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Hustle Believe Receive Mini Documentry


I wanted to share a very special project with you that I’ve been working on since 2012. It’s the combination of videos I’ve posted on YouTube as I’ve chased my dream to become a published author and share my story with the world. This documentary is rough (I’m no filmmaker! so bear with it) but it’s also RAW (never before seen videos) and very emotional. I share it because I want people to understand that the road to success is sometimes dark as fuck. It’s not always pretty, or fun, or even rewarding. It’s HARD. But the moments when you break through, those are worth it. And the feedback this movie has already gotten online since I posted it this morning has had me in tears all day! Give this to someone you know might need a little encouragement, share it with your network, and most of all, please LET IT INSPIRE YOU to never give up on the dreams you hold dear. Fight for your dream, it will come true!



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In 22 Days My Life will Never Be the Same.


In 22 day’s my life will never be the same.

I’m laying in bed and it’s 1:30 AM, and this is the thought that flashes like a neon reader-board across my mind. Have you ever known that a specific day would change your life forever? I mean, besides your wedding day, or the scheduled birth of a child.  I knew those days would change me, and they absolutely did. But this is different.

This comes with equal parts excitement, pride, stress, anxiety and fear. Yes fear. For the last year I’ve spent every single day focused on one goal. Every, single, day, I’ve done something to get me closer to this goal.  Wether it was hours spent writing a nearly 400 page book, or just doing social media (which is basically a full-time job in its own right), I’ve worked toward this day… the one that comes on January 5th 2016, the day my book Hustle Believe Receive is released in stores nationwide. It’s the day my personal story; bare and naked, exposed and raw, is revealed to the world. There is no going back on January 6th if I suddenly decided to change my mind.  The Library of Congress will forever keep a copy of my book for christsake!

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Dear Donald Trump This is Our America #RiseUp

*In disgusted reaction to yesterday’s comments about banning Muslim’s from entering the US.



Dear Donald Trump,

You can try to divide us. To stir up hate, ignorance and intolerance. You can try to single out our friends, neighbors, and classmates, telling us to live in fear.

But that is NOT our America.

The America I’m raising my daughters Mira, Izzy and my son Kanen, to become proud citizens of, DOES accept each other. My children DO NOT see race, religion, or sexual orientation, they see PEOPLE.  They see their friends.  Not because they are special, but because these are the values they have learned from birth, values that are part of their DNA.

Their world does not see your darkness.

You may say that’s idealistic, and maybe it is, but as parents we have a choice. We can either feed into racism, bigotry, hatred, profiling, fear and the like, or we can create an entirely new generation of future leaders, who will lead with the values that America was built upon.

I for one will #RiseUp


Sarah Centrella

Proud American Mom.
#RiseUp Our America

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