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CBS The Talk… A Dream Come True!

Last week I lived one of the most full circle, #ManifestThat! #HBR moments of my life.  One year ago I was selected by producer Marc Anthony Nicolas  (@Marc_Nicolas) to have one of my fifteen-second videos air on CBS The Talk.

At the time I was excited obviously, but didn’t think too much of it.  Fast forward to two months ago when I “randomly” (#HBRMethod teaches us that nothing is ever random) get a call from Marc Anthony asking if I again wanted to submit a video.  I told him that I’d actually be flying during the time he needed me and wouldn’t be able to do it this time.  We chatted for a few minutes and then I got the balls to quickly tell him about my book, and to my surprise he not only let me give my quick “pitch,” he actually wanted to know the website!  And right there ,on the phone pulled it up!

I think right away he could see that Hustle Believe Receive was special, and so I asked the big question; Would he be willing to share his story as well? 

I’m so blessed to say that not only was he excited to do so, but when I did his interview his story BLEW ME AWAY!  I am in awe of what he’s accomplished and his #RelentlessPursuit it truly is inspiring.

So last week when I was in LA I had a few hours between meetings, I asked Marc Anthony if he’d like to grab lunch since I was in the area and we’d never met in person.  When I got to Studio City (I was about two hours early for our lunch), I told him I’d be working at Starbucks nearby and to just let me know when he was ready.  To my total surprise Marc Anthony instead invited me to come watch the live taping of The Talk, which was just about to air live!

Security Station at the CBS gate

When I arrived at the CBS lot, the security guards had my VIP pass waiting.  I will never forget driving into the CBS backlot (where all the networks shows are filmed), parking and walking to Stage 16, where The Talk was already broadcasting live.  Marc Anthony met me at the door, and ushered me back stage where producers and the camera crew filmed the show in front of a live studio audience.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s hard to do justice with words what it felt like to be standing there; shoulder to shoulder with a four time Emmy nominated producer, watching Sara Gilbert and Aisha Tyler chit-chat with guest Kellan Luntz.  It was one of those amazing pinch-me moments that you can’t quiet fully process.

Killeen Luntz showing off his wig on The Talk while I watched behind the camera -Photo Cred: The Talk

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that submitting that fifteen-second video a year ago, would lead to Marc Anthony being featured in my book, and giving me a personal tour of the show.  It’s the ultimate proof to me that #HustleBelieveReceive is real and constantly working in our lives.

Even though I never imagined this chain of events, I have for years imagined having my own talk show, and being a guest on talk shows.  When I was a guest on the Steve Harvey Show it was a huge manifestation of that dream, but this was even more so.  This felt so right, it lit a fire under my dream in a way that imagining it alone never could.  #ManifestThat! brings pieces of our dream to us so that we can get excited about them, feel them, and live them.   That’s exactly what I did, I felt the joy of the moment and was beyond grateful for it.

I don’t care what your dream is, or how “unrealistic” it seems, if you believe in it and are willing to hustle toward it, then it will show up.  Probably when you least expect it, and in the most miraculous way.  When an idea comes to you, act on it.  When an opportunity presents itself, jump at it.  And ALWAYS do it from a place of childlike excitement and gratitude.

I wanna thank Marc Anthony for giving me an experience of a lifetime, and facilitating a moment I will never forget, truly a dream come true.  And I wanna thank the team and crew of The Talk for being so gracious, kind and welcoming while I was visiting. I’ll cherish that day forever.


My book #HustleBelieveReceive featuring Marc Anthony’s story is available now for pre-order, release date Jan 5, 2016.



So after I posted this yesterday I got a very happy surprise! Marc Anthony is a guest co-host of the Lillian McDermott Radio Show, and I got the sweetest email from Lillian. She said that her and Marc Anthony talked about me on Fridays show and asked if I’d like to be a guest on an upcoming show!!

I’m telling you…. you never know what doors will open when you push through your fear, follow your instincts and believe in your passion.

Health & Fitness

Choose Beautiful.

I don’t remember ever hearing the words “you’re beautiful” when I was growing up. I remember criticism about my weight, or my chubby cheeks, or my mother telling me to never cut my hair because it was my “saving grace.” But I don’t remember anyone ever saying “Sarah you’re beautiful.” As a result I struggled, as most young girls do, with a very negative self-image growing up.

I searched for that validation from any source, including doing pageants as a teenager in hopes that it would make me feel beautiful. But instead when I didn’t win, I felt less validated and cut myself down even more. I learned early on that if I made fun of myself, or was self-deprecating that I’d be the one to control how people saw me. I thought that if I brought it up first, and often, then they would realize that I already knew I was “fat and ugly” and therefore I’d save them the trouble of pointing it out. But I didn’t realize that all this did was make the people around me uncomfortable, and pressured them to compliment me.

