Be Thankful.

Sometimes the drama of my life just cracks me up. I mean I’ve learned by now that having a good sense of humor when faced with obstacle after obstacle is the only way to not totally lose my mind. You just get to the place where you can’t even let it get to you anymore. I mean what would be the point?

You climb the ladder and get knocked down enough, you just start climbing the ladder like one of the 3 Stooges. Like really? Gonna knock me off? Yeah, that’s all you got? Come on that didn’t even leave a mark, try harder next time sucka! 

This week was another one of those roller-coasters that I’ve become accustom to the past six months. On Monday I went in for an MRI to check the lumps in my Thyroid to see if they have been growing, as my symptoms would suggest. I’ve been pretty sick the past few weeks and exhibiting all the symptoms or signs of the dreaded C. My doctors had me run through a battery of tests last week which I was happy to do as my health insurance had finally kicked in now that the 90 day mark at work had been achieved. I was over-joyed Monday to learn the lumps are still looking OK and that it was likely just a burst cyst causing mayhem. So joy of joys NO CANCER!

On Tuesday I was laid-off from said job along with a few other employees in an attempt to keep the company viable financially. In case you have been keeping track that makes 3 lay-offs in 6 months! All for economic and corporate redirection reasons. Mind you prior to 6 months ago I had never lost a job for any reason in my life!

Another one bites the dust. 
And another one, and another one. 
Another one bites the dust. 

I literally laughed when my poor boss had to tell me. I couldn’t do anything else. #1. I knew things were not looking good when we all got pay-cuts a few weeks back. #2. I know I’m the most recent hire so the logical choice. #3. Nothing surprises me. The bottom is always redefined in my world. If I rose to the top once I can rise 100 times, who cares if the ego gets bruised in the process and more friends and family desert you. In the end it’s your life and you gotta do what you gotta do. This is just my Earthquake Moment, my bad before the good. I will not lose faith. I will not.

At this point what matters is that, I can do it.
I know I can.
And I will.

When my girlfriend walked into my office after the news to find me laughing, she was a little stunned. “At least I don’t have cancer!” I exclaimed with utter sincerity.
At least I don’t have cancer.
Thank you baby Jesus.

be thankful



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  • Anonymous
    October 14, 2011 - 8:35 pm | Permalink

    Sarah, Every time I get an email with your blog attached I know it’s gonna make me feel a little better. Just today I started getting that funky feeling that no matter how hard I work nuttins’ gonna change. You always manage to bring a smile to me gnarly mug. Ain’t that part of the reason of life? To make others feel a little better? Ya do it for me hon and I thank you for making the day a bit brighter.

    A friend

  • October 16, 2011 - 7:55 pm | Permalink

    Awe thanks! That’s what I’m here for to remind you that no matter what you’re going through I’ve probably gone through it or am doing it now! And that even still we can have a good attitude and keep the humor alive. Find gratitude in anything!

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