Top 10 Parenting Tips

Sarah Centrella

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  1. Giving them something to do is definitely a good idea. Although don’t let them use the internet since there are many harmful sites there unless of course you have parental control software for kids.

  2. Gypsy Chaos says:

    Hey – you been living in my brain? my house years ago? I never wrote down my parenting principles; I just found them spelled out nice and neat today!

    With only two exceptions:
    …Oh how I wish we had #7. I would gladly throw away the TV – though, yes, of course I watch it too. But my husband was having no part of “no TV”; he claims it’s his only way of relaxing. sigh. We DO turn it off when we’re eating!
    …We never set up a naughty spot. The concept of sitting nearby but out of the mainstream – yes. But not a specific spot.

    We say children live up [or down] to our expectations. I believe more and more as times passes that this is true for everyone. We have to be careful about whose opinion we allow to influence us.

    People ask parents about the worst thing their kids ever did. Heck I don’t remember many bad things at all! Selective memory? Sure; I remember the good and wonderful!

    I have the inverse of you: a daughter, followed almost six years later by twin boys. Yes, these rules saved our sanity too.

    • I definitely agree that people in general live up to our expectations of them (especially the negative ones, so really watch your negative feelings/attitude about the people you love if you want them to love you back)… it’s a great lesson to learn for sure.

  3. Greg Chua says:

    Being a parent it’s not easy to all of the responsibilities. We must also to be a good child to our parents that’s why we cannot encounter any argument. Thanks for this tips or guidelines being a good parent towards children. This was a great tip for parenting. I will refer this to my friend who had a kid already and also to my mom I will also refer this.

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