When I met my ex-husband at sixteen, I constantly looked to him to tell me I was beautiful, which was something that he was not naturally good at. It made him uncomfortable to verbalize it, so when he did I argued and cut myself down even more, in a passive aggressive attempt to get him to tell me more. But all that accomplished was him telling me less and less.

When I got divorced, I made a conscious decision. I’d learned that my beliefs and thoughts created my reality and I decided I no longer wanted to feel this way about myself. I was thirty-four years old and I wanted to find true happiness, and that meant loving and accepting myself as I was. I started by looking in the mirror every morning and telling myself, out loud, that I was beautiful. It was the biggest lie I’d ever told myself, and it felt uncomfortable and awkward, but I was relentless. I looked myself in the eye and said it over and over, day after day. I made a commitment to say it to myself every time I looked in a mirror.

Then slowly an amazing thing began to happen. I started to believe it.

That lead to me taking better care of myself, caring how I presented myself to the world, which lead to me believing it a little more. As time passed I became a new woman. One who truly believed that I was beautiful.

I am not a thin girl. I’ve always been curvy and have ranged from a fit size 10 (in my skinny twenties), to a fit and curvy size 14. I’ll never be a skinny girl, and I’m fine with that. I have come to love and appreciate the woman I’ve become, on good days and bad, whether I feel “fat” or great that day, I’ve learned to see myself as beautiful no matter what.

I have two seven-year-old twin daughters, and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t tell them multiple times, how beautiful they are. Yes I tell them they are smart, and talented, and all of that knowing beauty is perceived to only be outward. But I believe that if you don’t truly feel beautiful, and if it doesn’t come from within, than your hiding your true potential and doing yourself and the world a disservice. When you feel beautiful, you also feel like you can take on the world. You believe that anything is possible. You feel respected and seen. Call it shallow but all of that builds your self-confidence, which empowers you to be your best self and to live the fullest life possible. And that is what I want for my daughters. I want them to believe that they are beautiful, and not be ashamed of that. I don’t want them to search for validation in men, or anything else to “feel” beautiful. I want them to love and respect themselves, which starts with knowing that no matter what they look like, they ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Last year I was the target of a body-bullying video created by Yahoo for their top daily news stories. They chose to freeze-frame images of me as a guest on the Steve Harvey Show that made me look morbidly obese, and deformed, even though they knew full-well what I actually looked like. That video got a half-million views in 24 hours, and thousands of comments that would have made the old me self-destruct. Those comments included death-threats, all based on just my looks. I called Yahoo out on this and they eventually pulled the piece off the Internet, which I am grateful for. However that does not excuse the acceptance in social media, and media in general to bully because of a persons looks or weight. That experience made me so grateful for all the work I’d done the previous years to change my internal view of myself, which enabled me to see if for the shallow, low-blow attack that it was.

This brings me to a new trend I’m seeing recently in the media, which I want to put my complete support behind. It’s the movement to change societies definition of “beauty.” Dove has released a campaign called #ChooseBeautiful, which is incredibly powerful.

I cried watching this video, and can’t wait to show it to my daughters. This video broke my heart because I know that until a few years ago I would have walked through the “average” door. And it made me emotional knowing that now I’d chose the “beautiful” door, but not without shame and embarrassment.

And that is a problem.

There is a fucked-up idea out there that if you “think your beautiful,” or god-forbid, say that you are, that you are a stuck-up bitch. There’s this underlying societal notion that you shouldn’t say that, and you shouldn’t act that way, because if you do then you’re a conceded narcissist. That you can’t believe you’re beautiful and be humble at the same time. I bet there were women who wanted to walk through the “beautiful” door, but chose not to for that very reason. They were afraid that others would look at them like; who do you think you are? Your not all that!

And that bullshit needs to change.

It’s okay to feel beautiful. It’s okay to tell yourself that you are. It’s okay to say it out-loud, and to carry yourself as a beautiful woman would. It’s okay to be beautiful, and know it, REGARDLESS of what others think of your physical appearance. Who cares what they think? You have the power to be self-defined. Don’t be ashamed. It doesn’t make you a bitch, or arrogant to believe that you are beautiful. It doesn’t make you “full of yourself” or “better than anyone else.” It just makes you a woman who loves and appreciates what God has given her, and wears it with pride.

I want to thank Lane Bryant for their recent campaign #ImNoAngel which is a swipe at Victoria Secrets “perfect” angel. Thank you for making curvy girls sexy. Thank you for showing the world that you don’t need to weigh 90 pounds and have fake tits to be “beautiful.”


Im no angle

And thank you to Kelly Clarkson for not giving a fuck what all the haters have to say about her appearance. She’s been taking a beating lately by media and Internet trolls calling her “fat.” Good for you for not taking their shit and for embracing the beautiful talented woman you are. And for showing the world that it can really suck after you have a baby, most of us don’t automatically “bounce back” nine months after giving birth. I know I never have. So thank you!!!

