And the Moon Said….

The funny thing about asking a question of the Moon is that sometimes it responds. As I wrapped up my post last night A Letter to the Moon, I got a reply in the form of a calming, seemingly “random” text. It reminded me to not always wish for, or invent the end before I’ve had the beginning (yes this was an actual text AFTER I had basically just written those words…the Moon is magic!).

Then the light started to slowly go on for me….Tonight. (I can be a little slow sometimes).

Don’t always ask to skip the beautiful parts just so you can have the perceived inevitable hurt sooner.
Don’t always assume that there will be a bitter unavoidable end.

And for the love of god women, enjoy the ride from point A to point B regardless of what that might be.

There is a huge part of me that has the instant reaction of “duhhhhh you KNOW this stuff!! it’s called the Law of Attraction! If you think it will implode in a blaze of mundane then guess what you get what you order.” I do know this. But god it’s easy to have it slip, in various areas of your life, especially the place where you are most vulnerable and afraid.

I was able to be still and listen to the feedback. I realized that this pattern I had so greatly perfected to the point I wasn’t even able to spot it and correct it had been standing in the way of my true joy for a long time. I draw or attract the person into my life, am given just what I’ve asked for but then when left to me to take it from there I throw darts at it until it deflates like a helium balloon. It’s what I do when happiness is right there, I try to destroy it’s potential before it can take me off into the shark infested surf at sunset.

Maybe I should wise-up and listen to what I know to be true; that just because there is a possibility of sharks being in that water, doesn’t mean there’s not an equal chance it will be filled with Dolphins instead… and lets face it I love Dolphins. I just need to believe and get back in the water. Three and a half years is long enough to have been out on this damn island alone.

Thanks Moon, your the BEST!
Love Me

dream moon
Thanks Moon.


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