Vision Board Success: Jet Set Life.

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Yesterday I lived one of those moments from my vision board (#FutureBoard) that seemed so unrealistically enormous that I never even really thought about it.  It was one that I’d put on my board as a “dream big” moment from my #BucketList that I thought “someday I’ll live that one out but probably not any time soon.” So when it came to me from out of the blue, I instantly recognized it as my manifestation and was totally stoked and surprised!


The key to all the manifesting I’ve done the past five years has been using my manifesting method #HustleBelieveReceive (also known as the #HBRMethod).  It’s a method that over and over I’ve proven works, with small things and larger than life moments like this one. The most beautiful thing about #HBR is that it’s not about money. It doesn’t take money to manifest your dream, it takes work, belief and the determination to never quit. You have to keep the #BigPictureDream in sight at all times, that’s why it’s so important to have a physical #FutureBoard because it’s always there, in front of you, even when your not trying to focus on it, it’s around you. I’ve had a picture of a women flying on a privet jet on my first board in 2009, and again on my updated board in 2014 and even though it was a dream I never put much thought into it has still been on my board for six years and it’s always been around me. So when my best friend asked me if I’d like to take a privet flight with her to DC yesterday I jumped at the chance knowing it was that moment when I’d be living out that dream.

And let me tell you it was amazing! Just the two of us and her two daughters flying from Portland to DC on a privet jet. And all I kept thinking is, one day this will be how I’ll travel with my kids one day. I’ll work until one day that will be moments I can give to my children and have that freedom and flexibility in my life. That’s how all my manifestations have come, shown up in my life and then one day I’m doing it on my own. And that’s an amazing feeling.

So here’s what it felt like to live out this dream…

vision board success
Lower left side of my first vision board in 2009 is a women working on a privet jet…
My new vision board in 2014 privet jet pics…



  • Jessica Wade
    August 31, 2014 - 2:15 pm | Permalink

    Impossible is nothing! Thanks for proving it once again.

  • Amanda S
    August 31, 2014 - 4:57 pm | Permalink

    Love your story so inspiring, makes me believe I can do it too.

  • Jerome H
    September 7, 2014 - 9:36 am | Permalink

    Congrats Sarah so fun to watch your dreams unfold like this.

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