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Kicking Cancer.

Lately I’ve been thinking about cancer. I’m not exactly sure why, other than it seems to be popping up everywhere, it being Breast Cancer Awareness month and all. Or maybe because I know I’m overdue for my annual exam and biopsy. Five years ago doctors found a lump in my thyroid the size of a small egg. As you might imagine it struck fear in me on a level I’ve never faced before. I was one of the lucky ones, each year when I get my annual biopsy and ultra sound, I send up a prayer thanking God that it’s NOT the C word.

Maybe that’s why I was so moved by the stories I heard last Thursday night at the charity event for Kicked It In Heels. I listened to the stories of survivors, and heard the doctors share astounding statistics. I remembered five years ago, when my girlfriend lost her short battle with breast cancer, leaving two babies behind. And I’ve been thinking… I should probably go get a mammogram. As I listened to the guest of honor Bershan Shaw (star of Love In The City, a reality show on OWN, and bestselling author) share her story of how she’d defied the odds and beat a death diagnosis, I was moved to near tears. This woman’s story proved yet again that everything I believe in and teach in #HustleBelieveReceive changes lives. She proved that you can be faced with something as devastating as hearing from a doctor that you have Stage 4 terminal cancer, and yet be standing in that room five years later telling us her empowering story. After her speech I introduced myself, and told her about my book project. She immediately said “I’d love to be in it!” and handed me her card. I was blown away!

Bershan Shaw, two time cancer survivor.
Bershan Shaw, two time cancer survivor.

As I made my way around a room with some of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen on one place at one time, I heard story after story of survival. Of beating the odds. And then I walked up to Daniel Jacobs. He’d raised his hand during introductions indicating that he was the “boxer who fought cancer” and I immediately thought he’d be a great story for my book. I had no idea who he was, and only caught his first name, but when I told him what I was working on for the book, he immediately said he’d love to be a part of it. In the few minutes we talked he told me how the doctors had found a massive tumor in his spine, how he’d been given just a few months to live, but yet here he was looking healthy as could be, radiant actually. I couldn’t help but give him a giant hug.

And then I went home and Googled him….. so yeah he’s kinda the shit. And his story had me in tears as I read through articles from USA Today and ESPN on what he’s accomplished and overcome. I remember being so emotional when learning about those mesothelioma treatment cases only. I’m so honored to be able to share his story in my book #HustleBelieveReceive.

Daniel Jacobs, boxing's miracle man.
Daniel Jacobs, boxing’s miracle man.

It’s impossible not to be humbled and overwhelmed by these amazing individuals and the others I’ve interviewed over the past few months. I get those happy chills all over when I mention this project and EVERYONE who I’ve spoken to about being featured says they would love to be part of it.

Kicked It In Heels was an amazing event, full of positive energy, hope and the reality that cancer does not have to be a death sentence, but something to fight with and prevent even, being aware of potential causes (read more at The event was to benefit the foundation started by Dr. Janna Andrews, a close friend of Kimberley Hatchett’s (also featured in the book, and a great friend of mine). The next morning when the three of us went to brunch with my lifelong bestie Lisa Marchant (also a featured story), I couldn’t help but ask Janna if she would be open to sharing her story as well. I’m delighted to report that her inspiring story will also be coming soon in the book.

My first ever red carpet event in NYC to support Breast Cancer survivors
My first red carpet event in NYC, to support cancer survivors.

You know how they say surround yourself with people who inspire you, push you to be better and lift you higher? I’ve realized that in the past several years I’ve done just that, and look at who’s in that circle? It’s truly astonishing to be in company that I feel will always be a source of inspiration and motivation for me. #ChangeYourCrew is one of the first steps in the book, because it’s one of the fundamentals to success. You cannot be successful unless you are surrounded by successful people. I am so grateful for this experience and for the amazing people I’ve met along the way, and I can’t wait to share all of this with you all as it daily unfolds.

Anything is possible. I am living proof.

Hustle.Believe.Receive. Motivation & Inspiration

Portland Marathon: Impossible is Nothing.

My 2006 vision board with 26.2 in the upper right corner.

I DID IT!!! I actually ran the Portland Marathon after eight years of having the 26.2 sticker on my #FutureBoard I finally realized that dream.  Starting on March 22nd of this year, I made a commitment, a promise to myself that this time I would not only train for the marathon, but I’d actually run it.  That decision was an absolute one, it left no room for me to back out, chicken out or change my mind.  It was simply fact; some how, some way I’d cross the finish line.  So today, after more than seven hours (no one said I was fast people!) of non-stop running/jogging and finally walking… I crossed that finish line in front of my children and two of my girlfriends.  Seeing my kids out there holding those signs for me and cheering me on, made me instantly cry.

 sarah centrella marathon

My motivation to run a marathon came a few years ago, just to get the bragging rights that came with the bumpers sticker, and run the race before I turn 40.  Since I’m six months away from turning 40 I figured my time was running out. .  And then when I failed to run after training for several months in 2010, the motivation became silencing my  son, who never let me live it down that I’d given up.  But my REAL motivation this time was two-fold.  1. To follow my own #HustleBelieveReceive steps to “living your dream” (#HBRMethod) thereby proving that anything is possible for anyone who is willing to work for their goal.  And 2. To prove to my kids that there is NOTHING they can not achieve if they put their mind to it.  They know this first hand because since March I’ve had to get them out of their warm beds at 6:00 am and drop them off at the sitters before my long runs on Saturday mornings.  They have done #TheHustle with me, seeing me work my butt off to make this “impossible dream” a reality.

And I did it for YOU. Because there is a dream you have, or a goal that you felt was just not a possibility for you.  It’s nagged at you, but you’ve silenced that voice inside that says; “maybe you should just try,” because you believed you couldn’t do it.  So I did it to prove to you that NO MATTER WHAT your dream is, or who you are, if you want it bad enough, (and I’m talkin’ in an ABSOLUTE kinda way), and you’re willing to do the work and follow the steps, you will live your dream! Simple as that.   Don’t let anyone tell you that something is impossible for you, and more importantly don let YOU tell yourself that bullshit.  If you believe it, than anything is possible.  Running this marathon was just a tangible way for me to prove that to you, but trust me it will work with anything in your life.

If you have a dream… LET NOTHING STAND IN YOUR WAY.



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