Law of Attraction 2.0

If you’ve followed my journey the past few years and my posts on the Law of Attraction you will notice one major theme in how I’ve communicated it, verses other teachers, “focus on the experiences, not the money” has always been my message.  I’m not changing my message because I believe it’s the reason I have had so much success manifesting up to this point, but last year I began to take a hard look at my personal feelings towards, and hang-ups with money.

Let me start by saying that if you are new to the concept of the Law of Attraction, or if you are (as I was) destitute, or in a desperate financial situation, stick to all the tools and tips I have given up to this point.  I really feel that for me personally all the information I saw about The Secret or the LOA didn’t resonate with me because it focused on money and wealth, and that wasn’t anything I could even get my head around. It seemed frivolous and so far removed from any reality I’d ever known that it didn’t inspire or motivate me. Instead it made me feel like a bigger failure. But I could dream of living out a specific amazing moment, so that’s where I put all my intention. And it worked with amazing results. The first vision board I manifested without spending a dime of my own money for so many fabulous moments, experiences and trips.

But last year I looked at my bank account and said “I’m sick of being broke.” I was living “the good life” attracting these amazing experiences but still struggling. I remember the day I decided I was going to affirm “money” for the very first time in my life.  I was stuck in Seattle traffic, and I racked my brain for an affirmation that would resonate with me and include increasing financial flexibility and freedom.  I couldn’t say out loud “I want to be rich.” Or “I am going to be wealthy”, or “I want to be wealthy.”  I couldn’t even form those words or speak them. I know it sounds crazy, especially living in a society dominated by money, and it was after all, a lifestyle I was already creating, just without the cash.  So I disguised my affirmation among several others.

This was my motto:
“I am healthy, I am blessed, I have enough to provide for my family.”

I know pretty lame right? But it was the best I could do. That little change brought about my most financially successful year ever. I hit all my goals, accomplished the experiences and physical things I’d intended (and then some), and the change was almost immediate. I was shocked.

But still I struggled with the concept of having money. I’ve struggled all my life, being raised very poor, it’s what I’d known and where my comfort was.  It’s what drove my hustle. Once that primal hustle was removed I didn’t know what to do, and oddly felt a little lost.  I was providing for the present, but still unable to get my mind to think long term. Think outside the box of “lack” that I had spent my entire life residing within.

The more I began digging deep inside of me to find the reason why my feelings towards money were so negative, the more I realized it had a great deal to do with how I was raised. Being raised by parents who left middle-class homes to pursue a life of “religious sacrifice” and poverty had instilled in me that money was the “root of all evil” and that poverty showed your closeness to God.  Even though as an adult I’d left these religious beliefs far in the past and thought they had no bearing on my life, I was beginning to see how they were the shackles that bound me to a life of struggle.

And then I watched Oprah’s Next Chapter last night with Joel Osteen and heard him say something that shook me.  He said he believes in a God that desires his people to be prosperous. To live bountiful lives.  He made no apologies for living a luxurious life. One he’s worked hard for.  And that’s when I realized that until I could bury this idea that money is the enemy, that I’d never be truly free of the struggle regardless of how much I ever make. That I needed to change my feelings towards it in order to allow abundance and wealth, (still difficult to say that word in relation to me) into my life.  I need to accept that I am worthy of having great abundance and that in having it I wont be an evil person. That money is only (as I’ve always said), paper. That it doesn’t hold the power to make you anything. Instead I can control it. I can create it, and attract it, and live an abundant, happy fulfilled life with it, just as I’ve done without it.

So this is my Law of Attraction 2.0. I now get what all those teachers have been talking about… you can draw abundance and wealth into your life. But I’d never be at this place had I not put in the last four years manifesting experiences that enabled me to believe I deserved it. I think there is always a bigger dream we can dream, and always a new breakthrough we can make, it’s the journey.  Moving from one level to the next.  And to get where I’m planning to go I will need to understand this relationship with money and control it early on, and use it to empower not only myself and my family but the community around me, because it is coming.  And when it does, I will finally be ready to receive it.

I’ve always loved the line in the song “I Made It” that says “now money’s fallin from the sky”.


What is your core belief about money?  Has it been a negative or positive force in your life thus far?


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    Doing what we like and feel good about it, the money will eventually comes along. Live towards the target and enjoy it! 🙂

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    You have hit on one of my 4 itty words…deservability. The other 3 words that you may harbor doubts about yourself you may consider exploring…ability, believability and permissibility.

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    Hi Sarah, I relate to you and this article so much and millions of others do also. I too grew up very poor in the projects around drugs and violence. The ghetto if you will. I was always taught that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that “money is the root of all evil” and that very wealthy people were greedy and took advantage of the poor (who was me and my family). When I became an adult, I did really well for myself (by others’ standards). I moved from my hometown, got my BS and MBA, bought a house at 26 and earn above minimum wage. However, I’ve always lived paycheck to paycheck. So I’ve always had just enough. I am infinite and limitless, so I want and deserve to live the life of my dreams. To me, that is having millions in the bank and helping my family and community while living out my purpose. The law of attraction has taught me that I can have it all. However, I affirm to myself everyday that money is being printed for me right now. I use index cards, vision boards and dream books. Repetition is key, and like you, I am excitedly waiting for the universe to grant my every wish. Wonderful article!

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      It’s crazy that at this age in my life i’m just now seeing that connection, between how I was raised and my adult self. It’s so true! Thank you, and now that you are aware as I am, we can now change it for the better 🙂

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    I have found that one of the main reasons people focus on money when learning to apply the Law of Attraction is because it is something they can measure.

    Focusing on the experiences and the feelings that you want to manifest in your life is crucial. If you “struggle with money”, then focus on what it is you want–security, a home, travel…this is a very valid way to go. Keep in mind that money is a tool with which we buy other things. What is it that you want that money will provide?

    Since money “wasn’t important” to you, then you continued to attract a lack of money. We must believe that we can achieve what we say we want or we set up a discord in our vibration. If we believe we cannot have something (money, the perfect mate, a big promotion…), or that we do not deserve it, then the LOA will deliver that.

    There is nothing wrong with affirming that you have money in your life and if you were taught that money was for other people or that money (or rich people) is evil, then you have to shift your thinking about what it means to have money.

    You will never attract wealth if you believe rich people are bad–because you know you are good!

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    Sarah, this is hitting so close to home right now and I’m in transition just as you are. I am already reaping the benefits with knowing my financial worth, so I know you will continue to grow and prosper.

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