I’m Baaaaack!!!

I’m back!

Last week the kids and I moved back to our original home Portland Oregon. Damn it feels good to be


home after 18 very difficult months in Seattle.  It’s amazing what having friends and family around can do to uplift your spirits and make you feel at home.

Living in Seattle was the most isolating, depressing and difficult time of my life. It had it’s benefits, I was able to write my book and focus on my passion, and was able to be successful in my career (day job), but other then that it was, hell.

Since coming back last week, the kids have had play dates every day, we’ve had friends and family over and the sun has been shining in full force.  It’s just more proof for me that when you set a goal, work your ass of to achieve it and let nothing stand in your way, that anything is possible. From the start of moving to Seattle, I gave myself a two year max, with that goal in mind I worked hard at my job to gain success and financial stability so that within the time I’d set I could move back home.  I did it in 18 months.  Set a goal, believe you will accomplish it, and then work your ass off to get there, you WILL get there.

Never quit. Happiness is waiting.

The new pad..
Kids hiking this weekend near our house
sarah centrella twins
Shopping at our favorite farmers market


sarah centrella kids
kids finally get to have some play dates!

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Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.


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    I love your blog, but something inside of me has been nagging me to tell you that your belieff that “you must work your ass off” is only true for you because it’s your belief and do the LOA keeps proving you right with that belief. There is nothing at all wrong with your belief, but there is also a way to have what you want with perfect ease, grace and flow without compromise. Look into Dr. Joe Dispenza who is an expert on belief systems and quantum physics. He’s a neuroscientist who holds his workshops all around the world enabling people to change their beliefs on many topics and people produce amazing results with ease, grace and flow. He has inspired to create the belief for myself “I live in no time and accomplish everything with perfect ease, grace and flow.” Hope my post makes a difference for you so that you don’t do something you really don’t want to do like moving to Seattle since you think it must be that way to compromise and then get what you want. The LOA can orquestrate ANYTHING for you in a multitide of ways, but as long as you declare things like “work your ass off, then it organizes things for you according to your belief system. Anyhow, congrats on everything you have achieved. I enjoyed learning about how your new man manifested and it was like you drew him into life. Very nice!

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    There’s no place like home – especially in the sunshine!
    Good to see you back, I was wondering how things were with you.

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