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How I Manifested My Dream Vacation to Italy!

This is the formula with which I manifested my dream vacation to Italy, the same one I’ve used for years to manifest an entirely new life for myself and my family. #HBRMethod 

How I Manifested My Dream Vacation to Italy!
Live your dream, Izzy in Rome Italy

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you know that I’ve had a burning desire to go to Italy since I was a teenager (#DreamIT).  I’ve talked about going for twenty years (#SayIT), I’ve had it on my #FutureBoard (vision board) for the past ten years (#SeeIT), I’d tried unsuccessfully several times in my life to plan a trip (#WriteIT), even going so far as to map out my exact route and pick a date (#ThinkIT), but I’d always lacked the balls to buy my ticket. (lacking #DoIT and #BelieveIT)

Well, this June I had a thought…. Even if I could go to Italy alone (as I’d always imagined I would) it would not be as meaningful if I couldn’t share it with my kids. I envisioned coming home all excited to tell them every detail, but them not wanting to hear about all the fun I’d had without them. Then I imagined that one day I would take them, and we’d travel the same route I’d done alone, and I’d point out all the things I loved; but by then they would be teenagers rolling their eyes with sighs under their breath of, “Oh mom!”

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Beach Life… Enjoy the Moment.

I’m exhausted, crawling into bed before my big Marathon Life 15 mile training run tomorrow morning.  And although I’m tired from spending the past two days at the beach with the kids on our little mini vacation, I am also so grateful.  It brought back all the memories of when I used to pack the kids up those first two years after my husband left, back when the kids and I were still trying to adjust to our new like with just me at the helm.  I’d pack bottles, lunches, clothes, toys and in like thirty minutes I’d just throw it in the car before the girls nap time.  I’d hop in the car and drive the two hours to the Oregon Coast while they everyone passed out and I got some much needed quiet time (read my post from then about our fist solo beach trip Saturday).  It was so much work back then, oh man! I’d only have enough money for gas to get out there and back, so we never had the luxury of getting a hotel to relax and spend the night.  Or the luxury of eating out when we were there, it was good enough for us that we got to go.

Our first night at the beach

This was our first little trip in a while, about a year I guess and it was one of those moments where I really took in how fast the kids are growing up.  Kanen was big enough to help pack and unpack the car, take his sisters downstairs in the morning for the continental breakfast, and even walk back the block to our hotel from the beach.  And the girls could last all day without getting cranky like they used to when they were smaller.  They all pitched in, pulled their weight and for the first time I got to kinda kick back… but yes I’m still exhausted! But it felt good, to be able to take them to the beach and get a hotel and be able to do the fun tourist things we never could do before, and eat out and all of that. It was a great reminder of how far we’ve come, and a reminder to never lose sight of were we started. That’s always been my Hustle; my kids, and to be able to provide this kinda life for them. But sometimes when you’re in the middle of living life, and hustelin’ you forget to stop and appreciate how far you’ve come.



I never want to lose sight of where we started and what brought about my Hustle, but I also want to learn to find a new Hustle and be ok with letting that survival one go. It sounds crazy but that’s been a struggle for me. I’ve always known struggle my entire life. It’s what I’m comfortable with, it’s made me scrappy and a survivor, but now I want to keep thriving and let that survival instant begin to fade because I think as long as I cling to it I’ll always create an environment where I will need to survive, and I don’t want that. This is the reason I refer to our Life Plan as a life long journey. It’s not a destination, it’s about always being present enough in our lives that we recognize when it’s time to move to the next level, and expand our Plan.

Sometimes it’s good to take a moment like I did these past few days and let it all sink in. I was reading some of my older posts from when the kids were small like my first Life’s a Beach post and man all I can say is… time flies.  And no mater where you are in your journey or even your struggle, take the time to enjoy your life.  Take time to spend with your kids and create memories with them, even if it is exhausting.  It’s so worth it.  And that attitude brings more things to be grateful for and more moments to enjoy. It goes by so fast, let me tell you, and I’ll never regret the time I took to spend with my kids even if it’s a struggle to make it happen.  Cheers to all you moms and dads out there makin’ the effort to spend time with your kids and cherish the moments.


