Belief 101


Teach yourself to really truly BELIEVE.

Belief 101:

  • Put up your Vision Board (representing the EXPERIENCES you want to have, and how those will make you feel, NOT the material objects). Read my blog “Your Challenge, Yes I mean You!” to learn how to create a good board. 
  • Speak and own your future. Don’t say “I will”, say “I do, I am”.
  • Focus on THE BIG PICTURE DREAM!!! I cant overemphasis this point enough. Don’t get caught up in the here and now. (Big Picture)
  • Don’t EVER get discouraged. None of this has an expiration date. Your dreams don’t have an expiration date. They have the timeline WE think, and want them to come true by, but get that out of your head. Those thoughts drive stress and stress drives more stress and gets you in a sink-hole. Just toss out your expectations, and know that when the time is right the dream will manifest. BELIEVE.
  • Dare to Dream. Nope your not daring! I mean really dream. Dream the impossible. Dream the Oprah of all dreams. Take that dream to the level you are so scared to even think about let alone say out-loud. Go there! 
  • Cast out doubt. Yes one 2% of the population is extremely successful in whatever that dream is. So what? Who on earth ever told you that you cant be part of that 2%? I mean really. Don’t put a limit on it…not even a subconscious one. You really are the only thing that stands between you and your dream.
  • Now get to work! Don’t just sit on your ass and hope it falls from the sky! You have a board full of dreams, that’s the life you are creating. Take the appropriate steps in the right direction. Example: If your dream is to play in the NFL but you’ve never seen a gym, now might be a good time to call 24 hr fitness and ask to speak to a trainer. It might also be a good idea to spend every waking moment working on your fitness, and skills….just saying! In other-words, use common sense. No dream is out of reach, but they do take work. Dedication, tenacity and hard work get rewarded.
  • Step out of your comfort zone (aka jump off the cliff). Do that first step in the right direction that scares the living daylight out of you. Then do the second and so on. Each step will probably feel like your naked on stage at the Oscar’s. But do them. 
  • The Law Of Attraction draws the opportunities into your life, only the smart people of the world recognize that opportunity and act on it. The rest are thinking that if they have a picture of a 2011 Range Rover on their wall, that someone should drive it to your door ring the bell and hand over the keys. The Law of Attraction brings it to you in other forms. Maybe that’s randomly the car your new boyfriend drives, or the one you got from the rental company for a week…or whatever. The point is don’t be so wrapped up in the exactness of your dream that you miss it when it comes. 
  • Now just BELIEVE. Know it will come.

Here is my personal example of how I learned to believe: 

I have always wanted to write my memoir or a book about my life. But I was terrified. I’m not a writer.  But about 2 years ago I began writing as an outlet for my emotions and experiences, and I started this blog. But I kept it hidden. I didn’t post it anywhere, (hard to believe I know, but bear with me here!), I didn’t tell a soul that I was writing. I didn’t put my name on it for fear somehow, someone would discover it. I was scared to death. I didn’t consider myself a writer, and felt like a fraud if I were to admit this dream to anyone. It went on that way for about a year and a half. 


 Then slowly I began telling a few people, sending them the link. Then I posted it on my Facebook profile page, but didn’t post the story links themselves. Then finally I put my name on it. 
Eventually I started saying that “writing” is my hobby, I’m a writer”. The first time I said that out loud I think I was expecting the world to stop, point and laugh (and it kinda does because I cant spell and my grammar sucks!). But the point is that once I took that leap of faith to begin to OWN this dream then things began to just happen.
The story that was published on The Secret’s website about my journey, was by mistake with my real name. When it came out I about had a panic attack! But then I took a deep breath, and realized that this was the next step in my dream coming true.
So  fear is there at each step in the journey. You just need to learn how to shut it up, and make belief and faith the stronger voice in your head.

Also read Believe. But How??

Also if you need help with the step BEFORE believing. Read Change the Voices In Your Head 

Sarah Centrella is the author of the book Hustle Believe Receive which teaches you how to apply the #HBRMethod to change your life and live your dream.

