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#HBRSocial A Dream Come True

On Saturday night (May 20, 2017) I lived a major dream, one I’ve had for the past four years. I held my first ever, live motivational event!

Four years ago I wrote out a business plan for my coaching company, which included hosting live events and retreats. Then two years ago, I built out the plan even further with a dream of including multiple speakers, and taking the show on the road. 

But it wasn’t until I went to that horrible Tony Robbin’s event (read my review) that I finally had the balls to make it happen. I saw such a need for something fresh and authentic, that it got me thinking. It was time to do something. I believe so strongly in the message of #HustleBelieveReceive because I’ve watched it change lives over and over. How could I just sit on my ass and do nothing? 

So, without knowing how the hell I could make this crazy dream a reality, I began. For anyone out there who has a dream but doesn’t believe they have the money, the expertise, or the know-how to make it happen this story is for you.  read more »

Guest Author Post

Five Tips To Make A Powerful Difference In the World

*Guest author post. Written by Lisa Powell Graham.

Like many little girls, my childhood dream was to be the first female president! I also wanted to be a writer and dancer, both of which I’ve accomplished. And although I’ve not become president, I’ve had the honor to work on the campaign of the women who won the popular election for President. As part of living my dreams, I also have dedicated myself to making a difference for others. I want my legacy in the world to be a legacy of love. The issues I care most about include fighting for women’s rights, and helping to ensure that girls globally receive a quality education. One of my biggest missions on earth is empowering women.

I have used the principles of #HustleBelieveReceive to live my dreams and to give back to the world! And I know if I can do it, you can too! In fact, I have lived so many of my “bucket list” dreams already despite having overcome huge challenges, including being stalked by a psychopath who was an ex-convict, and being drugged and raped. I have overcome the depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic attacks that were a result of being a victim of sexual trauma and assault.

read more »

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