Read Life’s a Beach! from a few years ago.

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One and Done.

It being a new year and all, I’ve decided to make a promise to myself.  A commitment of sorts. See I’m the type of person who doesn’t let a lot of people get close to me.  But when I finally let someone new in (let’s be honest I’m really referring to someone I’m dating) I tend to hold on wayyyy to long. Maybe it’s because it’s taken me a while to let them in and I don’t want to start over with someone knew.  Maybe because when they first show me their duchebag side, I give them one pass after the next, hoping that one day they will wake-up and realize I’ve been good and loyal to them all along (who would do that? Um hello crazy girl!).  Yes I’ve been guilty of this, and though it’s not pretty to admit, it has been my pattern.

Sarah Centrella Dating Sucks
Wise up girl.

I’ve realized that I’ve been drawn to men who don’t know how to acknowledge when they are wrong or have disrespected me, and who seem to be incapable of a true sincere apology. I’ve now realized that those type of men are not the ideal match for me. I’ve decided that I deserve better than that (shocking I know). I am one to apologize quickly when I’ve been called out for being in the wrong, but that trait has crossed some blurred lines I’ve noticed lately.  It’s overcompensated for the other person. This week two very clear examples occurred with two different individuals that shone the light bright on this issue for me. In both cases the other person did something for which I was extremely hurt and offended. One of those “clear as day” that it should have been on them to apologize and try to get me to move past it. However that didn’t happen (it never does) and sure enough a day or two goes by and who is doing the apologizing? Me. For something I didn’t do. For being offended in the first place, or god only knows what else, whatever necessary I suspect to get us “past it.” And then I wait for them to pout for a few more days, until it’s good again for a little while and then the dysfunctional cycle resumes.

So yeah… I’ve decided that it’s kinda bullshit.  That maybe it doesn’t make me the “better person” to always be piping up and taking the blame for everything and that maybe I should hold them accountable for their actions and be willing to watch them walk out of my life if they are not willing to man up and do the right thing.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the FIRST time.” –Maya Angelou

That statement is my promise to myself in 2014.  This is going to be the year that when I recognize that behavior on someone new, for the FIRST time, I am going to wash my hands of them and run the other direction.  I am going to proactively spare myself heartache and needless self-destruction.  I am going to selfishly put my happiness first. I am going to expect more and refuse to settle. I am going to be perfectly happy alone, blissfully so in comparison to the negative energy these relationships have brought me year after year. I am going to stand up for myself and repeat the motto “one and done.” No more second, third, or three hundred chances.  If you show me who you are, I am going to believe you, and take a pass if it’s not a match for me.

Here’s to finding happiness within and loving myself enough.

Good girl… now keep your promise.


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Sarah Centrella Seattle Red Cross Speech Video

Seattle Red Cross Speech.

So happy to share with you guys my actual speech given to the Red Cross King County Breakfast in Seattle in April.

This was a huge personal manifestation for me.

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Sarah Centrella in The New York Times.

Sarah Centrella in the New York Times
We are in the New York Times! Crazy!

I woke up this morning to an email saying that our story was featured in today’s New York Times!! I can’t even tell you know much of a life long dream or even bigger than a dream it was to see our story in the top paper in the country.  Of course I had to run to Starbucks and buy the stack to frame up for the kids, it was a pretty fun moment for all of us, it’s still hard to believe that we were one of three stories chosen out of thousands submitted to take part in this national focus for the American Red Cross. It’s such an honor.

Without question today was a pinch me moment.  One of those when you stop and say, wow I can’t believe it! It’s really happening. This little experiment that I put out into the world a little over two years ago, to prove that anyone can change their life, it’s really working. It’s happening. Anyone truly can make  somethin’ outa nothin’ the same way I’ve been working my butt off to do.

This blog has been my journey, my road map to my goals, dreams, and my strategy that anyone can adopt.  I’m living proof that the Law of Attraction works. This is such an amazingly huge manifestation, and one that at first came in the form of tragedy, or disaster. But even that was all part of the greater plan, though I couldn’t see it at the time; I kept the faith.  And now eighteen months later, here we are.  Amazing.

