Baltimore Ravens… Manifest That!

Words cant possibly do justice to what just happened.

Law of Attraction Manifestation Example: Vision/Dream:
To go see the NFL Baltimore Ravens play a home game, and somehow, some way be
able to:

Sideline passes to the Ravens game

A. Meet Michael Oher (which was Kanen’s personal dream)

B. Go on the
field. I had no idea how I would pull any of this off.
Notice I DREAMED BIG, BIGGER THEN BIG. I figured, if I’m
going to fly clear across the country to see this game, I want it ALL. I want
the once in a life time experience. Not just sit up in the nose bleeds with a
bunch of drunks. NOPE! Every time I envisioned this dream, it was ALL OUT! I’m
not exactly sure where my unwavering faith came from here, but it was always
there, I just KNEW it would be all the above and more!
Now on to the BIIIIGGGG dream!
So this spring through my Life Coaching practice I met a
former Baltimore Ravens player, who became a close friend and who had arranged
for our tickets. I had no idea what kind of tickets they would be. But I know my friend, and I trusted he would make sure Kanen and I had a
great time. I hadn’t asked any of my connections for side-line passes to the game.
Because I work with many professional athletes I try not to ever ask for anything
from them, but at the same time, I knew what my dream was.
Ravens coach Todd Washington
Todd Washington Ravens Ast O-line coach
Randomly” (I say it sarcastically because there is no
“random” it’s all the Law of Attraction at work) my close girlfriend had recently met one of the coaches Todd Washington, and mentioned that I was flying across the country for the game….. and yep! He offered to try to get us SIDELINE PASSES. Turns out he also coaches Kanen’s dream “meet and greet” Michael Oher.  It sounded too good to be true!!! (as if!) It was what I was EXPECTING and WAITING to see HOW it would pan out. I knew I
couldn’t force or make it happen, I knew it would come to ME somehow and some way. He let us know that he was requesting the passes and that nothing was a sure
thing until game day.
Micheal Oher Ravens
Us with Michael Oher #74

On game day October 30th we walked to the stadium to get our tickets at will call and got the word we were all set for the VIP experience! Our seats were in the 1st level and run about $400 each retail!
When we arrived at the press entrance we got our credentials and were treated like royalty. We were however, informed that we were not allowed to talk to the players or ask them to sign anything, but if they came and talked to us we were all good.

I have a good friend from Oregon who plays on the team and I knew he’d come say hi to Kanen, so we smuggled our pictures and in pen
It’s hard to describe what it’s like to walk under the stadium, past the locker rooms, past all the security guards, following your
personal VIP escort (click to watch video)out the same tunnel the team runs through to take the
field…it really is one of those moments in life that take you back to being a 5 year old on Christmas. Like holly crap! I can’t believe I’m here! The ULTIMATE Pinch Me Moment.
Ed Dickson Ravens
Kanen with TE Ed Dickson #84


Kanen and I just looked at each other when we walk on the

field, like HOLLY CRAP! OMGGGG!!!! Coach Todd comes over to
say hi and sign our tickets, take a picture. He’s heard of Kanen’s dream to meet Michael Oher, and we watch him walk across the field where Oher is quietly warming up with headphones on, alone. They both look at us and we wave, he walks back and tells Kanen, Oher will come by and sign his picture! I look at Kanen who promptly freaks out! Then my friend Ed Dickson comes out and sign Kanen’s pictures, takes one with us. The other field pass people in our small group are all like who the hell are they? (meaning
us) What’s their deal?  They take pictures of US with the players and coaches, since they have been forbidden to approach the players themselves.
Then Ed runs across the field to Michael and asks him to come meet Kanen too, which was pretty great.  The players and coaches and cheerleaders all bring lute for Kanen and came to take pictures with him.
And then….. We watch Michael finish his stretches and walk across the field towards us. He gets mobbed by the others who’ve been waiting to see and talk to a player, but he walks straight through them up to Kanen. Says “so you’re the kid I just have to meet! Nice to meet you! What can I sigh?” I’m not sure Kanen spoke at all. I made sure to thank him and snapped a picture. Kanen was speechless.

