Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Izzy decorating the tree…

This past year has been such a trip OMG! But thankfully it’s ended on a very high note. As a quick update the kids and I are nicely settled into our new beautiful home in the Seattle, WA area. We still cant believe this is where we live!! The kids call it a palace… I feel like pinching myself everyday and pray that both the kids and I never take a moment for granted.

This morning was a beautiful Christmas morning for the kids and I… it’s the first time (ever really) that I’ve been able to get them a “real” Christmas. I remember last Christmas when they each had one toy, a robe and slippers, and no stalkings. It broke my heart to have basically nothing for them, it was so difficult to know they were disappointed but are too loving and well mannered to complain. This year they kept saying “Santa came! he came!” Can’t really describe how that feels, as a single mom struggling the past three years to just keep my head above water.

Of course both the kids and I know that material gifts are NOT the point of Christmas, but it did feel amazing to, for once in their little lives give them gifts. I buy them very few toys or gifts normally I dont believe in spoiling children, I believe in creating work ethic… but this time I let them be little amazed kids on Christmas morning.

It was bitter sweet because the rest of my extended family was not around, and it’s the first year that it’s only been the kids and me, no other family. But even though their presence was missed we were so grateful and happy to be here, and having this Christmas together. We feel very blessed.

Quiet time in front of the tree…

I wanted to thank each and everyone of you who have written, emailed, Facebooked, tweeted, or commented this past year, for your support. There is no way I could have made it through this last year without all of your love and encouragement, you really have become my family. I’m so honored that you have taken the kids and I into your hearts and allowed us to share our story with you. We wish you and your families a very blessed, magical, successful and happy New Year.


Our little gift to you… this hilarious convo  that my 4 year old Izzy had with herself in the back seat of our car last night on the way to Christmas Eve Mass…enjoy!

Izzy on her fake cell phone: 
“Um hello? Is this the police? Great, hi police. Can you please climb up the shiny steep mountain and go get the Grinch? Ok great, thank you”.
Gets off the phone, pauses and then..
“OH NO!!! Wait!! I forgot to text the Grinch and tell him the police are coming!”
Picks up her phone: 
“Um yes, hi Grinch. The police are coming up the shinny steep
mountain and will be knocking on your door, go answer it please and go
with them… hurry, my phones about to die”. 

…Kanen and I about pee our pants!!!


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