In all things find gratitude.

And when life gives you lemons, make Lemon Drops!

Sarah Centrella's twins in the NYT
Photo of Mira and Izzy in the NY Times
Lemon Drop image
Here’s to turning life’s lemons into Lemon Drops!


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Sarah Centrella in Red Cross PSA

American Red Cross
Support the Red Cross

So excited to share with you guys the actual commercials and PSA that will be airing starting next week on the national networks to raise awareness for the American Red Cross.  As you know our story was picked from thousands to be one of hundreds sent the cameras to film our own documentary style story.  From those we are one of a handful selected to air in thirty second commercials.  I’m so honored to be able to support them after all they did for us.

So here they are… Please show your support for the work they do by LIKING them on YouTube, and sharing them in your networks… We really appreciate the love and support.


This is the 30 second commercial about our story:
This is the Official Trailer for the project also featuring the girls

Click here to donate directly to the Red Cross, every little bit helps!


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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sadness and rain
It NEVER stops raining…

I’m feeling uninspired lately.  I know me uninspired? It happens.

I think it’s primarily living in Seattle that is really getting to me in a way I can no longer shake.  I can finally admit it, I’m not happy here at all. It’s like living at the bottom of hell. I’m sorry to all of you Washington and Seattle people, not trying to bag on your home, but it’s just NOT for me. I can’t take it. The black days, the endless rain, the miserable traffic, the unfriendliness of the people.  I’ve lived here a year and haven’t met a single person. And that’s not like me.

I’m all for doing whatever it is I need to do to succeed and provide for my family, and the reason I came here was, and still is a great one. For a great job, but it’s been such a personally draining, depressing, and generally difficult year trying to adjust up here.  And I’ve officially decided I can’t take it anymore! My heart wants to move to Washington DC so bad, I’d do it in a minute if I could make it happen, and hopefully someday I can. But if nothing else I need to move back home to Portland where at least the sun occasionally shines, the sky isn’t a black blanket on top of you, and my friends can be part of our lives again. I need it. I’m slowly losing my motivation and there are days when it feels like all my goals and dreams will never come true. Or that I’ve missed the boat on them.

rain I get discouraged.  I work so hard and make so much progress and then… nothing. Or… closed door after closed door.  I’ve spent the last year writing my memoir, only to be told by 22 publishers and countless agents that I’m not a writer. That the story would be good if someone who knew how to write took on that task. Some days it just feels like you take one road and it dead ends, then the next hits a brick wall, until your surrounded by walls… that’s were I feel I am now.

Frustrated. Discouraged. Lonely and annoyed.  All things that should NEVER describe me. I need to make a change.

I’m not going to quit, obviously. I don’t quit. I’ll keep on keeping on.  I’ll keep on believing and keep on hustling to make my life exactly what I want it to be, not just financially but where I live, and who I love.

I want it all. Yesterday.

But today I want to sit home in the black rain and cook comfort food with my babies, and stay in my PJ’s, and dream of a day where I will wake up to sun, and blue sky, and my book will be published and I’ll be out of this funk. Here’s to that.


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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Hurricane Sandy.. Go Support the Red Cross

American Red Cross
Support your local Red Cross

I don’t normally post this type of thing, but I’m sitting here watching the coverage of Hurricane Sandy in the north east of the US, and praying for my friends and family. I have so many close friends all the way up and down the east coast, in Virginia, Washington DC, NYC, NJ, Philly, and North Carolina.  I’m grateful that everyone I know has been in contact with me tonight, and is safe, thank God.

I just wanted to remind you all to take action and go donate blood, and/or financial help to the American Red Cross.  I know they came to my rescue when our house flooded, and I would never of been able to make it through that experience without their help. I’ll be donating blood tomorrow, and I encourage you to do the same…. go help out anyway you can.

Donate directly to the Red Cross on their website click here

Pass it on. Sending love and blessings to all of you guys affected by this storm.



Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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