paris!

how I manifested paris


It was 2009 the first time I put a photo of the Eiffel Tower on my very first vision board. Since then, every subsequent board has boasted a beautiful photo of the symbol of Paris, the city of lights. 


But Paris was a dream long before 2009. It’s a place I have longed to visit since my early twenties, back when my travel wanderlust first began. Back then I didn’t really believe that I’d ever get to go. After all, people don’t; go to Paris, where I’m from. It seemed a romantic fantasy at best. 

In 2009, it seemed an absolute IMPOSSIBLE dream. At the time I was just trying to survive, hoping each month to pay the bills, keep the lights on, rent paid and food in my three kids mouths, Paris?! Now that was just pure insanity!

What NERVE I had to dream so audaciously HUGE! Who was I, after all? I was nothing more than a broke single mom, trying to get off welfare and back on my feet, trying desperately to overcome odds that were overwhelmingly stacked against me. 

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How I Created Lasting Happiness by Cutting the Drama

sarah centrella italy

I LOVE my life. 

No, I’m not in love! No, a man did not give me this feeling.

It’s taken me soooo many years to get here. Sooo many disappointments and heart-brakes. If you don’t believe me, read this blog from the years 2009-2014!

For years, I looked to a man to make me feel beautiful; wanted, important, safe, “normal,” and needed. I searched for that high you get when you’re falling for someone. I craved its temporary lightness, and fleeting happiness.

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Self-Help Needs Less Talk and More Action

My brand of “self-help” is much more; do what I DO, not just what I SAY. I believe in less talk, and a LOT more action. If you’ve followed me for years, then you already know that I am all about ACTION.
If you’re new to following me, you might be expecting the same types of content everyone else is putting out there; videos, IG videos, FB and IG live streaming, LOTS and LOTS of talking. Lots of telling you what to do. 
But that’s just not my style. 
From the beginning of my journey, back when I started this blog, I’ve always shared what I personally am doing to get results in my life. I’ve shared when its worked, and when it hasn’t. And I’ve ALWAYS taught through my own story as an example. I’ve shown you HOW I’ve applied a particular topic, tool or method, and then shared how you can apply it in your life to also get results.

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Loosing Weight Doesn’t Need to Be a Struggle

Loosing weight doesn’t need to be a struggle, if you keep it simple you can get steady results.

How I’ve lost five lbs and a pant size in under 4 weeks, with way less effort then ever before.

If you read my #MeToo story on Huffington Post you know why I chose to stop dating three years ago and add a few layers between myself and men. And it worked.

I became invisible, to them and myself.

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