Subsidize This!

Sarah Centrella

Author | Life Coach | Motivational Speaker and single mama. I'm a chick on a mission to prove anything is possible for ANYONE. My story featured in the New York Times, Steve Harvey Show and NBC.

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4 Responses

  1. Charise says:

    I could not do what you do. You are amazing to me.

  2. Deanna says:

    You have a right to be upset by all of this. The U.S needs to find ways to be more supportive of families, in general. I’ve been living in Spain for 7 years and I believe they are much more supportive of families here. Health care is public (we pay small amounts from our check every month, NOTHING compared to private costs in U.S) which means every single person has health care from pregnant mothers to children to the elderly. EVERYONE.
    There is maternity leave of 4 months (full pay, untaxed) for mothers and 2 weeks for fathers (full pay, untaxed). This could improve to be on par with the rest of Europe, but it’s better than nothing. In Germany both parents get ONE YEAR off with full pay.
    Spain also has a program called ‘familia numerosa’ which is a discount for large families (3 or more kids). Great discounts on air travel, public transportation, day care, etc.
    There are various day care centers for each neighborhood which are subsidized by the government and parents end up paying a small amount.
    I’m pointing this out to make people aware that although the system here is not perfect it at least shows that Spain prioritizes the health of it’s citizens and especially families.

    I agree that you should get more financial support as a single parent with 3 kids!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I live in Spain too and we have a lot of things that are subsidized, day-care, health care, free school books, etc. Kids also start public school at the age of 3 so they don’t need day-care at that age, and there is free day-care after hours at their school for working parents. I didn’t know that these things were not subsidized in the US, from the things we tend to read on the internet or see on TV, we get the impression that everyone in the US is rich (and therefore don’t need subsidies I guess) and that the few poor people that are there are that way because they are alcoholics or addicted to drugs. I guess the media tends to present a very skewed (and untrue) view of reality. I am a single mom and I don’t think I could EVER have survived without all of these subsidies for kids. Congratulations to you, Sarah!

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