Kelly Clarkson

And thanks to the newswoman in Canada who has taken cyber bullying for her pregnancy body, and who finally spoke out about it. Good for you!

This trend makes me so happy because I pray that it changes these insane views on beauty, so that my daughters will feel more acceptance than my generation has. I think it’s important to speak-up and let your voice be heard, because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.


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Get Grateful


Gratitude is everything.  Seriously.  It’s the foundation to our happiness and that catalyst for our success.  If you haven’t learned to be honest-to-god grateful for your life exactly the way it is at this moment, than no matter what blessings come your way, they will never be fully appreciate or bring you happiness.  It was learning for the very first time in my life how to be honestly grateful after my husband left, that began to bring about dramatic changes in my life.  I guess when you have nothing it’s easier to be thankful for the really small and simple things.  I’ve always recognized that being grateful for where I am in my journey/life/finances/relationships etc. is what has brought about happiness, blessings and manifestations of my dream.  On the flip side I’ve also been aware enough to know that when I let my gratitude slide, my world starts to unravel quick.    #GetGrateful is the first step to my #HBRMethod because without understanding and embracing it deep down inside of you, nothing else matters.  You can read all the self-help books in the world, you can try a million ways to find happiness or success, but until you accept responsibility for your life as it is and find peace and a thankful heart in at your current state, nothing will ever work.

I have so much to be thankful for this year.  It’s been an amazing journey.  Some of the highest highs, and some pretty nerve wracking lows, but overall it’s been a year that has brought me closer to my destiny and my #BigPictureDream.  This year I saw my dream unfold in brand new and exciting ways.  Ways I’ve worked long and hard for, and finally was able to realize in 2014.  Like being on the Steve Harvey Show.  Yeah yeah, I know I might have been a little silly on the show, but for me it was an opportunity to live my dream.  It was the perfect example of how our #BigPictureDream might be “X” and take years to fully achieve, but along the way we got an opportunity to do our practice runs on many many “A-W’s”.   Successful people don’t just magically appear on Oprah or CNN, they have hustled behind the scenes for years on much smaller stages.  It’s all part of #TheHustle.

Sarah Centrella on Steve Harvey
In the green room about to go on the Steve Harvey Show

I’ve been able to work and provide for my family in a dream career job which enables me to travel (since I work from home and have my kids all but 4 nights a month, it’s kinda nice to get out once or twice a month).  I even have a beautiful office in LA when I’m there and one in New York when I’m there… what more could a girl ask for?

I’ve meet some of the most unbelievable people on the journey to write my book #HustleBelieveReceive who have motivated me as I’ve been following my dream and in the process become part of my crew.  Meeting Kimberley Hatchett is one of the things I’m most grateful for in 2014.  Her generous kind spirit has blown me away, I’m blessed to feature her in my book along with her close friend Victor Matthews and Janna Andrews.

On my 39th birthday with Kimberley Hatchett and Victor Matthews in New York 2014


And of course I  was able to manifest my biggest dream of them all… landing a traditional book deal.

Sarah Centrella book deal
My book #HustleBelieveReceive will be in stores Fall 2015!!!!!


But though the year has held so many amazing mile stones and brought so much joy, there are still those hard days.  The ones when it’s hard to remember to be grateful, or it’s just easier to bitch about what’s not going right than it is to be thankful for what is.  I’m as guilty as the next person believe me! Through those hard times I’ve leaned on my sisters, my support team, my two best friends Lisa and Courtney.   I have no idea where I’d be without their unwavering support, love, faith and ability to listen to every little up and down in my road.  They are saints for real.  I am so utterly grateful to have people around me who I know love me no matter what, and who remind me of my own words to stay positive when I sometimes forget or wanna feel sorry for myself.  I can’t overstate how important it is to surround yourself with people who lift you higher instead of being deadweight.  If you look around and don’t see many of these people and a lot of deadweight, I’m giving you permission to cut the cord with anyone who’s not supportive of your journey and who you are working to become.  And trust me when you do the right people will be drawn to you and naturally fill that void, only so much better.  You’ve gotta #ChangeYourCrew if you wanna achieve your dream.

In New York with my girl Lisa… sisters since we were two years old.  2014
My ride-or-die sister from another.. Courtney, DC 2014

I am grateful for my three beautiful babies who are the very best part of me and my greatest achievement.  They are my closest companions and my source of daily humor, reality and my biggest challenge, but greatest joy.  On a day like today, I’m so thankful that we can cook together, that we’ve been able to establish strong traditions that the four of us look forward to and cherish.

