Mentors Changed My Life

mentors changed my life
My copy of #HustleBelieveReceive signed by people featured in it and my mentors.

My mentors have changed my life.

It’s because of their willingness to have truthful, tough love, heart to heart talks with me that I’ve been able to get past my hang-ups and elevate to the next level. Whenever I’ve felt stuck I’ve turned to them and they have never let me down.
Today I was lucky to have lunch with one of my mentors who four years ago told me to get off my ass and write my book already. He told me to get over my “I’m not a writer” hang-up and just WRITE IT! He actually told me then that he’d not talk to me until I came with a copy of my finished manuscript, and he gave me a deadline. I met that challenge and handed him a bound copy of my first book attempt four years ago.
Today he signed my PUBLISHED book. And today he pushed me to get over my hang-ups and feelings of unworthiness, and get back to work. It’s a beautiful thing when someone’s able to push and motivate you.

I can remember a pivotal conversation with each of my mentors the past seven years or so. And the crazy part is that in the moment, I knew that whatever conversation we were having, that it would change my future. I’ve always taken note of that feeling and tried to freeze their advice in my mind, and sure enough it’s always lead me to the next major milestone. Sometimes we don’t know the impact a simple conversation can make in someone else’s life, but those moments when you are sharing wisdom, or someone is sharing it with you, those matter. Those can change a life.

Have mentors made a difference in your life? This was my reminder today to always pass it on, so I’m reminding you… Be someones mentor. Share your wisdom… we all need and appreciate it.

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