Fear: The Enemy of Success.

Fear is the enemy of success. You can know that in theory, but in practice, silencing our fear is easier said than done.  Every time I’ve been faced with a chance, or the opportunity to follow my passion I have tried to always step-up and take that leap of faith. I don’t know how my dream is going to come true, but I know in my very bones that it will one day, so I act on faith and continue in the direction of that dream.

But fear is a tricky little bastard. It has the ability to create self-doubt which can quickly spiral into questioning your decision and even questioning your dream. It tries to convince you that you’re not ready, you’re not good enough, that no one will support your path, and that you’re being ridiculous.  Fear has the power (if you enable it) to talk you out of success.

Don’t let fear get you thinkin’

There has always been a point for me as I’ve been on this rebuilding my life journey the past few years, where fear has caused me to pause. And as I’ve taken steps to peruse my passion, it’s been more and more aggressive. I can honestly tell you, that every single time I’ve posted something where I pushed my own boundaries way beyond what was comfortable, I took a moment to pause, to let fear; get a word in edge wise.  Whether it was something deeply personal, or sharing my story the first time it went public, each of those things might seem easy, but they made me physically sick to my stomach.  Many times it feels like I’m standing naked in the middle of Times Square. Maybe bearing your insides the way I’ve done is even worse than showing your ass, I’m not sure…but I can assure you it feels equally terrifying and drafty!

But whenever I get that feeling, the one that says; “You are out of your mind! Your boss could read this! Your future husband could read this! Your kids will someday read this!” …I push “publish”.  Because that intense terror, I’ve come to recognize as my swift-kick-in-the-ass. And every time, without fail that decision has been one which has broken down the wall between me and success. It’s opened doors, connected to people in a deep and meaningful way, and made me more willing to trust my instincts. Breaking through that fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear that you’re not good enough, brings new opportunities which expedite your manifestations. It’s responding to you acting on faith. Believing that even though it’s uncomfortable because it’s scarey, that your end result is waiting for you, so you have no choice but to break down those road blocks and get to your dream.

Here’s the perfect example of what I’m talking about….

Last week while snowed in and suffering from severe cabin fever with the kids, I started playing with an new app on my phone and in a few minutes made the “Vision Board Magic” video.  That alone wasn’t really too scary as I’ve published my story a lot by now, but this time I decided to do something I’ve never really done before. I asked everyone on my Facebook to watch and share it with their network, even creating an “Event” which I’ve always stayed away from doing. It’s one thing to write about your story and know that your friends may or may not read it, (since I don’t talk about it with my friends I honestly never know). But when you’ve sent it directly to them it takes away that comfort zone. But I feel passionately that it’s a story many people need to hear and be inspired by so I did it anyway.  Then last night I sent out my first, ever news letter, again to every person I know (it’s more like standing naked in a room with every person you know), and I immediately wanted to throw-up.

But these are all steps I have to learn to be comfortable with taking. These are necessary to get me to the next level. I have to claim my story, and then get it out there… I gotta put in the “The Hustle”. And as is always the case, the Universe responded. With emails and messages from people around the world. With an Oprah programing director from OWN tweeting my story.  Joe Vitale following me on Twitter after seeing the video, along with multiple radio interviews and other opportunities in the works.

I’d say that’s pretty clear proof that having a dream, defining it on a Future Board, believing in it completely, and hustling towards it… is a pretty definitive way to get the Hustle.Believe.Receive.to quickly respond putting the pieces of your dream together one manifestation at a time.

So face your fear, don’t give it the power to talk you out of success. If you believe in something and are passionate about it then don’t ever give up.

The universe will reward you.

Sorry these quotes were just too good..I couldn’t stop!


Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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