A Readers Personal Success Story

This is a success story from one of my readers…I love these stories, keep them coming 🙂
LA, California ~Female
“I married a man much older than me, 25 years older than me, and despite all odds we had 10 wonderful years together. 
Then, he decided he was done having kids. I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom, that was no secret from the beginning and we talked about the possibility multiple times. But when I told him I really wanted kids he backed off. I also lost my job at the same time. So, about a year ago I was 30, unemployed, my marriage fell apart and I had no one, all my family is in Brazil. I was able to get a job selling tickets at a theme park, and rented a cheap apartment on a bad area. I thought many times about just going back to Brazil, after being here for 12 years, but that is the only thing that kept me going, I needed to prove to myself that he wasn’t the only reason why I moved across the world away from everyone who loved me.
For the first 3 months I didn’t think I was gonna make it. I cried all the time, I was in physical and emotional pain (I also managed to break my knee the week after I left his house) and so many nights I just wanted to give up.
Around that time I found the secret. I started reading it, and watched the movie and made a list of the things I wanted to accomplish. I took one day at a time, and slowly things starting falling into place. At the end of the year, I looked at my list again and I had accomplished 4 of my 5 things:
1-       Found a great job making $50,000 a year – I received a call from an application I had put in 6 months before and didn’t even remember. It was for a temporary position but it was with a Federal Agency, making about double what I made at the park. Even tough it was a temporary position, I accepted, I knew it would take me places. From there, a co-worker recommended to another company that contracts with the federal government. I went for an interview. On Dec 13 they told me I had the job. I love this job and I actually make more than I had wished for
2-       Moved to an area I loved to a great apartment I was able to move in with a friend to a great apartment. I love the area and I love the place.
3-       Be in a relationship with someone I was compatible with – My best friend of 12 years divorced his wife around the same time I left my husband. Last year we started dating and we couldn’t be happier
4-       Make new friends and try new things – Through my jobs last year I accumulated a great amount of great friends and still met more people at the gym and on trips. My federal job took me to El Centro where I try driving a bug in the sand, and New Mexico, where I went hiking in the Carlsbad caves and White Sand Monument and went on a ghost tour in Santa Fe. I got rock climbing classes for me and the boyfriend as Christmas presents and I also tried snowboarding.
Besides that I was able to go to Brazil and spend Christmas with my family, which I hadn’t done in 10 years. I also found a great acupuncture and chiropractor that have been working on my knee and back, I found a group where I was able to work on my binge eating disorder and I have tremendously decrease my anxiety.My boyfriend and I are moving in together next month. I feel like my life gets better everyday.
The 5th thing on my list was to lose weight, but I am working on it now and I know I will be able to accomplish that.
But at times, I still feel doubt, or fear, or sadness. And in those moments I look for inspirational stories. And no other story has touched me quite like yours. Like you, I feel like I’ve changed so much in the past year. 
Sometimes I mourn knowing that I will never be the person I used to be in some ways, but more than anything I am grateful because I know I am strong and happier that I ever thought I could be. Like you I feel empowered, I feel blessed, and I feel like I deserve and will have everything I want.
Thank you for sharing your story. I liked your page on Facebook so I can keep getting your updates and I will continue reading your blog. I will also create a vision board, which I never did.
Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments and I wish you so much more.
You shine, girl! ;-)”

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