Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound Energy

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound EnergyDid you feel that profound energy today, during the total solar eclipse? It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. If you were not one of the lucky ones in the path of totality, here is what it felt like for me personally. 

In one word: PROFOUND. 

If you read my post How to Manifest with the Total Solar Eclipse then you know I was preparing a few days ago for this event. When I realized that it wasn’t just a “cool thing,” that science and astronomers would be into, but the greatest cosmic event of my lifetime, I got with the program, and quick!

I didn’t want to miss the chance to harness this powerful energy to manifest my dreams and desires. I’ve done a lot of work this past year to clear lifelong blocks to money (lack mindset), irrational fears and blocks to love. To help clear these blocks I’ve had many reiki sessions, knowing that what was holding me back was deep within my subconscious. I’ve felt that energy slowly releasing these blocks and fears, but still knew that I carried them with me, and felt as though nothing I could do would shake the deepest layers of these limiting beliefs. 

So, I spent all day Saturday and Sunday rewriting and refocusing my dreams, doing the same for my mottos. Pulling out the stacks of books that I’d never read by Louise Hay, Norman Vincent Peale and Rumi, searching for the answers on a conscious level so that the eclipse energy could clear it on the subconscious level. 

Now I know this probably sounds insane to you, it does to me too. Because I’m not a religious person (though I believe there is a God/Universe/Higher Power) and I’m not an “alternative” or “New Age” follower either. I consider myself mainstream, but the answers I needed were not mine to give, I knew that. I needed help, a Higher Power, a cleansing, a healing… IDK. Something! 

The more I read, the more all the concepts that I know and teach opened up to me on a DEEPER level. A level that I’d never seen or understood before. It was all starting to make sense. I could see my blocks plain as day, and I could see how to let them go!

I don’t need to search for wealth, or success… it is mine already. It’s been waiting for me to wake the fuck up and take notice! 

Rumi said; “You have a loaf of bread balanced on your head, yet you knock on every door and beg for crumbs.” That was my lifelong battle with lack in a nutshell. The ghost of lack always hunted me down and sabotaged my success. I was finally ready to let that bullshit belief GOOOOO. 

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound Energy

This morning I sat on my patio in meditation position, with my arms open on my knees, palms facing the sun, its rays engulfing my mind and body.

My mottos on a note pad in front of me.

I waited.

I put meditation music in my ears, closed my eyes and visioned my new #LifePlan.

I got chills. 

As the eclipse began to reach totality (roughly 98% here in Portland OR) everything got silent. You could hear a pin drop (and I live on the busiest street ever, and across from a shopping center!).

A cold breeze blew through, just once, quickly.

The sky turned a strange greenish-dark, almost the color of twilight, when the sun has gone down, but the moon has not yet risen. Only it wasn’t that either. It was a color I’ve never seen and can’t really describe, other than it looked like someone just put a huge dark filter on the world. 

Then I felt the energy.


A buzzing sensation in the atmosphere. 

Twitching in my stomach, arms and legs.

Light beams flashed in the sky, like strobe lights around the sun for a few seconds. I looked up to make sure I wasn’t imagining it. No, the sky was flashing. 

The energy pulled and pulled, getting stronger the closer it got to totality.

It felt as if my insides were being pulled out of me.

I took a deep breath and repeated my mottos. “I release fear. I release fear. I am at peace.”

And then, just like that the fear was gone! In its place was total peace. Joy. Lightness. Happiness. Freedom. 

The moon began to move and light began filling the sky again, soft light. My heart raced, but with a new energy. An excitement. 

I came inside and sunk into the couch, suddenly exhausted but buzzing.

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound Energy

Following a random thought, I got in the car and drove 80 miles to my favorite beach town. I just needed to get away and process.

There was no one on the roads, spooky quiet. I played piano music and let what I’d just experience begin to settle. I didn’t try to make sense of it. Just drove. Just saw things for the first time that I’d seen 100 times. 

When I got to the ocean, I decided to hike down to a beach I never knew existed. It was breathtakingly beautiful, almost no one there, not a cloud in the sky. Warm sun on my legs as I laid on my blanket and wrote. Meditated. Slept. Soaked it in. Tried to process… and then finally… my mind had its own eclipse!

I got it all. I understood what I’d never grasped before. I am part of this great amazing universe. All the cliché’s people say when they’ve been “enlightened,” I was that! I was one with the sea, it was me and I was it. WTF!? 

Then I understood what I’d felt during those 2 profound minutes while the moon passed  the sun. I’d given all my worry, all my fear, lack and negativity to the moon, darkness covering light. In those flashes of light my past beliefs became part of the great expanse, they vanished, pulled out of me. And in their place came everything I’ve sought for years; love, joy, peace, presence, gratitude, abundance. 

Of course, I have no real idea what happened, but that’s how it happened for me. That’s what makes sense to my little brain, and the mind-shift has taken place, and I feel …AHHHMAZING!

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound EnergyAs I stood in the cold surf today for a long while, I realized how abundant the Universe really is. How much it’s been waiting to give us, if we’d just realize that it’s ours  in the first place!

We don’t have to chase it, it’s ours.

We don’t have to “deserve it,” it’s ours.

We don’t have to want it, we have it.

Stop struggling for all of it, and surrender to the understanding that it’s your birthright.

It’s yours. It’s done. 

Now every time I feel the sun on my skin I will be reminded that I am whole, complete, perfect, happy and abundant. And when I see the moon I will tell it my dreams, give it my stress and LET IT GO. 

Experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 Profound EnergySo, yeah that was my total eclipse. I know in my soul that this will be a day I’ll never forget, the start of a new and more connected beautiful life. I can’t wait! This was the mind-eclipse I so desperately needed, and I’m so grateful that I was aware enough to prepare for this and receive its blessings and positive manifesting energy. I have total faith that the dreams and desires I released into the great expanse today are already on their way back to me, bigger and better than my little mind can comprehend.

If you didn’t see the eclipse, don’t worry. I believe the energy is still out there, harness it, but letting go of your limiting beliefs and receiving all the abundance the Universe is waiting to bless you with. Make today your shift, commit to staying positive, controlling your thoughts and creating the future you desire. We are the masters of our mind and the creators of our would. 



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