Pinch Me Moment

This is my definition of a Pinch Me Moment:

The moment when your dream/goal/vision is realized. The moment that you have both visualized, thought about, told yourself it will come true, and played the “movie” of how this moment will play out in your head a million times.

You must know exactly what experiences you want and are expecting, using a Vision Board to show a physical picture to remind you of that experience is key. So when this moment comes you instantly recognize it as your manifestation of your dream.

Gratitude, joy and happiness in recognizing your dream is critical. The more you feel and express these emotions the more opportunities will come into your life to feel this way. Always be grateful.




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    I am always grateful…It’s really the best way to have luck in everything. When your dreams come true, when you achieve the set goals – it’s the best feeling ever, for which it’s really necessary to be grateful!

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