2012 Rose Bowl Champs, My Oregon Ducks Teach a Lesson.

2012 Champion Derrick Malone Jr.

So those of you who know me, personally or via Facebook or Twitter know what a crazy Oregon Duck fan I am, and if you follow collage sports at all then you may of heard that last night we WON THE ROSE BOWL!!!

Ok ok, I wont post a sports review of the Rose Bowl…to me there was something almost more interesting then just the game going on behind the scenes. Something that I’ve been studying the past year or so in working with athletes, I got to see first hand and it was amazing.

I have believed for a while now that the mindset of an athlete is very unique from the average person, but similar to other athletes and successful people, and is one that breaks down simply enough that the average person can follow the formula to find success. This may or may not be revolutionary, I have no clue. But for me it is, it has been the key to help me unlock The Law of Attraction in a very simple and down to earth way. A way that I could not find in other teachings or opinions. So I have set out to apply my own little concoction of The Law of Attraction Urban Style, influenced by the athletes I know and have worked with.

Our lightening fast #6 DeAnthony Thomas

It’s so simple, that’s why I love it so much. 

1. The have a dream. A detailed vision of what their success will look and feel like, to the point that they taste it every day. The moment they walk on the field at the bowl game ect..

2. They have unwavering faith and total confidence in the outcome. They believe completely that if they follow the formula of working and training hard, rising to challenges and over coming obstacles that the outcome will be there. They work everyday with that end goal in mind.

3. They feed themselves the story of their imagined success over and over to a point where it’s absolutely what they believe. When they have a bad day/game they go back and work harder, they don’t sit down and destroy themselves with negative self talk, they do the opposite.

4. They LIVE it. The above formula results in the moment they have waited for, the one where they have turned the imagined into their reality.

That’s really it. They Dream it, Believe it, Hustle for it, then Live it.
It’s so absolute, no room for what if, or maybe or I’m not good enough. It just is what it is. And I love that. If you take that same formula, you can apply it to every aspect of your life, but especially success and you will get the same results.

So yesterday it was kinda awesome to see my friends who play for the Oregon team posting on facebook or texting the exact things that I’ve been trying to convey on my blog the last year or so, to see it live was amazing. It’s proof to me that though these young guys have probably no idea what The Law of Attraction is or what my theory’s are on it, they are living it and proving to me and anyone else who’s paying attention that the formula is universal and can be adapted by anyone. It’s the formula I’ve used to go from a broke stay at home mom with nothing, to a software consulting executive living my imagined life. It really is simple, and achievable for anyone.

Here are just a few of the amazing Facebook status updates and Tweets from some of the players, I wont name them but you can look at my twitter for retweets to see some of them.

up, I remember watching the Rose Bowl parade with my grandma and
brother.. Then watch the game with my friends, admiring the people on
the field. Hard Work pays off, dreams come true. Go Ducks!”Derrick Malone Jr. Tweeted before the game.
(this is The Law of Attraction at it’s best!)

“I been waiting my whole life for this to happen and its real!!!” Defense back -right after the game.

Ever since I was little I’ve always had that hunger to be the GREATEST; now that I got that go-ahead from the man upstairs its time to get after I heal up. Spring Ball you will see a bigger , stronger, faster camp; complete football player” -Oregon wide receiver Lavasier Tuinei posted after the game. (already looking a head to the next challenge, and willing to keep working for the next dream… I love this!)

“I have no words for this moment” Kenjon Barner tweeted.

Enough said….

Rose Bowl 2011 Champions!! Oregon’s QB Darron Thomas


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