1: I think jumping out of a plane is totally insane, but still somehow am drawn to the idea.
2: I give my friends silly nicknames like Cherry and Bitchen (love you!)…
3: I think it’s not too much to ask of a six year old to sit quietly at the table, napkin in lap, and eat like an adult. Mine does it (I’m so proud!)
4: I think a good, attentive father is the most attractive thing in the world.
5: I think that when life kicks you in the gut you have no choice but to stand up and fight back. “Pull yourself up by your boot straps” like a good friend once told me.
6: My motto “I can do it, I am strong”. It works for EVERYTHING. Think about it…no matter what it is you want to give up on, if you say that 10 times to yourself, you really can do it.
7: Nothing can humble you more quickly than a child.
8: I’ve learned we really do get better with age. I love myself more now than ever, I appreciate what I’m capable of and love my body for all I’ve put it through.
9: I think starving yourself is over rated.
10: I think nothing is better than a glass of Pinot Noir and a good book, (ok maybe a bottle!).
11: I’ve learned that people are not always who they seem, and that no matter how long you’ve known someone they can still be completely different then what you believed them to be.
12: I’ve also learned that people can be amazing and can support you, and stand by you even when there’s nothing in it for them.
13: I think 2009 will be better than 2008 (come on the bar is pretty low here!
14: I think that liking Britney Spears AND NPR is NOT an oxymoron!
15: I think “crow’s feet” are sexy! …….In that spirit, I think 33 is better than 23!
16: I think there’s nothing better in the whole world then a good, tight, heart-felt hug.
17: I think the Ducks are better than the Beavers! (Eat it!!) (Take that Sarah, Katie and Chris and all you beaver lovers!!!) 🙂
18: I think that the goal of running a marathon this year is totally doable, (does that mean i actually need to start running?? Does it count if I think about it often? What would happen if i actually had a heart attack running the first mile? How long is a marathon again?? OK maybe I’ll do a 5k instead).
19: I’ve learned that faith in myself can go a long way. And that teaching my kids to believe in themselves is harder than it looks.
20: I’ve learned that I’m the only person who can make me feel small and insignificant. …..I’ve learned that I’m NOT small and insignificant……I’ve learned that I’m NOT small and insignificant.
21: I’ve learned that I like nice things, and that just because i like nice things it doesn’t make me “shallow” , but just in case it does…I’m shallow!
22: I think listening to the same song every waking minute is totally normal, especially if that song is “So Beautiful” by Akon and makes you feel like a princess!
23: I think hip-hop dancing while driving is a skill everyone should cultivate, and one I’m especially good at…(so happy my son is at the age when i can embarrass him
24: I was “home schooled” till i was 15. (Does that mean you’re supposed to learn to read/write/math and spell??? Oh then maybe it’s just called not going to school till I was 15
25: I think flying while intoxicated is the ONLY way to go, regardless of takeoff time…(yes i have been known to pound a double bloody-marry at 5:30am…it’s true i may have passed out on my neighbor in route to Dallas
26: My dad delivered me in the back of a VW van in the hospital parking lot. I’ve never seen Star Wars or any 80’s sitcoms. I thought Paula Abdul was a dude. I didn’t eat any kind of meat till I was 16. I was a member of a religious cult as a child…it goes on but you’ll have to buy my memoir to learn more!!

What do you think?

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