Second Chances

I have always considered myself a person who believes in second chances. Believes in forgiveness, and that people have the potential to change. Of course there are circumstances where this would not apply, but I’d say generally I like to have an optimistic view of people. But the older I get, and the more betrayal I experience the more skeptical I become. 
So what is the line?  Where do you draw it in the sand so that you definitively know when someone crosses it? Thus allowing you to walk away with a clear conscience? Or is there one? 

I believe in boundaries and setting limits on how we allow people to treat us, but does this leave room for forgiveness and the possibility of change?  Once we have been burned, are we the fool if we give that person a second chance? Or are we all entitled to at least one?  

We all make mistakes. We all do stupid things sometimes that hurt the people we love. We have all acted out of emotion in the heat of the moment, and reacted poorly to situations that could have been avoided or handled differently. It’s human nature.
So how do you know when a second chance is warranted? And how do you begin to open the doors that closed when they were slammed shut upon exit?

If life is a sequence of lessons and opportunities to grow and learn from our mistakes, then maybe giving them a chance to prove they have changed is warranted. I DON’T however believe in unlimited second chances! They are called “second chances” for a reason, you only get two!



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