Hustle Believe Receive: Steps to Success.

Believe #HBRMethod

Here is my basic Coaching formula and definition of the term I’ll use over and over again: Hustle.Believe.Receive. (also refereed to as HBR) #HBRMethod


The Urban Guide to Recreating Your Life, and Manifesting Your Dream.

Step #1. Create a Life Plan.

Create a Life Plan. Map out what you want your life to look like five years down the road, in every category. Be detailed and specific. Write it all down. You are the architect of your future. Make a plan.

1. Define Your Ultimate Dream.
Know what you want. Sometimes it’s easier when you’re starting out to know what you DON’T want and that’s OK too. But you need to be clear on the reason you want to make a change in your life or go after your dream. You won’t get anywhere until this step is clearly defined. Make a bucket list.

2. Create a Movie in your Head.
Take the time to visualize each end result in your Life Plan. Put yourself in a specific day in that life and make a movie that covers all the details; see it, smell it, feel it, want it.

3. Create a physical Future Board.
This is the physical representation of your Life Plan. It sits at your desk at work, or is hung on your bedroom wall, reminding you what you are working for, what your future life will look like. It helps you remove the barriers of your current reality and start to visualize yourself living a whole different kind of life.


Step #2. But HOW?
10 Simple Key’s to Success.

1. Be Grateful!  On day one of this journey, you need to look around your life (even if it’s one you currently hate) and say “I am so blessed and so thankful for what I have…” and name three things. That is the new head space you operate in now. Instead of someone who bitches about what they don’t like and what they don’t have you’re the person who is “blessed” and “grateful” even if you don’t actually feel that way. But if you don’t at least fake it, you won’t ever see the true results that will make you actually feel it.

2. Change the Voices in Your Head.  Control your thoughts. Your thoughts predict your future. Want to create a better future? It starts in your mind first, control that and the words you speak, and you will start to change your future outcomes. Only speak it if you want it to come true. That applies to EVERYTHING you say. Teach that to your kids! And everyone you know. What you say today you will live out tomorrow.

3. BELIEVE.  If you don’t fully believe in your Ultimate Dream, or that this plan for success will work, then how could it possibly ever work? Change your core beliefs; about what you think is possible for you, and start to have faith in the possibility of possibility. Once you truly believe you will start to see amazing and fast results. That belief that hope, gives you joy which changes your energy and brings you more joy. This is called an Upward Spiral. We all want that!

4. Fake it ‘Till You Make it.  You don’t have to know it, or believe it, or even see it; in the very beginning… that all comes over time. So to get you there, you gotta fake it. Tell yourself a million little lies. Whenever you think you can’t, say you CAN. Whoever you think it will never happen, tell yourself and SAY it’s around the corner. It’s pretty basic but it works with almost anything. It makes you step up your game. It keeps you on your toes, it makes you learn and adapt quicker, and it forces you to take risks, all these things you will need throughout your journey, and you’ll constantly come back to this principle.

5. Speak It!  Affirm your future, own it, claim it. Use motto’s and mantras to claim what is coming into your life. Talk about it as if you know that’s your next step, make plans for it. Put it out into the Universe that this is your plan, this is what’s coming to you and pretty soon the people around you will start to believe you. That will hold you accountable to your dream and those plans, so then you use The Hustle even more.

6. The Hustle.  This is the work you do on a daily basis that get’s you closer to your Ultimate Dream. It’s action. For an athlete it’s; working out, eating right, not going out drinking every night, it’s keeping their mind right, it’s getting enough sleep, it’s practice…practice…practice! What is your hustle? This step is the absolute key to success. It can be tiny little things, or that huge leap of faith, but without it you will not be successful.

7. Surviving Earth Quake Moments.  Everything happens for a reason (no really). Every set back and disappointment is all part of the plan to manifest your ultimate dream. This is why they say “be careful what you wish for” because sometimes “bad” things need to happen to make room for the next phase of your dream to come true. You won’t understand it while you’re going through it, but you will always see the connection after, and knowing this gives you peace in those tough times. Setbacks and obstacles are part of the game, accept them as a challenging next step.

8 . Chill Out.  You don’t control when your dream will manifest. You have no say over the timing or how it will all materialize, so chill out! Stop expecting it yesterday and getting frustrated and pissed that it’s not already here. This is a life long journey, it’s a way of life, and it’s for the rest of your life. If you follow this formula you WILL manifest your Ultimate Dream. You will live it, and along the way it will begin falling into place piece by piece. Trust the process and relax.

9. Relentless Pursuit.  Be fully committed to achieving your desired outcome and manifesting your dream. There can’t be a plan B. You have to want this more than anything else, and be willing to sacrifice for it and regardless of the obstacles in your way, be determined to never give up.

10. Manifest That!  This is you living in awareness and gratitude so that you can recognize the manifestation when it comes. Most of the time it will show up in a form and from a direction you least expected and if you’re not aware and grateful for your current situation you will miss it. It also shows up in the form of opportunity, again if you’re not hyper aware and expecting your manifestation you will miss it. Manifesting is the “magic” that comes when preparation meets opportunity.



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    Thank you for this list it makes it all so simple and easy to follow. I’m making my vision board now!

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      Love hearing that, they definitely work so glad you are making one.

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