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  • Anonymous
    April 16, 2011 - 6:30 pm | Permalink

    I love ur blog, it’s so inspiring! Thank u for doin’ what u do ’cause u’re doin’ it well honey. 🙂

    I wish all the best for U and Ur loved ones,
    take care
    xoxo Anonymus

  • April 16, 2011 - 6:41 pm | Permalink

    awe 🙂 thank you so much! your support means the world 🙂

  • Anonymous
    April 16, 2011 - 8:12 pm | Permalink

    I need help in believing! How much i try ,i end up at the same point. What ,how i can believe ? Believe again in life?

  • Anonymous
    April 17, 2011 - 6:20 am | Permalink

    I am becoming more and more of a believer everyday 🙂 And boy, have your story and blog helped me!!! I am working on my vision board (I will send you a picture when it is ready) and I keep seeing my dream life unfold before my eyes.

    Thank you for all your posts, they have been such an inspiration.

  • April 17, 2011 - 5:10 pm | Permalink

    I am so happy to hear that the blog is inspiring you to believe, that is my goal so to hear that it’s working is amazing!! Thank you for your encouragement it means the world.

    And to the person wanting to know who to believe in life again? Read the post “Believe. But How??” that might help you make that connection. Belief is work. The work comes from continuously killing the evil voices of doubt in your head. It’s really more that in the beginning then anything else. Make that your step 1. just focus on killing doubt, belief will eventually come as a result of not focusing on the doubt. Then follow the steps here, they work!

  • April 17, 2011 - 9:15 pm | Permalink

    For the person asking how to start believing I just wrote a post for you, “Change the voices in your head” maybe that will help.. 😉

  • April 21, 2011 - 2:46 am | Permalink

    You really have great stuff here, I enjoy reading your posts they uplift me and I try to use your advise daily!!! 🙂


  • April 21, 2011 - 3:42 am | Permalink

    Thank you Marsha, your support means so much to me 🙂 I love seeing your positive posts too on FB 🙂

  • Anonymous
    July 11, 2011 - 9:41 am | Permalink

    Some things I don’t understand; You say that The LOA brings the pictures on the board to you in other forms. But what if I really want THAT picture on the board? You talk about hard work. Don’t get me wrong; I would do so if it would change my life, but The Secret says that it doesn’t take hard work, that it must feel like it’s easy. So you will know that you’re on the right path. I’m confused..

  • July 11, 2011 - 4:33 pm | Permalink

    I can understand your confusion there are a lot of mixed messages out there. I do not agree with everything in The Secret mainly for that reason. To me it focused way too much on materialism and getting specific THINGS.

    The Law of Attraction (which is where Rhonda learned much of what she teaches from various LOA leaders) is what I more closely follow. Teachers like Louise Hay. They focus on getting YOU inline with the universe and then the rest naturally comes.

    Focusing on THAT picture, and wanting THAT picture to come true alone will NOT make it happen. (this is where so many ppl watched The Secret, did a vision board, nothing happened and they said the whole thing is BS). What WILL make it happen is focusing on the feeling (which you mentioned) that makes you happy ABOUT that picture. That is what I call “The Experience”.

    It’s important to note that if you read the My Story Link on this blog you will see that for most of my vision board items they came true exactly like the picture, but NOT in a way I would of imagined when I put the picture up. For example instead of staying at The Paris Hotel in Vegas for a girls weekend which would of cost me personally a lot of money, I stayed there for work first class and didn’t even spend $10 of my own money on that trip. Does that distinction make sense?

    We focus too much on a specific picture and HOW WE THINK it should manifest, whereas if we just focused on how great that experience would be and FEEL it visualize ever detail of how it would make us feel, then it will come to us, some how some way. And that is the magic of it. These are seemingly small differences but if you can really get your head around them and believe them, it will start to work for you.

    I absolutely believe in hard work. Like anything else you must put lots of hard work into it, both getting your mind in the right place, which takes work and practice, but also actual work towards your goals. Had I sat home and lived off welfare when my husband left I would of never seen any of those visions manifest. Instead I got a job, worked harder then most, kept working and pushing and then the rewards began to fall in line.

    The true LOA is NOT about sitting back and waiting for pictures to manifest in your life. It’s about living your life by those principles to the very core, and those are just the physical representations of the transformation in your life.

    I hope that helps 🙂

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