Then of course we watched the game in our amazing seats and
they won with 3 seconds left by a field goal! It was the most amazing dream come true. Words will never do it justice. (BTW I spent $17 for this entire day…Soda and chicken strips)

Dream the dream you don’t think you have a RIGHT to dream. Dream THAT dream.
  • Dream it. Then LIVE it. 
  • Don’t make excuses why you cant or shouldn’t dream it.
  • Don’t EVER use your current financial situation to set limits on your dreams. Hustle.Believe.Receive. will deliver your dream if you believe, it doesn’t care about money.
Today was the last day of our trip, and Kanen and I walked around Baltimore loving every minute. As a last HBR gift, I ordered a taxi for the airport and the front desk manager who had we had talked
to and told about our trip, instead got us a lemo. He said it was his gift and we should be sent out in style. Now that’s MAGIC people!
 This trip was AMAZING. I spent about $200 including souvenirs, food, trains, air fair and hotels. The rest just showed up.
I’m NOT unique.
I DON’T live a charmed financially secure life.
I’m just like most of my readers, I’m a struggling single mom.
Joe Flacco
QB Joe Flacco warming up in front of us

But I’ve learned how to believe in magic, and how to bring it into my life. All of the things I’ve been through have led me to this place. Perhaps the only difference is that I, unlike many people jump at every opportunity
that comes my way, and when I don’t see one I CREATE ONE. I make it happen, and so can you.

I focused on the EXPERIENCES and NOT the things, and I got EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE I DESIRED.  Money was never part of the equation.
You don’t need to be rich to live the life of your dreams. You just HAVE TO DREAM IT.
I’m unemployed at the moment for godsake!
It’s possible for ANYONE to live their dreams.  You just HAVE TO BELIEVE WITH UNWAVERING FAITH, and have a very clearly defined dream.
Our seats where amazing! 100 level
You must also be patient. This dream sat on my board for
over a year. Some even longer, but they WILL COME TRUE. We don’t control thetimeline, we control the DREAM. We also control our own awareness to jump at opportunities when they show up, like me booking the flights the one and ONLY day I saw 2 tickets for the exact amount of miles I had. If I had waited, or doubted that the rest of it would come together then NONE of it would have. I was given a window of opportunity that was tiny… (Literally when I booked it online it would not let me finish the reservation because one seat was already gone, I had to call and for an hour work with the agent to find me another) but
I just took that risk. I went on a leap of faith that if I booked the flights while they were free and in front of me that somehow some way the rest of it would fall into place. I was scared, trust me! That’s a huge trip to book in my world, to go across the country on a small budget with a child, I knew it was a risky thing to do. But I believed.
Seize the moment, be utterly grateful for the blessings in your life so more can come your way.
Sarah Centrella and son at Raven's game
He will thank me later!
Kanen with coach Jason Brooks

Click Here to see  more photos from our trip

Click Here to watch videos of our trip


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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  • Jeff
    November 2, 2011 - 4:07 pm | Permalink

    That is so awesome!!! As a hopeful public speaker and LOA believer, this really shows me that anything, and I DO mean ANYTHING, can happen if you just hold to the belief in the manifestation of the dream. Sometimes I get sidetracked and let appearances creep in but almost immediately I am able to refocus on the truth of what I know and not the lies of what I “see”. Thanks for sharing your truly remarkable experience.

  • Anna
    November 2, 2011 - 9:02 pm | Permalink

    I’m so happy for you! Such an Amazing trip! I really needed to hear how much your visualisation and unwavering faith has worked for you! I have so much belief and faith in the Law of Attraction, but sometimes you just you have to be put in situations that you might not want to be in. But I trust in it, I know its for a bigger purpose and will help me achieve that bigger dream. Thank you Sarah, I’m so grateful that I can celebrate in your success and follow your journey. That dream that I don’t think I have the right to dream, I AM dreaming that one. Thank you!

  • November 4, 2011 - 2:11 am | Permalink

    Thanks guys, it just PROVES that anything is possible if you believe, and get up and move in the direction of your dream. It’s just ONE example, I have so many but this one is so CLEAR its crazy!

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