Life’s A Beach!


I love those days when you have an epiphany.

Or maybe it’s just one of those rare moments when you are TRULY in the moment. Whatever it was, today was one of those times.

A year ago I took my little brood to the beach. I carefully packed us up in my little SUV… sand toys, towels, blankets, SPF 50, mountains of snacks, diapers, bottles, 3 changes of clothes for each of them and off we went! They were too anxious and excited to sleep in route as is normally the case, so by mid-afternoon when we arrived post our hour and a half drive everyone was understandably an even split between cranky and excited.
The girls were fresh off their 2nd birthday and Kanen was 6. I was nearing the one-year solo mark. This was an adventure for us, no question. All I can remember is how exhausting a trip it was, I know it was also fun and I have great memories of the girls doing a side-walk street show for the tourist and stopping traffic, but more so I remember, how many times I changed them, how I never sat for more than a second for fear of one of them running head on into the coming surf.

Today was work, I’m not gonna lie. But in comparison it was a cake walk! The girls are 3, Kanen is 7 and I’m starting to get the hang of this solo thing. And like always I’m not about to let it stop me from doing the things I love to do with my 3 little monkeys. Instead of 3 changes of clothes we just needed 2, (how easy is that!) no bottle or diapers, and they now wait patiently until we arrive to eat lunch or dinner, so no huge snack boxes for every second of the day are needed. Just throw the toys and towels in and off we go.

Today, I LAID DOWN on my towel and watched them build sandcastles and splash in the light surf for hours on end! They came and laid with me, we played together, it was easy and beautiful! The sun was warm on our legs and flushed our faces. They were calm and happy to be ankle deep in the smooth warm sand, hair blowing across their little faces. It was one of those days I can only pray they remember as fondly as I know I will.

And to think next year will even be easier!! AAHHHH !!





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