Izzy making her favorite cranberry sauce

I am very thankful for my health.  At 39 I know shit starts going downhill pretty fast, so to have been able to run a full marathon and half marathon this year, I consider that a huge reason to be grateful.

sarah centrella Portland Marathon
Not my best picture but I had just ran 26.2 miles so I guess I’ll let it slide hahah

And I am soooooooo grateful to each and every one of you, who take the time to read my blog and support my story and my dream.  You will never know how much it has lifted me when I was low and wanting to give up.  Your messages, emails, comments, tweets, and posts give me reason to keep going and fills me with humble gratitude.  If you’ve received anything from my journey, believe me when I say I receive just as much when I hear from you.

So on this night before Thanksgiving… what are you grateful for?

be thankful



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Dating Divorce Relationships

Ready for Love.

Ready for love.

So in January of this year I made a new vision board. One focused on finding love. I’ve always had love represented on my board, but after reading The Soulmate Secret I was ready to break old habits and learn a how to attract the right man.

I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason, and that truth has lead my life in a positive and beautiful direction the past five years. It’s also helped me to weather any storm and given me confidence that my dreams are manifesting even if at the moment that is sometimes difficult to see. So when the show came to me about doing a piece on dating I knew it was not only a manifestation of my dream to share my story with the world, but also part of the “find me a man” vibe I’d released into the universe a few months ago.

I’m the first to admit that dating has been difficult for me. In fact it’s totally sucked! I’d never dated before age 35 and it was all a bit of a train wreck to say the least! I went out with guys I shouldn’t have, because I knew I wouldn’t be interested, but I honestly didn’t know how to handle it or what to do. It was two years of trial and error, learning what type of guy I was interested in and learning how to set limits and boundaries and respect myself. It was probably a lot like being in college for most people, going through all of that for the very first time. All those heartbreaks, stupid mistakes, bad decisions, you name it. My kids are with me full time, so on the two weekends a month they were gone, I couldn’t handle being home without them so I’d meet someone for a drink or dinner, or coffee or whatever even if I wasn’t interested, sometimes just because that was the first person I’d have talked to all day. I’ve been blogging through all this time, so feel free to read those old blogs and see some of that cringe worthy pain first hand, back in the 2009/10 years! It wasn’t pretty. And I knew I needed and was open to whatever advise or help in that area I could get, so that’s what my reasoning was for doing the show. It was a manifestation on both fronts.

So now I’m in a good, healthy place and I’m open to receive love. I believe it will find me, when I’m ready, and I’m daily doing the work needed to get there so I think I’m close! I know that the first step is to be open, and I finally think I really am. I’ve done the work, taken the advise and am ready to put it into action!

I actually just finished doing an interview with Live with Laura and towards the end of it she gave an unexpected plug for my dream guy! So hey, I know he’s out there and who knows maybe he’s listening or reading this. If you know him, send him my way!

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Steve Harvey’s Dating Advice

Steve Harvey’s datng advice.

So today was a pretty epic day… to say the least! I had my national television talk show debut on the Steve Harvey Show. I woke up this morning with that all too familiar knot in the pit of my stomach, the one that says “you are about to stand naked in front of the whole world, now’s a good time to freak out!” And I mean metaphorically naked of course, like the dream we had as kids giving a speech in front of our class naked, only this was in front of millions of people and I was totally (as is my norm) emotionally raw and exposed.

Sarah Centrella on Steve Harvey SHowBut it wasn’t long before the messages started pouring in on my Facebook pages, twitter and all the other media, and texts from people around the world, most I don’t know, supporting me and my dream. See I’ve had a dream for a few years now to share my story with the world on a talk show or reality show.  Although this episode was on a topic that is very relevant to me (dating), and not my story, it was still a huge manifestation of that dream, and I had a blast being part of it all. It was my first experience with all that, a live audience, camera’s out in a public place, hair and make-up and it was exactly what I’d always envisioned it to be.  It’s absolutely what I see in my long-term future and will continue to work towards.  Plus it got me a meeting with OWN/Harpo producers so I have nothing but gratitude for the entire experience, it was a dream come true.
Sarah Centrella Steve Harvey dating
Randy Ford was an amazing date and I had a blast

Not to mention I got some great dating advise, and if you’re a regular reader of my blog you know I need it! As I’ve said many times before Dating Sucks! I’ve struggled with my dating life since my divorce and will be the first one to say I totally suck at it. I was in a marriage/committed relationship from age 16-34 so dating is not really my thing, I’ll happily take any advise I can get!

I’m gonna keep hustling for my big dream and ignore all the haters, this was a huge step in the right direction and who knows hopefully I’ll even find love in the process.

If you have a dream go after it, even when it terrifies you, the biggest rewards come when you push past your fear and step out on faith. Thanks to everyone who’s loved and supported my journey, good bad and ugly.

Sarah Centrella on Steve Harvey
Sarah Centrella Steve Harvey
Click here to see more Feedback about my appearance on the show.


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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